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In this one I’m sharing how I do my hot oil/pre poo treatment and how I easily turn it into a deep conditioning treatment when needed. This treatment is great for all hair types and definitely caters to dry, frizzy, or damaged hair. Applying this treatment to your hair routine regularly will give noticeable improvement in hair growth, a healthy scalp, moisturized hair, and length retention. 

Essential Oil Benefits: Cedarwood

Health Benefits: Improves metabolism, improves focus, cures toothache, strengths gums, relieves cough, clears out toxins, stops spasms, natural deodoriser, reduces arthritis pain and symptoms, relieves tension, especially in the neck. 

Vitamins, Minerals, and Related: Antifungal, antiseptic, diuretic, astringent and sedative properties, alpha-cedrene, beta-cedrene, cedrol, widdrol, thujopsene and a group of sesquiterpenes, antispasmodic, fungicidal, antiseborrhoeic , tonic, astringent.

Beauty Benefits: Use for hair growth; it clears hair follicles and stimulates them, as well as thickening and strengthening hair. It also reverses and prevents hair loss. When applied to the face or used as a toner, can greatly improve acne, calm irritated skin, and heal eczema and psoriasis. It is great for oily skin.

Magickal Uses: Use for improving focus, growing wisdom. Can be major components in spells for wisdom, protection, spiritual growth, and masculinity. It is also related to fertility. Cedarwood is often used to make wands. Some witches recommend using cedar as a symbol, charm, and talisman to represents propriety, long life, and growth.

Interesting Facts:  Cedars were the trees mentioned most in the Bible, symbolising a source of protection, wisdom, and abundance.

Druids sometimes associated this tree with the Tree of Life.

Simple Everyday Makeup Routine

1: Moisturizer

Before you apply makeup it’s important to always use moisturizer. This helps to prevent dry and flaky skin.


2: Foundation

Once you have put moisturizer on start by applying foundation. Use your fingers to dab the product in 4 spots on your face. Then use the brush to blend it. On your forehead, brush back and forth. On your cheeks, brush down and away from the center of your face. And on your chin, also brush back and forth.


3: Concealer

Add a drop of moisturizer to your brush before adding the product. Then dab the product about 4 times under your eyes. Smooth with the brush, then use your middle finger to lightly dab underneath your eyes. The heat of your finger helps blend the concealer even more for a really natural finish.


4: Powder

When applying the powder use circular motions to buffer it into the skin for a natural look.


5: Bronzer

Swirl the brush in the product, tap the brush so some product comes off (important!), then start with your cheeks. Sweep the brush up and down starting at the outer part of your cheek, working your way in. Repeat on the other side. Then finish with your forehead, chin, and neck.


6: Mascara 

When you apply mascara you should dab the wand on a tissue first which gets rid of any clumps, then wiggling it at the route of your lashes and sweeping up.

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Acne prone, oily skin. Wash.

Sensitive, aging, unhydrated, mineral and vitamin lacking skin. Wash.

Scarred, dry, clogged skin. Wash.

Dry, cracked skin. Body butter.

Dry, peeling, hard lips. Lip Balm.

General skin health. Salve.


Dry, thin hair.  Mask.

Hair, flat, bodyless hair. Mask.

Hair that won’t grow. Oil.

Hair Timeline

So many people have been asking for hair ref, what to say to the hairdresser & how i style it,, so i thought i’d make another hair post, or more like a hair timeline. I hope this may help anyone ☺

This was when i first chopped it off myself, at home, in the middle of the night. Getting rid of all that annoying hair was amazing, even though it was uneven. (This is my natural haircolor btw + i was super tired)

I went to a hairdresser some day after, and all i really said was “Please just make it look better, like Miley style. Just short and not as uneven as it is now.” And well, it got short. And i dyed it purple with Directions, Plum. I only used wax for styling here

It grew, and i dyed it blue.. i did an undercut. I used very much wax for styling here, heh

It grew even more, and i dyed it blueish/purpleish/pinkish, which many people seemed to like. I’m not sure if it was styled in these pics

I dyed it purple after struggling with the color for a while. This was a pretty nice length, actually the length i wanted at first. I also stopped using wax here, i didn’t even style it in some kind of way.

And now, 7 months after cutting it off the first time & 4 months after an undercut, it’s blonde, messy and pretty long.

*For those witches who want to grow their hair*

Rosemary Hair Treatments:

*Rosemary essential oil helps stimulate hair growth by increasing blood flow to your head*

1. Hot Rosemary oil treatment:

Mix 3 tbsp of olive oil with 5 drops of rosemary essential oil until warm (not too hot). Place on hair for 20 to 30 minutes.
*it’s best to use a shower cap to keep that heats circulating*

2. Overnight Rosemary treatment:

1 to 2 tbsp of coconut oil mixed with 3 to 5 drops or rosemary essential oil. Massage on scalp as long as you want. Put hair up or wrap your hair at night before going to sleep.

Enchant Your Hair to Grow!

Q: I’m trying to grow my hair out (again) from a short pixie cut, and other than the usual mundane care and love I was wondering if anyone had any spells or things to magically boost it! 

- Member Fox

A: Flipping your hair upside down and massaging your scalp each night with some kind of product like a hair mask or conditioner will stimulate hair growth. Make sure to only do this if you’re medically able to sustain being upside down! Not sure? Ask a doctor.

You’ll want to do this for about five minutes each day. Be mindful of the fact that all the blood will rush to your head because you’re essentially doing an inversion, but you’ll see your hair growth improve rapidly. I’d recommend sitting in a chair while you do this.

To make it magickal, maybe either use some kind of anointing oil that is safe for hair and skin with the conditioner, or rosewater. Light a candle. Turn it into a ritual. Now you can just use your intention; that’s fine too. But you could focus on your intent for your hair to grow as you do it, chanting or repeating power phrases as you go along. Whatever you like!

Asking for a blessing from a god or goddess from your pantheon if you have one that acts as the archetype for beauty might not hurt either. Just be sure to thank them with an offering if you do this, after the fact.

-Activities Director Prism