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Victuuri Week // Day 1 // AU: A Different Career - The Photographer & The Model

Viktor was much more beautiful in person than Yuuri was ever expecting 
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The Keith Effect

Unable to reach her family due to the Galra empire’s annoying existence, Pidge gets super frustrated and blows off steam by training with Keith. Or rather, being trained BY Keith, which has some behavioral rub-offs in combat-oriented situations.


An invisible red string of fate, tied around their pinky fingers, connects two people who are destined to be together from the moment they are born. The string can be stretch and tangled but can never be broken. Soulmates. 


Viktor teaching Yuuri to style his long hair is something we need in Season 2.

do you expect our katsudon to just be naturally talented at ponytails? pffft

Like a champ, Cupcake!!

Asper dinged 50 last week while I was sick, and the first of my toons to hit max level. I redrew the Level Up animation for shits and giggles to commemorate this momentous occasion.

What began as a tiny glam-rock Aurin with Bowie inspirations took on more of a KISS flavour before the end. Now Asper is more power ballads and 80’s rock, and I feel like his hair leveled up exponentially with his levels.

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Park Jimin with pink hair and leather pants should NOT be a thing. It’s rude and inconsiderate and I just won’t stand for it

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赤髪の白雪姫特別編 P9-End


よし, 頑張った!I’m not gunna lie, these were beyond my current capabilities.  Hopefully I didn’t break anything too badly!! <3s

オビ「I saw you from above today.  It looked like you were carrying something heavy?」

リュウ「Uh huh. I was taking Shirayuki’s place.」

オビ「Those are big shoes to fill.  As to arm strength, is that your favorite of her good qualities?」

リュウ「Um…shoes?  Well, Shirayuki’s red hair has become close to me」

(*Localization Note:  The idiom Obi uses is literally “stretching your back to make you taller” - Ryuu responds with “Back?” My translations for Obi are enough of a mess without trying to make that work~)

鈴「Woah, time just stopped.」

鈴「Now..I think Ryuu has fallen in love」

リュウ *Well her hair is nice like red flowers*

オビ「Don’t Ryuu!  If you keep up this behavior you might become some kind of ultra noble youth like Mitsuhide」

オビ「See, because Sir majestically phrases even his compliments…then once you sort out his pick up lines they don’t have nearly as much of an impact….」

オビ「That’s how you become that kind of person…」

鈴「Is Mitsuhide the young noble-ish guy who fell down and bloodied his nose the other day?  I had to stuff cotton in his nose.」*Who was he again?*

オビ「No, that’s someone different.  I hope he gets well soon.」

リュウ「Would saying that be weird?」

オビ「No no.  I’m sorry, it’s definitely not weird.」

鈴「You should tell Shirayuki directly and see if she understands」

~West Fort~

ミツヒデ「Just now…I had a feeling someone said something extremely rude」

ゼン「It was probably Obi.」

リュウ「Shirayuki.  Hey, I’m happy that your red hair has become eye level for me.  Is it bad I feel that way?」


白雪「I’m a little embarrassed」

白雪「I remember around when we met in the castle!」

白雪「Promising you that I would work hard, having deep conversations with people in the building, and later, eating a lot of food with Obi and everyone, I am very happy.」

リュウ「I see.」

鈴「…We’ll reflect on ourselves.」

ゼン「Instead of gaining something, I missed a chance to be straightforward about my feelings.」

~That’s All~

Laura is in denial about her problem