hair jelly


Comb over here and take a look! Ctenophore jellies have hairs carefully coiffed into combs that curve light into its component colors as the jellies course through the planktonic community. 


what’s more magical than a rainbow unicorn?

the answer, of course, is nothing.

(the result of a collaboration between my lovely mom r.doodles and myself; print-quality digital download is for sale in my etsy store!)

right so

i drew a half-assed character sheet for these two since i redesigned them recently, but ended up mostly scrapping it in favor of stupid little doodles. :’^)

if anybody remembers, this is jelly (purple) and sam (blue-ish white) from that big splatoon anniversary drawing.

and yes, that’s them as wheatley and chell from portal. it’s because i often wonder what my characters would sound like, and since sam is british, i was like “lol what if he sounded like stephen merchant (aka wheatley)”.. and it stuck. it doesn’t help he’s also tall and lanky.. and wears glasses.. i swear i didn’t plan this.


Some pics of the badges I’ve drawn in the past couple of weeks that I’ve put out in my shop (or am putting out later on). My favorite would be the Vento Aureo food badges (Bruno’s hair has a jelly-like look which I really like) and the Jotaro badge with the sparkles. 

I’ve also put out some stickers, which I only made a couple packs of as a test. They’re just printed designs of the JoJo profiles I’ve made as badges (´ω`)