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I am so in love with my new hair, which as an added bonus, glows under black light. ❤️
My hairdresser is amazingly talented.

Okay this post is gonna be long as hell.

Okay shoutout to @wwefanatic91 for paying attention to where she would be. We got in line to see her and I wanted to cry. I couldn’t believe it. She was so beautiful in person. Her waist was so tiny. She wears her weave in the same inches I do. It had to be at least 26 inches. Her skin looked buttery smooth. Her smile lights up a room. She was just perfect. (TV does her justice but seeing her in person??? Bruh. A goddess among us.) I got so nervous the closer we go to her. We were almost there when security was making her leave. I was about to cry for real. I thought that I wasn’t gonna get a chance to meet my fav. Then she was like “they’re making me leave but I’ll take pics with everybody”. I was so ready. Okay not really because I had to redo mine because she moved really quick and my dumb ass still had my timer on selfie mode. 😭😭😂 She was nice enough to take another one. Y'all…I’m tearing up writing this. I never thought I would get a chance to meet her EVER. There were so many things that I wanted to say to her. I just wanted to thank her and tell her how much I appreciate her. She encourages me to follow my heart no matter how much bullshit comes my way. She encourages me to be a better person. I just wanted to thank her for just being herself. She’s paving the way for young, black girls, especially girls my skin tone and darker. Who would have thought we would get to see a woman close to our skin tone achieve so much in this company? She deserves the world and then some. She’s everything to me and I love her. It was such a honor to be in the same space as her. I’m forever grateful. 💚💚💚 (I’m still mad that I had to take my green hair out before Mania weekend. 😭😭😭) Whatever color she has next time, I’ll make sure I have it in lmao.


‘What Am I To You?’ @ HYYH on stage: EPILOGUE in Nagoya
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Why Jinnie Stans are luckier than Andy Stans

Both idols had Pringles hair at some point. Both their fans had told them to change their hair.

Junjin listens and this is the result:

Andy’s reaction?

You don’t like my Pringles hair? 

Pringles on Chicken Mania Calendar, Pringles on Shinbang,, Pringles during promotion, Pringles during FM =.=“”“

Cr on each indv pic used.