hair in buns


Dutch Braid High Bun

Michael x Conner Headcanons

·Michael likes to wear his hair in a bun.
·Conner like to run his fingers through it.
·They both enjoy going outside and playing with each other.
·When he gets frustrated Michael slips into ·Maori when talking with Conner.
·Conner loves wearing Michael shirts.
·Michael brings Conner back home to meet his dad.
·He loves Conner straight off the bat.
·Michael wears lip balm because he loves having soft lips.
·They like to cuddle and wearing cheesy funny movies.
·They met a few weeks after the Giants War ended.
·Conner sometimes helps Michael braid his hair to make it easier for him.
·Michael gives Conner piggy back rides where ever they go.
·Michael teaches Conner Maori when they have the time to.
·Travis supports their relationship more then anyone

royal // b.b pt 1/?

Type: imagine

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

A/N: okay, so I do not have any bucky yet because I don’t want to introduce him unitl either the next part or the third. So/:

Warnings: none, but no bucky… yet

I walked down the streets of Brooklyn, my earbuds were playing my music at full blast while my heels clicked against the sidewalk. I smiled at an old lady as I turned towards the studio apartment I had been sharing with my mom. I moved my hand to the back of my bag to pull out the keys and unlocked the door. “Mom, I’m home.” I yelled while closing the door and kicking off my shoes. I sat my bag on the floor, looking up with a sigh, meeting three figures sitting at the kitchen island. I noticed mom’s bright red hair in her normal braid, my eyes scanned over the other two, the lady had her gray hair up in a low bun, a scarf around her neck as well as a light pink dress, the man was in a suit, hair slick back.

“Who are these lovely people?” I asked as I walked up to my mom, I laid a hand on her shoulder. The two older people looked at me before looking at each other. My face contorted in confusion, I pushed my hair out of my face before looking at her. “Y/N,” she began before pausing, “There’s something I never told you, something I never wanted to tell you.” Her voice was harsh at the end, you smiled at the guests, “Like?” I asked my mother sighed. “You’re next in thrown to rule over Belavia.” She murmured, I put my hand to my mouth, looking at her. “Yeah, okay.” I rolled my eyes walking towards to fridge. “And these are your grandparents.” You turned your head to met her gaze, you grabbed an apple. “Your parents or dads?” I asked before biting into the apple. “Dads,” I answered my own question with a sigh. She nodded.

He had walked out on us when I was five, he took all his stuff and all the extra money I had saved up. He left us with little to nothing, took the car and many different things which really ruined mom. He didn’t ruin me as much, I had only known him for five years and I hadn’t been a mommy or a daddies girl, I had always loved my grandparents since I lived with them for the first few years while my parents were on and off of schools and jobs. I was devastated, but as time went on I forgave him for walking off.

I looked at her, “You’re serious?” I asked while she nodded, “Hello Y/N, I’m Nina or Grandma Ni.” The lady with gray hair stood up, putting out her hand for me to shake. I took it, looking at her. She shared the same traits as my father. A light complexion, gray/blue eyes, and a pearly white smile. “It’s so nice to finally meet the child my son made.” I scoffed slightly, “And the child he left.” I returned. Her face fell, “Um, well.” She whispered, lost for words. “Who’s the other person?” I asked, “I’m the driver, Albert.” He put his hand out and you took his, nodding. “Alright, well, I think I’m going to go upstairs and finish my homework,” I told them, grabbing my bag and shoes, walking up the stairs to the attic type thing. I was met with my cat and puppy sitting on my bed. I sat my stuff down before running to them, I plopped onto my velvet covered bed. “Hey scrumptious,” I whispered, picking up the two of them. Anna purred and curled into my arm as Arthur pushed himself out of my grip. I kissed her head before sitting her down. I grabbed my bag and took out my sketch book and the sketch pencils I had just bought. I started to sketch out a little doodle of a chief. My hand moved slowly before someone knocked on the hard flooring, making my movements stop. I looked at who was disturbing me before sighing.

“I wanted to ask you if you would be willing to visit Belavia with me, soon.” She had hope in her eyes, I looked around my room. “I guess so, when?” I asked. She smiled before answering, “In a month?” she questioned the date, “Day?” I asked, “Fly out the thirteenth and then stay the month.” I lifted myself from my bed, grabbing my planner. “May thirtieth.” I mumbled, flipping to the back of my planner.

“I’m out that day and for the next month, sure,” I replied. She smiled, “Great!” she started climbing down the ladder before she walked out. I heard the door open before it closed. My body slumped in the desk chair as I twisted around. I put my hands onto my face and sighed. I stopped the chair and looked at myself and then at the mess of a desk. I looked between the school supplies and the makeup. I couldn’t help but to laugh a little, “This is a princess.” I mumbled. I got up and went to the small dresser, grabbing a pair of sweatpants and a baseball jersey. I quickly changed, throwing my clothes into the hamper. I climbed down the ladder and met my mom. Her eyes looked lost, and she smiled before walking away.

“What do you want for dinner?” I asked, grabbing my keys from the counter. “You can just go and buy pizza,” she said before turning to face me, “Unless you want to cook,” I nodded. I took my wallet and walked out the door, locking it on my way out. I walked down the steps to the studio complex and into the garage. I unlocked it and got in, putting the keys into tthe ignition and opened the garage, I backed up and drove off, the garage slowly closed. I sighed and turned on the radio. I smiled softly at the song that had chosen to come on.

I turned into the grocery store, parking in the back. I turned off the car and took out the keys before getting out. I locked the door and walked to towards the store. I sighed loudly and walked in. I grabbed a basket and smiled at the lady, walking through the doors. I made a sharp left towards the cold section, I grabbed a bag of salad and spinach, with Italian dressing. My eyes noticed a bag of cheese. I walked towards it and grabbed a bag of chedder. I walked towards the noodles and grabbed a bag of elbow noodles, and then grabbed bread crumbs and paprika. I nodded to myself and went back to get a gallon of milk. I sighed and rolled my way to the checkout.

“That’ll be twenty-five ninety-five.” The girl said. I looked at her before nodding. I pulled out my cash and handed it to her and giving her ninety-five cents. She smiled and helped put the bags in the car before I walked away. I walked to the car and put everything away, driving off.

“Mom.” I said as I took the macaroni and cheese out, “It’s ready!” I sat it down and went to her room and knocked on the door. “Hello?” I asked before I opened the door and peeked in. My eyes were met with her sleeping form, I tip toed towards her before pushing her shoulders. “Mom, wake up. It’s ready.” I said, she groaned loudly and opened her eyes before getting up. I walked to the kitchen and placed her food for her and sat it in front of her. She took a bit and looked at me, her eyebrows were pushed together. “I don’t know if I like this.” She said, my face fell. “Oh,” I said defeated. She shrugged, “I’m going to order pizza,” she said, getting up. I watched her put her plate in the sink, “You’re doing dishes tonight?” I ask and she nods, waving me off. I sigh and take a plate down, making my plate before walking up to my room. I watched as the two animals played around. I  sat my food on my bed and went to put more food in each of their bowls. I sat down and started to eat, I stared at the clock on my wall, my eyes watch as the seconds ticked away. “Only nine days to go,” I whispered taking a bit from my food.

April thirtieth twenty seventeen.

My eyes were met with the concrete that settled the plane. I moved my head towards the other people on the plane. I looked at my phone, the time had a drastic change. 11:47 am. It showed. I lifted my body as others did, grabbing my bag and luggage I walked out. My heels clicking against the flooring, I followed the bundle of people until I found my grandma. “Hello darling!” she said, rushing towards me to hug me. “Hi,” I muttered, hugging back. Her hair had been put down in gentle curls and she had a sweater and jeans on as well as sandals. I, on the other hand, was in an olive green dress and a pair of nude heels. My hair was in a milk braid and my heart couldn’t stop beating. “Oh, do you like hot weather?” she asked as she led me to the baggage claim. “Yeah, we don’t get it much in Brooklyn though,” I told her, my bags came quickly and I picked them up, she helped me roll my bags to the entrance of the airport. My eyes were blinded by the flashes of lights. “I forgot to ask,” I began and I shielded my eyes, “When are my animals getting here?” she looked at me and smiled, “Soon,”

We drove into an area of land, it didn’t have anyone or anything but trees. The car drove into a circle before parking it, the man driving came up and opened each door. I thanked him before going to the trunk, but not before a couple men grabbed them. My eyes met with the boys as they grabbed my luggage and girl came up to me and guided me up the stairs and into the palace. A double staircase is what I was meet with. She led me up the stairs before walking me to my room. “Princess,” she said, I smiled at her before I walked in, closing the door. The bags were already in and my bed was made. The color of the room was a light shade of pink, the bedspread was a white with black patten, same with the pillow cases. There was a vanity in the middle of the room, and a closet door beside it. I walked towards the window that had sheer white curtains. There was a seat in front of it which was white with black throw pillows. I then walked towards the closet, I opened it and walked inside. The lights came on and I saw rows and rows of beautiful gowns and jewelry. To the side there was another door, I walked towards it and opened that one, turning the light on I saw how big the bathroom was. It was a soft yellow with all white and marble furniture and countering.

“Y/N,” a voice said, I turned and looked at my grandmother, “Do you like it?” she asked smiling, my lips curled up and I nodded. “Very much.” She jumped a little, “Oh! I’m so glad!” she grabbed my hand and brought me out of the two rooms, “Please, make yourself at home!” she smiled before walking out.

This isn’t New York. This isn’t my moms family. This is the man who walked out on his family. This is the place I will become a princess in.


[PR_SS] Arie Hairstyles! (7.6 MB) 

Hello everyone! How are you!? Yesterday i mashup two cute hairs!! Shaved bun from Get to Work and a Bang from Base game!!! I love this hair a lot! This is my second mashup, im happy i learn how to do this x)! And its Base game compatible!!!


  • Base Game Compatible!
  • 18 base game texture colors
  • Test in game
  • No glitch or other errors
  • Female only!
  • Custom thumbnails
  • Recoloring allowed but not include the mesh!!
  • Download HERE! (simfileshare thank God!)

If something wrong with the links or other things, please send me a message :D If you use my cc tag me #PR_Supernovasims or mysims4screenshots and i will like it and reblog the pictures!!!!

Weird Occurrence. (Alec Lightwood)

(Y/N) is shown as a girl but you can change it if you like.

~Alec’s P.O.V~

(Y/N) walks into the kitchen putting her hair into a messy bun and walks towards a cupboard which holds alcohol as she reaches for the handle I get up and grab her and pull her away from the cupboard, she looks round at me, tired eyes pleading me to let her go but I don’t,

“Alec, please I have had 15 minutes sleep in a week so I need something to drink!” I sit her down on a chair and she looks up to see Clary and Simon sitting looking at her silently,

“What you looking at,” she pauses,

“Why is the red-head and dork here exactly?” she asks turning to Jace, ignoring the glare Clary gave her

“Clary needs help with finding her mother as she was taken by Valentine and Simon is her best friend.” she looked at Clary and said,

Valentines a jerk,“ and paused for a moment

"and I need vodka.” she started to get up but I grabbed her and put her on the floor knowing she would be to tired  get up she layed there for a second and then whistled, Daisy came running into the kitchen and licks (Y/N) face,

“Can you get me the bottle of vodka in the cupboard please Daisy,” the dog nodded and change into a girl around Clary’s age she grabbed the bottle and bent down to give it to (Y/N) and changed back into a dog,

“I think Max is up why don’t you go play with him.” and Daisy ran out the room. Clary and Simon just stared at (Y/N) and then to the place where daisy was and back again, (Y/N) noticed and said,


any characters with mohawk (preferably dark hair) who wear their hair up in buns? i need a kintype who resembles me to use in icons and stuff (bonus points if they wear a facemask)

30 Day Countdown Ryder Meme

30 Days: Will you play SisRyder or BroRyder first? Why? How does your Ryder define their gender?

- Sisryder.
- No special reason besides I’m a lady.
- She’s feminine. There’s different types of feminine, so I’d specify her as being the light pinks, white, and soft blues feminine. Not the hot pink feminine. Not the dark red or black feminine; not sultry. And not the type of feminine to wear long hair, but maybe a bun or a bob or maybe a short braid.

bewitchinglesbian  asked:

noah fence but?? a concept?? idk if you've thought abt this before maybe possibly but.... fem!giles? maybe gillian or smth?? who still loves jenny, and is an awkward mother figure to buffy who is trying her best, and she's a stuffy old librarian AND SHE STILL WEARS SUITs and looks very Proper but also kinda hot and I bet she wears her hair up in buns and shit and jenny would laugh at her?? And also there would be some scene where Jenny takes her hair out or smth (maybe during Action)pls consider

so i googled it & the feminine form of rupert is roberta but…omg…roberta gillian with gillian as a surname? is it too Much to have her with a completely different name? because imagine buffy kinda flippantly calling her “gil” and it not being a disrespectful thing to call her and anyway i’m getting off topic but i love that

and sfdjlfsdkj imagine jenny standing on tiptoe all the time & pulling her tall gf’s hair out of its bun just because she Can (gil’s giving her heart eyes because jfc in any universe she’s so so smitten with jenny). gil has this brown-gray hair that goes down to her shoulder blades but that she always makes sure to tie up, and as she starts dating jenny she starts letting her hair down a little more as time goes on until it’s literally just a messy ponytail + her usual suit and vest. incidentally, jenny’s always swooning over gil’s suits and vests.

anyway i love this so much

anonymous asked:

so if you're still doing ships i'm (almost) 17, really avearage looks except for very black hair always in a bun, and big glasses. I love reading and listening to classical music, even though I tend to appreciate all music; I study languages and I love to travel. My favourite subjects are history and english literature, and I have a cat. Also, I really love staying up very late and sleeping way too much the following day. and food. thanks! :) hope I didn't bother you!

I ship you with Lafayette!  Imagine after the war he takes you back to France and shows you around his hometown and introduces you to a lot of new foods and basically feeds your hunger for travel