hair dyeeee

In a much better mood today.
The breeder says he’d be more than happy to take Toast back, so I’m super glad he won’t be lonely anymore.

My parents also said after Toast is sent back they’d love it if I had a parrot.

I’m going to miss him so much l: I don’t even know if I have the heart to replace him. Whereas Toast will just be like LOL YAY GOOD RIDDANCE.

Bah :’)
If I ever get another jackdaw, it will be a baby instead so I can imprint it.

Also doing my hair tomorrow to keep my mind off it. It’s been aaaaaages, can’t wait to have abnormal hair colours again :’D ‘Cept it won’t be flashes this time, IT’LL BE ALL OF IT MUAHA.

I’ll also be seeing Owl City with my little sister on the 7th of september if I win that design competition. I’m so excited l:
It’d be pretty cool if I met Adam but from what I know he’s the shyest person ever ;( That and the squealing fan girls would probably attack him before I had the chance to say hi.