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i started playing ffxv and igor is my favourite final fantasy

Can you believe it? Jungkook is now the 14th member of Seventeen, Jimin is the 10th member of EXO, and Jin is torn between joining VIXX or B1A4. Meanwhile, Yoongi is asleep somewhere while Hoseok casually chills in the background and Rap Monster can’t believe he’s lost control of all of his children. It’s wild.


2017 Selfie(s) (I hope I choKe)

dat me n my mans I got tagged by @dolcegf (ily omf you’re gorgeous! 😞💘💞💓)

I tag… @bts4gays @jhoe @precious-jimin @02tae @ayoonghi @jiwings @iamyoongisgf @2seok @ynoogis @beginmv @1stlove @bfmoni @peachyhopie @mygs @hobiue and anyone else who wants to do dis ❤️💗💖💘💞💓

The only reason for drawing this is me thinking Harley’s got The Look that would probably work really well in Yugioh (at least without his hat because it’s all about the hair, my dude)

….I’d duel him :)c


Day 5/365: January 5th 2017 | Self Portraits

Finally took self portraits in my home studio today but they didn’t make me that happy *insert heavy sobbing*. The entire process stressed the fuck out of me and the results were so mediocre. I was kind of in a weird mood all day because I DIDN’T LIKE THESE PHOTOS (I still don’t like them!!! UGHHHHH)!!!!!!!! RIP :’(

aftereffect of drawing EE
  • me, a piece of shit, after drawing Erbluhen Emotion’s picture and seeing other people’s drawing of him: nope, they got that wrong, they got that angle wrong too, nope that's not how that line is drawn; it should start from his shoulder, not from his sides, THE METAL PLATES ARE TOO BIG AND WIDE, YOU'RE WRONG YOU'RE ALL WRONGGGGGGG


i cant believe i main lúcio and i haven’t noticed until now 

that the things in his hair aren’t weird beads

they’re speakers