hair is beauty

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saythename_17[17’S 정한] 캐럿들 잘 지내고 있어요~~?!
꽃 보니까 캐럿들 생각이 나더라구여~
다들 저녁 든든하게 먹고 ~ 잘지내고 있어여~ㅎㅎ
#꽃보다_캐럿 #정한이_꽃이_피었습니다

[17’S JEONGHAN] Dear CARATs, how are you doing~~?!
You came into my mind after looking at the flowers~
Have a great dinner~ Hope you are doing well~



I think the reason Magnús can’t sing is because he’d be a god if he could.
So when the Icelandic gods created him, they had to put one flaw in him otherwise Magnús would be as powerful as them and the gods didn’t want a mortal to have all that power, so they made him a terrible singer.