hair for sims 3

sims 4 version is done, hopefully it’ll be available tomorrow but i can’t upload the sims 3 version at the same time. and maybe the sims3 version will be available the next day or 2 days after this hair uploaded. so you have to wait for the sims 3 version, i’m sorry :(


+ + + CREDIT: Anto, Nightcrawler, pastry-box, katsaysmeh

+ + + TOU: Please respect Anto’s TOU, if you convert to TS2 please link back to this post

+ + + DISCLAIMERS: I redid this conversion and fixed the Seams issue :)

D O W N L O A D > Male | Female


Weary Boys and Raspberry Pancakes - 08:10

“You made all of this from scratch? It looks great.”
“Thanks! Told ‘ya I could cook, didn’t I? I figured a good breakfast would lift your spirits.”
“Thank you. I’m flattered you’d do all of this for me.”
“Well, you make it easy.”

ft. Rei Ohara by @plumbobsophy