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“So the little prince tamed the fox. And when the hour of his departure drew near–
Ah,“ said the fox, "I shall cry.”
It is your own fault,“ said the little prince. "I never wished you any sort of harm; but you wanted me to tame you …”
Yes, that is so,“ said the fox.
But now you are going to cry!” said the little prince.
Yes, that is so,“ said the fox.
Then it has done you no good at all!”
It has done me good,“ said the fox, "because of the color of the wheat fields.”
( Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince )

If you tell a boy whose hair is curly and wild and who dresses in faded holey t-shirts that smell like worn cotton and home that he should comb his hair down for you and dress up nicer for you, then you are slowly killing him and replacing him with what you think he should have to be…for you. Do me a favor. Dont. This world needs more boys with wild hair and worn cotton shirts and if you cant appreciate him, let him go, because he does not need to be told that his comfort and style is wrong. He should be loved by someone who thinks that wild hair is beautiful, and that he is stunning in a suit or worn cotton or nothing at all, because that is what love is. Healthy love is accepting them as they came, with all their flaws and problems and quirks. You should not have to “fix” someone you love at all, if they are right for you, you will be able to grow together into better people. They might adapt around you as time goes on, and that is normal, growth and change is good and natural, but forcing change is brutal and mean. He deserves to be loved just the way he came to you, because someone thinks he is beautiful, and if you can’t do that, let him love someone who will.
—  Thoughts of things 
Man Out of Time

“Hey, Uncle Bucky, when’s daddy coming home?” 

Bucky looked up at me ‘you still haven’t told her?’ his blue eyes asked while his lips said nothing. It had been six months. He looked down at the chubby-cheeked little girl with a sad look in his eyes. He didn’t have it in him to lie to her, to give her a sense of false hope and he certainly didn’t have it in him to tell her the truth and break her little heart either. He ruffled her dark curly hair before joining me in the already cramped kitchen. I was cooking dinner. He leaned against the counter and watched as I circled around the kitchen, chopping things that were already chopped and washing things that were already washed; doing anything not to look at him.  

“You need to tell her the truth.” He whispered softly, forcing me to turn around and find him standing behind me. I looked over at my three-year-old daughter playing with her tea-set on the carpet of my living room. Every time I looked in her big blue eyes, I saw him. They were his eyes; kind and gentle.

“…and what is the truth, Buck?” I asked callously and watched as Bucky’s features changed. He couldn’t say it. He thought that if he didn’t say it, it wouldn’t be true.

Steve Rogers was gone.

I knew what I was getting in to when I decided to start a life with him. I could deal with the long missions because I always knew he’d come back to me. I could deal with being on the run with a toddler and a brainwashed assassin because I had him with me. Every day that passed, it was becoming harder and harder to sleep without him, to breathe without him, to live without him. He was my everything…

Retrospectively, I should have not let him go on that mission. I should have made up an excuse about why I – no, why we needed him at home. Steve assured me that Bucky would have his back even though it was just a standard op. I will never forget the look on Bucky’s face when he knocked on my door.

“Where’s Steve, Bucky?” I had asked; excited to see the love of my life. I had prepared his favourite dinner – a pot roast – and wore the red dress that he loved so much. Our baby girl – Sarah James – waddled over from the couch and clung to my leg, looking up at her forlorn uncle Bucky. “Why don’t you go watch some Zoboo, sweetie?” She cheered as she bounced onto the couch and turned on the TV. I gestured for him to follow me to mine and Steve’s shared bedroom. After I shut the door behind us, Bucky couldn’t hold it together anymore. He sank to his knees and sobbed helplessly. I knelt down beside him and enveloped him in my arms. He clung on to me as if I were a life raft and he was drowning.

“I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry.” He repeated over and over again into the crook of my neck.

“Tell me what happened.” I demanded, my voice broke towards the end.

‘Steve went back for some hostages a-and h-he couldn’t… the building… I tried to…” That was all he could get out through his sobs and it was all I could bear to hear.

I was mindlessly stirring the meatballs around in the pot, thinking about how my life had gone to hell in less than a year.

“You ready to go, doll?” Bucky spoke suddenly and pulled me out of my thoughts. Sarah was resting on his hip with her arms around his neck, her diaper bag hung from his shoulder and a bright pink ball was clasped between his metal fingers.

“Where are we going?” I asked in confusion and he furrowed his brows together.

“I asked you if you wanted to take Sarah to the park and for ice-cream and you said ‘yes.’” Bucky reminded me but I had no recollection of the conversation. I went along with it anyway.

I sat on a park bench and watched as Sarah chased Bucky around the park. He jogged away from her just fast enough to evade her reach until she finally grabbed his leg and he lifted her off the ground. She cooed excitedly as he tossed her in the air before setting her down again. ‘Again, again.’ She cheered, waving her hands about for him to toss her again. He made her promise it would be the last time before he spun her around and tossed her into the air. Her happy shrieks echoed in the wind and I couldn’t help but smile longingly.

“I’m going to sit with Mommy now, okay?” He asked and she nodded before running towards some birds.

“Not too far, Sarah!” I called after her but I don’t think she heard me. Bucky sat down next me to and I instinctively laced my fingers through his. “Thank you for all this, Buck.” I smiled warmly before scooting closer to him. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and we watched as Sarah kicked the pink ball around in the grass. She began running faster and faster. “Slow down!” I yelled but she didn’t hear me and the ball got caught under her leg. She tumbled forward and landed on the grass. Bucky was about to run towards her when she picked herself off the ground and dusted the leaves off her dress. She waved at us before chasing after her ball again. It had rolled onto the other side of the park.

“There’s no need to thank me, it’s what Steve would have wanted.” Bucky planted a soft kiss on the top of my head and held me against his chest. I could feel the steady beats of his heart against my cheek. “Sarah is a tough one, she reminds me of Steve.” Bucky observed and I couldn’t help but smile. At least, there was a part of Steve that I still had left.

“Where’s Sarah?” I asked suddenly, looking around the playground for my baby girl. She was nowhere to be seen. I began to panic. “SARAH!” Bucky and I called out in unison. 

How had she disappeared so quickly?

“Sarah!” We shouted again and we saw her collecting her pink ball from a man in a blue jacket and a white t-shirt.

She threw her arms around his waist and I couldn’t see his face but I could tell he was smiling.  Sarah ran back to Bucky and I. We hugged her tightly but Bucky kept his eye on the stranger to make sure he wasn’t a threat. The man was walking away. There was an air of familiarity about the way that he walked. I looked up at Bucky, both his fists were clenched tightly. He was thinking of going after the man. “Hey Buck, she’s okay… we’re okay, just let it go.” I murmured softly, grabbing his hand and pulling him back down to join our hug.  “Sarah, what did I tell you about talking to strangers?” I scolded when I finally let go off her.

She looked at me through big, doe eyes before handing Bucky her ball.

“The man said his mom’s name was Sarah, too…” 

A/N: This felt like it was all over the place. I hope you guys like it. What do you guys think?   

Minutes to Days

Author: Zoe

Word count: 2,594

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x James Madison

Trigger Warning: Car crash

Request: (I think Zoe replied to it, because I can’t find it now! It was a request for Zoe to write the fluffiest thing she could, and it was later discussed that there should also be angst)

Thomas bit his lip so he wouldn’t grin. (It didn’t work.)

Today he was flying back to Monticello from France.

Today he got to see James.

His bouncing leg was probably bothering the woman who sat next to him who had a kid, but he could deal with that. After all, he had six hours till he landed.

Six hours until he got to see James.

Six hours until he got to hug James.

Six hours until he got to kiss James.

Six hours.

He could make that.

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5 Reasons Why Moana is Going to be Absolutely Incredible (And Super Important!)

If you love Disney, I’m sure you’ve heard about Disney’s upcoming movie, Moana. Moana is premiering at Thanksgiving, and it will introduce us to the newest Disney princess. This film is going to be incredible, and here’s why!

1. Moana will feature Disney’s first ever Polynesian princess.

Moana is our first island princess, and she is BEAUTIFUL! Look at her beautifully tanned skin and curly hair!! I love her already. Disney has not animated any islanders since Lilo and Stitch, so getting a Polynesian princess is so great and so important. (Representation is important!!)

*1.5. And, from what we’ve seen, Moana is going to be totally kick-butt! Gotta love an adventurous princess who is good with a spear. 

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2. Not only will Moana feature a Polynesian princess; it will feature her adorable pet pig!

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Moana will have an cute and loveable pet pig named Pua! (pronounced Poo-ah) It’s head and ears are GIANT. How can you not love this thing?! I know I’m gonna buy a plushie of this thing the second they appear in stores.

3. The scenery will make you *swoon*

Being set on an island, the scenery and imagery in this film is bound to be phenomenal. These clips alone are gorgeous enough for their own films, so I can’t wait to see what other beauties Moana’s home island of Oceania has in store!

4. Moana will feature Disney’s first ever demi-god!

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While Disney introduced to many Gods and Goddesses in Hercules, we never got to see any true demi-gods. (While Hercules himself seemed like a demi-god, he still had two gods for parents, so I don’t count him as a “true” demi-god.) Well, look no further than Maui! Maui is a demi-god who will be adventuring with Moana in her film. So far, we know that he is super strong and he can shape-shift. Oh, and he has a magical hook that he can do just about anything with. 

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Not too shabby, am I right?

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5. The songs will be INCREDIBLE, thanks to the wonderful people working behind them.

Moana will feature the collaborative works of Mark Mancina, Opetaia Foa’I, and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Mark Mancina is very experienced when it comes to writing for Disney, and has worked on songs for many Disney films, including Tarzan, Brother Bear, and the great classic, The Lion King. Lin-Manuel Miranda is an incredible composer and lyricist who wrote the hit musical “In the Heights”, and also a little something that is currently blowing up Broadway called “Hamilton”. So basically, this movie is guaranteed to have a wonderful score.

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Moana is bound to be absolutely breath-taking! This film will encourage girls everywhere to be fearless, and probably make us all cry in the meantime. Are you all as excited as I am?! Be sure to see Moana when it hits theaters in November! (◠‿◠✿)

DW Reborn

Hey @seitosokusha​ I got this :3

Tsuna glanced up from the papers he had been holding to stare at the scene – train wreck, my god, that was how many walls already? – that was unfolding.

Jet black hair. Check.

Curly sideburn. Check.

Black suit.

Tsuna stared.

Tuna-printed boxers. Apparently.

Unholy yellow glowing eyes.

Tuff of yellow flames dancing above pinched eyebrows.

Tsuna swallowed.

It was Reborn in Dying Will Mode.

It was Reborn in Dying Will Mode.

Tsuna felt a hysteric scream bubbling up his throat.

Who the hell thought it wise to shoot Reborn with a Dying Will Bullet?!

Tsuna had never seen something so traumatizing.

(and hot, but he would never admit it.

oh that body

stop brain stop.)

Yellow eyes snapped up to stare straight at surprised honey brown.

Tsuna swirled around and got the fuck out of there.

He was not dealing with whatever the hell Reborn’s dying will would be.

He heard hurried footsteps after him and inwardly whimpered.

He was so. screwed.

Tsuna ran faster.

He could practically hear the funeral march playing in the background of this impromptu game of tag.

“Gotcha.” Growled into his ears in the way that was not Reborn but still Reborn all the same.

Tsuna screamed.

It was just another day at Vongola HQ.

The Disney Dilemma

Prompt: Baz introduces Disney and other kid things to Simon since Simon’s never had a proper childhood and Baz thinks he deserves one.

Submitted by: Anonymous

I’m sorry this took forever but it’s here now please forgive me.

“Hey Baz, what does ‘hakuna matata’ mean?”

Baz glanced up over the top of the book he was reading.

“You’re joking. Please, Snow, tell me you’re joking.”

“I’m not. And don’t call me Snow, you know I hate that.”

Baz set his book down on the couch and swung his legs over the side. “I’m completely entitled to call you whatever I want if you’re going to ask me what one of the most famous Disney lines of all time means!”

Simon frowned. “Oh.. it’s Disney, that explains it.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Simon shifted his weight back and forth on his heels and ran his hands through his curly hair, somehow making it even messier than it already was. 

“Well, we never really saw movies in any of the homes. So..”

“So???” Baz prompted.


Baz shot up onto his feet, a murderous look in his eye. “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME?

“Look, it’s not that big of a deal Ba-”


Simon stepped closer to Baz and placed a hand on his chest. “Seriously, Baz, you need to calm down.”




Simon shut Baz up with a kiss, heavy and messy, their mouths not quite fitting together, as Baz was still trying to force words out of his.

Baz pulled away first. “I can’t believe I’m in love with a Disney virgin.”

“I can’t believe I’m in love with someone who says things like ‘Disney virgin.’”

Baz plopped down on the couch, dragging Simon with him and settling cushions around them both.

“What are you doing?” Simon asked.

“What does it look like I’m doing? Setting up for a movie marathon. We have 79 years of films to catch up on and we both have to go to work on Monday so we’ve got to start now.”

Simon just stared at his boyfriend. “Baz, that’s impossible.”

“Nothing is impossible if you have faith, trust, and pixie dust.”

What does that even mean?!” Simon threw up his hands in exasperation.

“Oh my god it’s worse than I thought we need to start now.”

“Baz I can’t-”

“yes you can.”

“no I-”

Yes, you can.

Simon stared at Baz for a moment longer, scrunching up his face, as if trying to come up with a legitimate argument. Then he fell back against the cushions and pulled Baz’s arm around him.

“Fine. What’s first?”

“Beauty and the Beast. It’s a favorite of mine.”

“I get to be Beauty, then.”

“Of course you do, Simon. Of course.”

Okay but my real question here is what’s up with Pietro’s hair????


Okay so in the protest scene he had wavy (not even it’s basically straight)) brown hair

But in the Cap 2 end scene he had like… curly brown hair. But he already had his powers so if the silver hair was because of his powers shouldn’t it be silver???

And then his hair was silver? But not the roots or his eyebrows or stubble/facial hair? When did that happen???

So what happened?? Was Hydra like “you know what this kid would look super  cool with silver hair let’s dye it yes.” This is bothering me so much

*DISCLAIMER: none of these gifs/pictures are mine*

Pupil: Inspired by a True Story

My new book is out! Here’s a teaser: 

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It’s the first day of classes. Most of the students have laptops and notebooks out. I feel like I’ve walked onto the set of Mad Men, the young women in front of me all in different colored sweater sets. One fern, one ruby, cerulean, yellow ochre, and the occasional gorgeous young man with a tighter fade than mine. Of course, that’s not what they’re really dressed like. It’s just the first place my brain went.

“I’m Adam. Great to have you all. So this class is open level, tell me, who are some of your favorite photographers? How do you feel that photography differs from other, similar mediums, such as film?”

A few students are already copying down everything I say.

A curly haired girl raises her hand.

“Yes, please,” I gesture to her.

“Annie Leibovitz, obviously. I loved the black and white work Herb Ritts did in the 80s and 90s. That’s mostly because I was obsessed with supermodels at the time, but still the work he did with models and celebrities is captivating. Ansel Adams is the easy answer.”

“Good, good. Great examples of portrait photographers.”

There are a few giggles.


A girl in all black raises her hand, I call on her and she proceeds to waxes poetic about Cartier-Bresson and the tragedy of his switching to painting.

A gorgeous redhead on the far side of me raises her long limb, a smirk on her face. There’s an air about her, a confidence in the way she holds her body. It’s playful, but not the slightest bit unsure of herself or the space she occupies. Mesmerizing green eyes.  

“Brassai,” she says.

Interesting answer.

“And what do you like about his work?”

“He wasn’t afraid to photograph ordinary people. He didn’t travel to exotic places, he lived his life in Paris and took photographs of the people he saw around him on the streets in captivating ways that made him famous.”

“Yes, that’s exactly right,” I agree with her.

“Also you.”

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Oh wow, I don’t think we’ve seen the temple from the front before. It looks pretty…

Pretty cool…

Oh my god the temple is a fucking fusion.

I’m such a friggin idiot, how the hell did I not realize that? Wow, fuck me.

So I just told my ask screener that and they started laughing at me and told me that they couldn’t believe it took me that long to figure out.

So I assume it represents the fusion of all four previous crystal gems, considering the amount of arms and the curly hair.


Alright episode, you’re already cool.

Steven please try to at least look presentable while talking to your crush.

Lunch Money - Ashton Irwin [FLUFF]

Not Requested (but i probs should be doing some requests lmao)

Summary~ It started with a weird promise freshman year and now best friends prepare for the outcome of the 4 year lunch deal

Word Count - 874

Freshman orientation at high school was terrifying for you, the transition from home schooling the public school, being thrown straight in at the deep end and floundering around trying to find a friend. You spent the first day of being trailed around the school all alone, that was until the last class of the day where the entire freshman class was sat in a hall and made to talk about hopes and dreams for a solid hour. You got into a conversation with the boy next to you, a hazel eyed boy with curly hair, about how the two of you were already looking forward to getting out of there; over the course of an hour the two of you were fast friends.

It was the next day at lunch where it all began, you sat down fiddling with the $10 you were given for lunch when he sat down across from you..

“Ashton? Hi,” you furrowed tour brow.

“You not getting lunch?”

“I’m debating it, I need to save up,” you told him.

“For what?” he chuckled.

“A car…” you realized how odd you sounded.

“You can’t drive,” he pointed out rightfully.

“Okay..” you began, “this’ll sound dumb but I told my mum that I want to go on a roadtrip, buy a van, take it across the US when I finish high school and she basically told me that it’d never happen, but I’m pretty set on making sure it happens”

“So you’re not going to eat lunch at all in high school?” he laughed reaching for a paper bag.

“10 dollars a day 200 days per school year approximately, $2000, then there’s the hope that I’ll get a job, so I should can afford a used van by senior year’s finish,” you explain stuffing the money back in your pocket and gulping down some water, “I’d bring lunch but my mum would get suspicious”

Ashton sighed, laughing ever so slightly before sliding the paper bag over the table to you with half a sandwich and a cookie inside, “I’ll make enough lunch for the two of us, so long as I get to go on the road trip too”

Now it’s senior year, well you’re graduating in a few days, leaving for the open road the morning after prom, after buying a second hand van from a dodgy guy on craigslist for $3,600. You need to make the most of your time with Ashton, he’ll be across the country in a prestigious culinary institute and you’ll be in community college, but you promised him a road trip and from the lunches he gave you, he deserves it. What began a PB&J sandwiched graduated to mozzarella and basil grilled sandwiches and then by senior year he’d have a fridge of ingredients in the cooking classrooms that he’d whip up for lunch.

“You know that I wouldn’t be offended if you wanted to go to prom with an actual date, instead of just taking me as a friend,” you tell him the day before prom as the two of you are sorting out the arrangements on the roadtrip.

“Now you tell me,” he exclaims. “If I’d have known that a month ago I’d have asked one of my many possible dates”

“You know what I mean, just because we’re best friends and no one else wanted to ask me doesn’t mean that you should feel like you have to come with me,” you slot the last budget envelope into your filling cabinet for the van.

“Trust me, I wouldn’t be having a good time if I didn’t go with you,” he takes your arm lightly. “Plus we’re going to look fly as fuck in black and white”

When prom night comes Ashton shows up at you’re house, white flower corsage in his hand which he slides onto your wrist, eyes gleaming as he looks you up and down and soon you’re in a car on the way to the prom. Ashton and you happily dance the night away, under the shimmering light of the disco ball.

“I really don’t want to go home yet,” Ashton laughs at midnight as you’re all kicked out of the hall and piling out of the school.

“We have to we leave in 6 hours,” you laugh.

“How about we stay out, lots of coffee, I’ll take the first shift driving, whatever it takes just please don’t let this be the end of tonight,” he practically begs as you stand in the school lot.

“Fine,” you smile a little, “Where are we going?”

“I know a place”

He drives you out to what you thought was the middle of no where but as you climb a small hill you see the lights of the city, shining across the sky.

“I need to tell you something, just in case it changes how you feel about the roadtrip,” he stutters ever so slightly.


“I-I really like you [Y/N], I don’t make tuna pasta for just anyone, I hate the stuff,” he laughs. “I’m sorry if that changes anything, and if you don’t want me on the trip anymore I totally get it that’s all -”

You cut him off, pressing your lips to his.

“Let’s go on a roadtrip”


Masterlist // Request

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Picture Preference #13: This Is The Kind Of Photo...

Where you were finally allowed to leave the hospital with you newborn baby girl. You and Harry couldn’t have been happier, with the several hours you spent giving birth to your child, you now had a beautiful new daughter. Her hair was already as dark and as curly as her fathers, but her eyes mirrored your own. Harry could stop smiling at his new little angel.


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“Don’t take this the wrong way or anything, but you like like a panty sniffer.”

You’d only just met the group but already, you hated the curly haired Irish idiot, “Hey, dickhead!” You called.

Nathan turned, “Me?”

“Shut the fuck up. He’s a normal boy unlike you, you twat.”

“Protecting your little-” One of the other girls, Kelly, shouted something at him making him stop.

Simon sidled up to you, “Thank you… for sticking up for me.”

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • friend: yES, you love troye sivan. You love his new EP wild- if you say buy wild on itunes i s2g i'll kill you- and yes his music video is cute. WE KNOW about his perfect curly hair and blue eyes already so SHUT the fuck up. YOU LOVE TROYE SIVAN. WE FUCKING get IT.