hair i just

Flat ironed my natural hair today. Some lady asked me what kind of hair I was wearing.. I just said “it’s Yoruba hair” and kept it moving. I just could not be bothered today.

Spicy Peanut Butter Veggie Burger

I see so many food shows that feature (real) burgers that have peanut butter on them, and I’ve always been intrigued as to how peanut butter tastes on a burger, so tonight I made a veggie version for myself! 

Step 1: The sauce: a large spoonful of peanut butter with liberal Sriracha (depends on how spicy you want it).

Mmmmm, spicy and nutty.

Step 2: Grill your veggie patty. I chose a traditional “flame grilled” style that mimics the taste of a burger. I also seasoned it with Montreal Steak Rub for more smoky, off-the-grill goodness.

Step 3: LIGHTLY sauté some kale in oil (and try not to burn yourself in the process).

Step 4: TOAST DEM BUNS (I used a pretzel bun)


Spread about a third of the peanut butter sauce on the bottom bun, then place your kale.

Step 6: BURGER

Step 7: Top with the rest of your spicy peanut butter (it will get all melty on top of the hot patty!).

Step 8: Top with pickles and tomato, or other veggies of choice. I went with the sweeter bread and butter pickles to compliment the PB.


Step 10: Holy shit guys. Holy shit, wow. Fuck me this is a good burger.

Guys I just.

I just really need my Fitz back.




1 am doodles

I have two consistent questions at the end of each Framework episode:

1. Who is responsible for Fitz’s new hairstyle? (and can they not because it makes me super uneasy)

2. Where the bloody hell are Hunter and Bobbi at?


i’ll be honest,
i’m weak for nice facial hair
or just nice hair in general
i think i’ve said this before but fuck it’s true

I am SUPER bored of my hair right now, which has been in some variation of this cut for the past three years, more or less, an almost absurdly long time for me [WAIT, correction: with the exception of 2 pixies, I’ve had the short-sides-and-back, curly top look since 2011 SIX YEARS, jfc]. So I’m giving a little bit of a grow-out a try, and while I’m searching for inspiration my mind keeps stumbling back to Seb’s kind of greasy, shoved-back, not-quite a bob hair like this:

It’s perfect! It’s great! There’s still a little volume, and I could tuck it behind my ears, but the back isn’t too bedraggled. But then I remember that given the opportunity, my hair will look like this even after hours pulled up in a bun:

and I think, self, you’re probably better off aiming lower, say just-back-from-the-dead Jon Snow.


Did I make a post yet that I’ll be in the dealers room at Planet Comicon in Kansas City?

…I don’t know how to make formal posts like this, nor do I know where my booth will be exactly. 

But I’ll be at Planet Comicon in Kansas City selling….a crap ton of art


….Psst @trepinning do you know where our table is?