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“I’m wearing an 80s vintage tee, a secondhand shirt, KTZ socks & loose socks, Converse shoes, a Prada bag and a secondhand bag. My style is inspired by my art work & 2000s pop culture in Taiwan & 80s pop idols in Japan. I love 80s curly hair & everything glitter.”

Nov 3, 2017 ∙ Union Square

What constellations do you see? 🌌 I’m selling prints of this on my Society6 store!!✨
Portrait of my original character Ceres, counterpart of Celeste ✨💙 I’m happy with the result but I need more practice on coloring dark skin tones 💖

If The Raven Cycle tv series doesn’t take a page out of SKAM’s playbook and every time Ronan Lynch exits a car the world goes into slow motion and aggressive bagpipe music plays then honestly….what is the Point™ I ask u


Magnus Bane in 1.02 appreciation post 


Hey tumblr, good to be back after what… A few years? :>
I’ve decided to remake this blog to use for Fairy Kei aesthetic purposes. 💙
I’ve been into the Jfashion style for a long time but I only recently started diving deep into it.
Like this post if you’re a pastel, Fairy Kei, Decora, Jfashion, Harajuku, kawaii, anime, or just an aesthetic blog of a similar style. 💙