hair levels


Viktor teaching Yuuri to style his long hair is something we need in Season 2.

do you expect our katsudon to just be naturally talented at ponytails? pffft

Like a champ, Cupcake!!

Asper dinged 50 last week while I was sick, and the first of my toons to hit max level. I redrew the Level Up animation for shits and giggles to commemorate this momentous occasion.

What began as a tiny glam-rock Aurin with Bowie inspirations took on more of a KISS flavour before the end. Now Asper is more power ballads and 80’s rock, and I feel like his hair leveled up exponentially with his levels.

Wildstar © Carbine
Characters and Artwork © Shamine Athena King
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The Keith Effect

Unable to reach her family due to the Galra empire’s annoying existence, Pidge gets super frustrated and blows off steam by training with Keith. Or rather, being trained BY Keith, which has some behavioral rub-offs in combat-oriented situations.

Laura is in denial about her problem


fresh princess 👑

this bomber is giving me life right now with my hair at this level of pink! It’s got such a funky look I feel straight outta fresh prince. I love the colors and how unique the detailing is. It’s got a fairy-dragon vibe to it that I am obsessed with. The matching pink set pairs perfectly with the bomber and blue chucks to give it that relaxed sporty vibe. Add a choker and some hoops for more sass! 💘

Bomber Jacket (thrifted): $7
Baby Pink Crop Top (thrifted): $4
Baby Pink Shorts (thrifted + altered): $2
Blue Chucks (forever 21): $25
Pink Tattoo Choker (99cents only store): $1
Silver Hoops (forever 21): $3 for 3 pairs

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