hair looks amazing


I’ve got a real story about Kiss, do you want to know? This is true.


Dadvid Appreciation Week 01: The Moment Where David Became Dadvid.

Decided to draw up what I can only label as the scene right before the events of SOSO unfold. Also I may have cheated and did the angsty stuff for today rather than on the assigned day, but oh well!

Hey, David, guess who’s your new foster child? Your favorite Camp Campbell camper, with a shit ton more depression and anxiety added~!

  • Pansy: Draco, I know you're trying to impress Potter and everything, but your spiked hair looks shit
  • Draco: what the fuck, why would I want to impress Potter
  • Harry, walks by smirking: nice hair Malfoy
  • Draco, goes red: *whispers* he said it looks nice he said it looks nice he said it looks nice...oh my God he might like me!
  • Pansy:
  • Pansy: yeah, totally not trying to impress him

Okay but are you a Hamilton person or an Usnavi person? Non-Stop or 96000? 21 Chump Street or Freestyle Love Supreme? Long haired Lin or short haired Lin? “Whaaaaaat?” or “No Me Diga?!”