hair purple

This is Syd. I’m at Mayo clinic killing time between appointments, saw her awesome hair and adorable dog and had to say hello. She does her hair herself and just started doing it a few years ago after she lost someone close because she says life is too short not to have fun. I just noticed her leggings have birds on them. I truly hope I can be half as cool as she is when I’m her age.

Posted with her permission, of course.


               yes hello im online wow amazing    im sh00k too
i’ll be online for a short while today.  replying to mostly ooc things since it seems those’ve piled up worse than my replies. maybe no ic replies yet, im still in the process of re-making my luke blog, sorry!  that’s taken up my time here on tumblr.  not a fan of themes.

So i remember playing bloodborne like a week after it came out, it was the first fromsoft game i had ever touched, but my sister had it and told me to come over and fuck around with it

and i was eating an entire container of reeses oreos so when it came to naming my hunter i panicked and named her Orelia, after the oreos


🌈👭lesbian day of visibility👭🌈
it’s taken me some time, but right now I’m more comfortable with myself and my sexuality than I ever have been. I’m open and honest with people from the get go, and if they don’t like it then that’s down to them. I’m never going to change myself for anyone ever again😌😌🌈🌈🌈

I know the whole point of Lesbian Visibility Day is to post selfies, but I’m old and don’t even like the concept of having photos of me on the internet. Plus it’s really not safe to be out where I live right now. So here’s a self-portrait, instead. Not shown: way too many grey hairs for someone my age, colors (my amedot outfit! dark green mock turtleneck under purple plaid), a number of disabilities woo.