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Sweater Weather Braids or Glimmer - The Hunger Games Braids

  1. Starting off with extra loose waves but any hair texture will work for this particular style.
  2. Next I sectioned off my hair in to two parts, making it loose not tight.
  3. I started each braid with a fishtail braid.
  4. Then about an inch or two down I spited the two sections in to three to start a three-strand braid.
  5. After braiding an inch or two of a three-strand braid I switched back to a fishtail braid.
  6. I continued these steps on both braid and made a slight pattern, I like the look of fuller braids so I pulled them apart for a fuller look.   

1. Part hair from ear to ear across the top, pin both sides up(should have a mohawk appearance).

2. Part back in 3 sections, pull the middle section up and secure with pins (or combs).

3. Starting from the nape, grab a section of hair and pull to the opposite side and secure. (If your hair is long enough, bobby pins won’t be needed.

4. Grab section the section at the nape on the top of the opposite and cross over previous section.

5 Continue criss crossing until you reach the top

6. Grab a section (on right or left) of hair in the front roll forward, tuck inwards and under, and secure with pin (loosely).

7. Take the front section on the opposite side, roll forward, and tuck into the opening of the previous roll. All others rolls should be towards the front expect…

8. The last rolls will be going backwards to cover the left over hair in the back.

9. Slightly lift rolls to add volume and that's a wrap!

Scrolling through my morning Twitter feed I came across this picture from Pantene. I have 2 problems with this picture collage tutorial:

1. African American hair does not require heat to achieve a “sleek” bun. You can simply use gel or a different product to give you the same sleek look.

2. Braiding freshly straightened hair for a bun defeats the purpose of straightening it. Creating this look on blow dried or stretched hair will give the bun more texture and fullness.

This is a very classic and wearable style but heat isn’t necessary for it. I just wanted to tell you guys how you can get the same or even better look without applying heat to your hair.