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So I’m working on something Ichiruki right now but decided to do a Rukia tutorial instead of Ichiruki lol You’ll see the full one up today or tomorrow.

1. Find pictures of Rukia to use her eye/face shape/hair as reference. I don’t always do this but it helps keep to the original. Draw her eye as close as possible.

2. Copy, paste, and flip the other eye and move it around till it fits. Remember this doesn’t always work because if her head is turning side ect. You’ll have to draw out her other eye. In this case I need her frontal view yay lucky me!. Add a nose to help you determine how far apart the other eye should be.

3. Add her hair and a mouth. Make sure you do her hair on a separate layer from the eyes, mouth, and nose because you’ll have to erase/move the hair around.

4. Next do a rough sketch of her face and hair. Make sure the hair and face are on different layers. I made it different colors to help me differentiate the layers. Play around with her hair and face shape until it comes out to your liking. 

5. After you get it to your liking merge both her hair and face layer, changed that opacity to 50% or lower. It does not have to be 50% or lower. it can be 90% 80% 70% ect. Personally for me, I like it low though that way I can trace over it easier. After you are done with merging and lowering the opacity, make a new layer, then on that new layer start tracing over the blue and green.

6. After that you are done and you can draw a body! ;D this tutorial totally did not help but at least you have an idea of how I art Ichiruki.

Top 5 Layered Haircuts - Fall 2012

Layered hairstyles and haircuts with layers have been a very popular choice in 2012, and will likely continue to be a top pick of hairstyles for women in 2013.  Layered hairstyles will give your hair plenty of life and allow you to pull of a multitude of looks.

  1. Medium Layered Hairstyles
  2. Wedding Hairstyles: Medium Length With Layers
  3. Medium Length Layered Hairstyles
  4. Layered Hairstyles For Thick Hair
  5. Layered Hairstyles For Long Hair

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Hair 101: The Science of Healthy Hair (1)

In order to achieve healthy hair you must first seek to understand what your hair is made of, what it needs and how it reacts under differing circumstances.

In this instalment, you’ll learn about the structure of hair.

Hair consists of three layers.

The innermost layer is called the medulla. The medulla is filled with air. It may or may not be present in the hair, and is largely found in thick hair.

The layer surrounding the medulla is the cortex. This layer gives the hair its strength and colour. It contains fibres of a special protein called keratin, water, lipids and traces of minerals. It also contains pigment molecules known as melanin that determine the colour of the hair.

The outer layer is a protective layer called the cuticle. The cuticle is several layers of overlapping, translucent sheets organised much like tiles on a roof. The cuticle can open and close.

Now that you know what hair is made of you know what it needs: protein for strength and moisture for elasticity. You can give your hair the protein and moisture it requires from the inside via your diet, or from the outside via hair products. Finding the right balance between protein and moisture is crucial. Too much protein and not enough moisture will lead to dry, brittle hair that breaks. Too much moisture and not enough protein will lead to mushy hair that stretches and snaps when manipulated. If your hair is breaking, it appears not to be growing.

Part two of the science of healthy hair will explore the hair growth cycle. Learning about the cycle will help you figure out why your hair seems not to grow. That’s the first step to growing healthy hair!

Layered Hairstyles for Blondes

Layered hairstyles for blondes are flattering for all hair types. Layers add body, volume, and a great shape to all hair, including medium length and thin hair. Highlight the different length layers by adding lovely waves or curls. Check out these pictures to see how great layered hair looks from the front and the back.


Found a video on hair layering…she does it perfectly and hopefully I’ll be able to do the same to my hair soon :)

Hair Layers for All Hair Types

Make the most of your hair type and texture with layers and layered hairstyles. Incorporating layers into your current hair cut adds a modern look while reducing styling time. The key is selecting layers based on hair texture.