hair levels


Viktor teaching Yuuri to style his long hair is something we need in Season 2.

do you expect our katsudon to just be naturally talented at ponytails? pffft


You were literally dragged through the desert for a mile, how has your hair maintained this level of artful douchebaggery?

Fiona, your hair keeps the same style when you’re upside-down.

Wow Rhys you’re so distractible, you should really pay more attention to what you’re doing.

I have my own ideas about how well Rhys fares after the fall of Helios.

He keeps adhesive on his vanity to keep himself from literally figuratively falling apart.

Ok but I would pay good money to see Past! Yuuri or Viktor (fuck off his names is spelled with a K) meeting their older versions

Like younger Yuuri from the beginning of his career maybe, being totally infuriated with Viktor and being /so nervous/ over skating on national level!

Long haired Viktor, who has just won his second or first GPF gold already kinda realizing that his life is just so /empty/ and wondering why

And them both meeting this happy couple that is living together in Viktor apartment together with a dog!! And younger Viktor is so happy that he will get a dog(!!! Amazing!) and someone that will constantly make his life exciting!

Younger Yuuri being star struck by the fact that He managed to get Viktor Nikoforov to fall for him!!! And just being a blushing mess while older Viktor is in the background being all like “ohhh Yuuri you were so cute when you where younger~~”

Anyway I have just so many feels for the two of them as teens ok?