hair junkies


“you wear too much makeup”
“you should wear less makeup”
“why do you wear so much makeup”

Warning to any new naturals or those wanting to be natural

Go natural with the bare minimum of nessasary products! I cannot emphasize this enough. There are only four things I used when when I first went natural
1. Shampoo
2. Conditioner
3. Mosteriser/detangular (hair lotion)
4. Wide tooth comb

There were a couple of reasons for this one I’m a college student with a very very small budget, and two i did not want to fall into the trap of being a product/style junkie. The most important thing for natural hair is health and i found that hair doesn’t really need that much to be healthy. When first going natural it is best to start out simple and build from there because you don’t know how these products will work on your hair. Even now I’ve been natural for about 3 years and i only needed to add two things to my hair stack which is a deep conditioner and a cheep oil. Anyone just starting on their natural hair journey should limit themselves to no more than $30 on products.

happy valentine's day, wolfstar shippers ♡

the whole room is decorated with magical heart-shaped confetti that floats down like snow.

sirius picks some out of his cup with a frown while the witch on the radio sings something about her cauldron full of love that he’d really rather not think too deeply about.

he throws a side-ways glance at the reason why they’re here - james, sat in the next booth, eyeing a certain redhead who’s stood at the bar, ordering a cup of tea.

sirius wishes james would get a move on so he and remus - his “back-up so it doesn’t look like I’m desperate for a date” - could get out of there and find somewhere more secluded.

remus has a smear of chocolate in the corner of his mouth that he’s positively aching to kiss it away.

lily starts looking around the café for one of her friends to sit down with and james fidgets in his seat, but doesn’t get up or wave her over.

sirius narrows his eyes at him, finally turning back around with a sigh when james pays him no attention.

“merlin, i bloody all hate this romantic sap.”

remus grins, licking the cream off his fork. “yet you agreed to come along to madam puddifoot’s, with me, on valentine’s day.”

sirius makes a show out of rolling his eyes and shrugging. “yes, well, you bloody love that chocolate cake.“

remus gives him a small smile. “hmmhm, it is some bloody good cake. sure you don’t want to try it?”

sirius takes another sip of sugary tea. “no, all these straight couples snogging here have permanently ruined my appetite.”

remus bites back a grin and kicks him fondly under the table. “you know, if you really think it’s so awful, you could’ve let me accompany james on my own. he did say one back-up was enough.”

sirius snorts. “what, and let some bird chat you up? you’re dreaming, lupin.”

he catches remus’ foot between both of his, watching the blush rise into remus’ freckled cheeks.

remus leans in as far as he dares, breathing a flirty “only of you, black” into sirius’ ear.

… to be honest, sirius is quite content with valentine’s day at this horrible romantic place as long as he gets to spend it with the curly-haired chocolate junkie in front of him.