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some days are good, and some days are bad. and when you have bad days, here are a few things you can keep in mind to make them a little better:

  • kuzy’s bird celly
  • andre’s smile
  • the time willy blocked a shot with his ass
  • the time grubi threw down a stars player in the crease with a wwe move
  • holts failing to cut schmidty’s hair into a mohawk
  • orlov launching duchene into orbit
  • oshie tripping over his own damn skates for no reason
  • nicky and ovi being married
  • the way ovi will literally kill a man if someone touches nicky
  • carlzner being married
  • andre just wanting to make friends
  • mojo being the world’s biggest prankster
  • beags living his life like it’s 2004
  • sanny singing karaoke
  • the time ovi had to escape his own home
  • dances by mojo and his father
  • nisky’s post-goal smiles
  • andre’s cuddles with his teammates
  • ovi and nicky PDA
  • andre’s laugh, kuzy’s laugh, mojo’s laugh, nicky’s laugh
Black Out (Part 1)

Eric X Reader 

Request: @divergent–fandom : Reader is an Erudite transfer, who has done well in initiation so far. They have a crush on Eric, one of Dauntless’ leaders. One night, the two get black out drunk, hook up, and must face the realities in the morning.

Warnings: Swearing, drinking

Tags: @everydayrandomlife, @brandinicole911, @guiltyissues, @mogaruke

I was always smart; I mean you kind of have to be when Erudite forces you to study almost constantly. But even with my nose in a book, I always made time to watch the Dauntless jump off the train in the morning, wondering what it must be like to have the wind rustle your hair as you launch yourself out of a moving vehicle. The thrill is what convinced me to hold my hand over the dauntless bowl, and hear the coals sizzle as my blood drips onto them.

We are halfway through initiation, and I’m doing well if I don’t say so myself. I’m ranked third, and kicking ass every day. The only thing that has me hung up is the strong, brave and honestly kind of scary leader, Eric. I remember seeing him in Erudite when I was a kid. He was always silent and kind of broody, but that never deterred me from having a crush on him. Now that I’m here, seeing him again, my crush has come back tenfold.

Four and Eric put us through the ringer every single day; but today, they seemed to be extra harsh, so when Four announced there was a party we were allowed attend, I couldn’t have been more excited.

The roar of the chasm wasn’t loud enough to drown out the voices and the music of the evening. Empty drink in hand, I make my way over to the bar. “Hi, can ummm, have another please?” The bartender looks at me incredulously.

“I think you’ve had enough.” He laughs, turning around to serve the next person. Angrily I grab a random bottle from behind the counter and turn to run.

Keeping my eyes on the bartender to make sure he didn’t see me, I ram right into some, sending the bottle to the floor. Lifting my heavy head, my eyes meet the striking blue ones I know so well. “sorrrryy.” I slur with a giggle on the end.

He says nothing as he grabs my upper arm and drags me across the room to a hallway off the main room. The hallway is dark and deserted. He lets go of my arm, and I lean against the cool stone wall. “What do you think you’re doing?” He demands. He large arms cross, causing his forearm muscles to look even bigger and stronger. His presence intoxicates me even more.

“Havin’ a drink, lettin’ loose.” I shrug, trying to show him how unaffected I am by him.

“Is that so (Y/N)?” he places his hands on both sides of my head, while leaning down to whisper in my ear. His hot breath tickles my neck, as the smell of his cologne mix with the whisky on his breath, sends shivers down my spine.

“Ye… yes” I stutter, completely overwhelmed by him.

“You know, I could show you a really good time.” Eric smirks as he begins kissing my neck.

Lost in the overwhelming sensation of his burning lips on my neck, I moan. Eric’s hand covers my mouth, as he whispers in my ear. “Shhh, love. We wouldn’t want someone to find us, now would we?” I shake my head my no, silently begging him to continue.  

His hand snakes down my throat, curving around my body, it finds its way to my hand. With a gentle tug, he leads me to what I assume is his apartment. He fumbles as he unlocks his door. I look around the hall of apartments, impressed by how much better it looks than where the initiates are staying.

The pitch-black apartment becomes dimly light as Eric switches on a lamp. He wastes no time by giving me a tour as he begins to unbutton my shirt. With his mouth on my neck, my shirt is soon on the floor. hastily he takes of his, followed by his pants.

Suddenly his large arms lift me off the ground, and he tosses me over his shoulder. His hand comes down sharply on my ass, causing me to squeal. I brace myself as he tosses me onto his bed. Expecting a firm mattress, I am surprised as I feel as though I’ve landed on a cloud.

My head is pounding as my eyes slowly peel apart. Wincing at the onslaught of light, I move to roll over, only to find strong arms holding me in place. Very slowly, I move to see a slumbering Eric next to me. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, is all I think as I carefully climb out from under his embrace.

I put on my clothing piece by piece as I follow the trail they make from the bed to the door. I feel like throwing up as I look around Eric’s apartment. It’s very minimal, only the essentials, you would almost think no one lives here if it weren’t for the one mug in the sink.

Turning the cold metal nob, I wince as the door creaks. I slip out, not hearing Eric get up. Jogging down the hall, out of sight of his door. I take a second to breath. Letting my back hit the cool concrete wall, I slid down, head in my hands. What have I done?  


anonymous asked:

I don't suppose there could be a part2 to that Noctis' jealous s/o of the arranged marriage? Like after Insomnia falls? Injured and limping away from the city? Cause, I mean, who would honestly expect the arranged marriage to continue after that, ay?

Alright, taking a short break from my “s/o is Niflheim heir” series to post this part 2 for ya! (And because I already really really missed writing for tragic Noctis, okay) 

Just keep in mind, even though it’s part 2— I never said it’ll end happily. Muwahaha.

(Let me know if there’s any other Noctis requests out there, because I will always write them heheheh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

{2,143 words}

Check out Part 1: HERE


That’s all you can see. That’s all you know.

Fire everywhere. And smoke. So much smoke. It gets in your eyes, your nose, your mouth. It burns in your lungs like the vestiges of death itching so close to the thin line of reality.

You missed the evacuation crowd; the last route to safety.

You search through bleary eyes, looking for something, anything to hold on to. To ground yourself and re-establish the fact that somehow, miraculously— you aren’t dead.

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No Kill Streak

Authors Note: So @bradlea23 sent another pic my way for a Shannon Leto fic and honestly I giggled. Replace coffee with Long Islands and you have yourself a winner for me lately. So here is a short but sweet one-shot! I hope that you enjoy. Thanks so much for the request love!

Trigger Warning: All Fluff and Smiles

I watched him groggily stumble down the hall. Placing a kiss on my cheek, he then walked further into the kitchen. Grabbing every little thing he needed for his perfect cup, I watched as he started to make his coffee. That was until the machine didn’t start. And for the first time, I met a side of Shannon that I was not prepared for but in the best of ways.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me,” he slammed his hand on the counter.

He let his head hang back as he moaned a little into the air. I giggled before I slid him aside and attempted to start the maker. It had been a bit fickle lately but he was attached to this machine. It was like it was his child. And he would kill if something happened to his child.

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Tear and Tangle - Chapter 1

Thus begins the James/Sharna/Val love triangle! It’s not really a love triangle though. Just Val being all jealous. This chapter here is literally all I have written. I don’t even really have a plan for what comes next, but something will!

The title comes from a line from the song “Love Triangle” by Raelynn, which coincidentally literally just came on my pandora station like it’s fate! 

Sunday nights had become their tradition, especially during the season. It was a way for them to unwind and relax. Usually they invited others along, too. They would see a movie or have dinner or just hang out at one of their places until everyone was too tired to keep their eyes open anymore. But sometimes it was just the two of them together. Val liked these nights the best. Sometimes they would spend an entire evening with each other in near silence, sitting on her couch and watching a movie. It was easy and calm and he loved spending time with her in this way. The two of them just being normal and being near each other.

So that afternoon Val went looking for Sharna. He found James first.

“Hey. Where’s your partner hiding?”

James looked around them. “She’s here somewhere. Busy with wardrobe stuff maybe. Why?”

Val shrugged. “Just curious. You ready for tomorrow?”

“Nervous, but ready. It’s weird. This is the most nervous I’ve been since the first week.”

Val laughed. “It’s the rumba. It gets in your head. Happens to everyone. I saw it this morning though. It’s great.”

“That’s on Sharna,” James assured him. “She’s the creator.”

“But you still have to execute it.” Val gave James a reassuring smile, before walking away again.

He kept his eyes open for Sharna, stopping momentarily to chat with others he passed. He found Alan sitting by himself watching Jana and Gleb do their dance for camera blocking.

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a ginger haired boy finds himself launched into a new environment, confused at a new culture and loud and boisterous animals, making a friend in a furry, happy-go-lucky boy. they become best friends and conquer the ginger haired boys new world together.

now did i just describe warrior cats or my gym partner is a monkey.

putthatdownsir  asked:

Is Oliver's hair long enough to tie into a small ponytail/ bun? Also would Tobias have a thing for that or would he be really irritated that Oliver's curls aren't as easily accessible? I like to imagine that Tobias would be pulling the hair tie out of Oliver's hair all the time & launching them across the room, keeping them hostage in his pockets, or throwing them in the trash. Oliver would be surprised/ mildly offended at first like what the hell Tobias? But then he'd just sigh & let it happen.


Anime Hair Ramble

I was watching a trailer for Nintendo’s ARMS, and they introduced Twintelle who fights with spiraling spring hair.  For some reason it got me thinking about weaponized anime hair, and how their should be a manga/anime that exploits that. 

In the setting, hair is magical due to its deep roots.  It not only connects the hair to the scalp, but also to a mystical/metaphysical world tree.  What we see as the shaft is but a tiny portion of a massive metaphysical tree that connects the whole of humanity and grants them power through hair.  Only the top of the scalp counts for hair magic, as the “portal” to this world tree is connected through the Chakra located at the top of the scalp (Sahasrara).  The main characters would be hairdressers and stylists, called “Barber Surgeons”, going to a prestigious school to hone their craft and their favored hairstyles.  Since hair requires another to work on it, the theme of the setting would be about trust and friendship, as a magic hair user must rely on another to maintain their hair for them, and vice versa. 

Below are some common anime hair examples, or just general or funny hair styles, and what I think each hair type’s super powers would be. 

  • Spiky Saiyan Hair:  Controls fire or launches energy blasts. 
  • Pompadour:  Cannon that fires hair balls if it has a flat front, but a more pointed front could be used like a giant sword. 
  • Ponytails and Twintails:  Become prehensile whips or appendages. 
  • Spiraling Hair such as some Twintails:  Become powerful drills. 
  • Bowl Cut:  Defensive shield. 
  • Afro:  Gravity control, or maybe explosion generation. 
  • Hime Cut:  Healing powers. 
  • Buns or Odango style:  Some kind of food related power. 
  • Mohawk or Punk Spikes:  Mohawk would be an axe blade while the Punk Spikes would be stabbing weapons. 
  • Stringy Ghost Hair:  When draped over the body, the person becomes invisible or can phase through walls. 

The Wig Party:  The villains of the setting, they are people suffering from premature hair loss, and thus are losing or do not possess hair powers.  They believe that the power of hair should belong to no one, and seek to turn the whole world bald, and sever humanity’s connection to the world tree.  To reach this goal, they capture and shave powerful hairstylists, and make wigs that allow them to channel power for a time.  However, they must replace these wigs frequently as they are no longer connected to the source of all magic.  Their leader would be Cue Ball, a master manipulator who has severed all connection to the world tree.  This has given him a reflective scalp, and should a person see their reflection in it, they temporarily cannot use their own hair powers.