hair in the sunlight

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then could i have some fetus!lynz/fem reader hcs pls? :p

1) You meet Lynz before you know she’s famous, she’s just a girl in a bar and so are you. She’s wearing an ugly band shirt and blue jeans, she has dark hair and red lips and she smiles like sunlight, you’re drawn to her like a moth to a flame. Hopeless and gay 

2) She’s funny and beautiful and talented, she warms up to you so quickly, glued together and holding hands. She paints things for you and it doesn’t take much convincing to get her to play her bass for you, rock goddess right out of your dreams even in her fuzzy socks and a low ponytail

3) You take her out after a show, she’s in her little skirt and red tie, sweat soaked and grinning ear to ear. You do shots and tell her she’s gorgeous, ethereal, impossible. She kisses you and your heart stops and the world slows

4) You love going to concerts, watching her rock out on stage, doing shots and staying out too late. You love the adventure and the rock and the mess of it all, you love all of that with Lynz. But you also love the soft moments, when you were out to lunch and she told you she loved you for the first time, soft and shy and you almost spit out your coffee; or when you woke up beside her for the first time, how unreal it all seamed with the lights covered by soft curtains and how she smiled when you reached out ran your fingers down her bare back. You love the moments when you curl up together to watch movies, when you go out on normal dates and when you kiss her hand and she rolls her eyes but blushes anyway. You love every moment, fast and slow, soft and hard, rock and roll or disney movies. You love it all, you love her

Here’s something that will weird you out: The guy on the far right is a dwarf.

In Norse mythology there are two, possibly three, types of elves. Light elves, shadow elves (but not always), and dark elves. There’s no indication that any of them were good or evil, and it seems like they simply got their names from their shade and/or whether they could be in sunlight.

Dwarfs in the old texts aren’t much different from elves. They are described as being regular height, have pale skin, black hair and live underground because sunlight kills them. They’re great craftsmen, and can create not just magical weapons that kill every time they are swung, but also life of flesh and blood. What really sets them apart from elves is that they don’t have any women. They reproduce asexually by magically crafting more dwarfs (again, perfectly biological beings of flesh and blood). They are however not sexless as one story involves Freya sleeping with four of them.

This isn’t something I’ve stuck to in my own mythology art, but I thought it’d be fun for you to know.