hair dye in my hair like right now

min yoongi probably.....
  • Yoongi: finally my hair doesn't match our albums anymore
  • Jimin: guys check it out i dyed my hair pink now i look like the right version!
  • Yoongi: *already reaching for the blue dye* wow what a coincidence
The hair thing is so emotional for me. About a year ago, I called my colorist and was like, “I’m going through so much emotionally. I need a reset. I need you to bleach my hair.” This has been really important for me, as a 27- and 28-year-old, to show myself every morning when I get up that I’m not someone who is going to live in the past. When it’s time for Neon Hayley to come back to life, she will. But right now, this is me.
Industrial Piercing.

I got mine done 6 weeks ago on Sunday so I thought I would throw some tips out there for people because I always see people asking in that tag.

1. Does it hurt to get done? No, not at all. I barely felt it, it felt a little tight while they put the bar in but the actual piercing was a 3 out of 10.

2. What’s the proper way to clean it? I soaked it for 10 minutes every day for the first 4 weeks. I never slacked once. Now i have purchased the h2Ocean spray. I use that all the time but I still soak it at least 2-3 times a week. Qtips are your friends. Also, do soak it. Please. The spray doesn’t always clean everything.

3. The worst time was about 2 weeks after. It got infected and throbbed for a day but I repeat, soaking clears it right up.

4. I did dye my hair for the first time last week. My stylist kept hitting it, that hurt. It’s fine but soak it after. I’ll keep telling you to soak it cause it works.

5. It hurts like a mother fucking bitch when you bang it. Six weeks later and it still hurts. Like holy fuck. I never remember it’s there until I stupidly tuck my hair behind my ear.

6. How long before you can sleep on your side? I started to now, six weeks later. I have a really soft pillow though and I think that’s key. The softer the better.

7. The bar slides. I panicked because it slid down and the piercer gave me a long bar to allow for swelling. Well I panicked because what if I hit it and it swells? There’s no room. Doesn’t matter, the minute it drops means it’s healing. I haven’t had issues with it touching my ear at all. Just SOAK IT IF IT GETS INFECTED.

8. Also tea tree oil works well to get rid of infections. I’ve only had to use it once. Don’t use it on a regular basis.

9. If you have always wondered about getting it done but are scared of taking care of it, just get it done. The cleaning isn’t so bad, trust me. You get used to it awful quick and it looks cute as fck.

If anyone else has any other questions just let me know.

*** I use a pretty simple soak mixture: 1 cup water and ¼ tsp non iodized salt (kosher works). I boil the water, add the salt, wait for it to cool, stir it up and soak it. I use a measuring cup and lay on the floor…. It’s worked the best for me with minimal spillage.
Christmas Secrets

Originally posted by martziplier98

Request: Could you do a Teamiplier one with fem!reader that’s Tyler’s sister and she went to LA to visit him on Christmas and she was secretly dating Ethan and Tyler finds out and he’s just like ‘as long as my Christmas present isn’t a niece or nephew I don’t care’

Summary:Fem!Reader goes to visit big brother Tyler + teamiplier but no one knows about Ethan being her boyfriend! Secrets secrets secrets…

A/N: Hello all! It’s 1am for me! This was fun to write! I love writing teamiplier! Italics signify a character’s inner monologue + silent, conversations through stares! Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1805, this was originally only like 1100 words but then I realized it was teamiplier and not just tyler and ethan lol

Request some more! I’ve got my hands quite full right now, so it might take a while, but I’ll get to them!

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No Kiss List

@lapidot-anniversary-week and @jenhedgehog

prompt: first kiss

words: 3k

genre: childhood friends/enemies to sweethearts, human AU

summary: Peridot is the only person in the fourth grade that is on Lapis’s ‘no kiss list’ for a kind of underground kissing booth and Peridot is not happy about it, they grow older together and things begin to shift, Ao3

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Hair Dye

Scenario: I hope you don’t dye your hair anymore because I really like this shade in my eyes and wow okay here you go again.

Pairing: Yoongi + Reader

Genre: Fluff + Soulmate AU (in which your eyes change colors when your soulmate dyes their hair)

Word Count: 2,058

Author’s Note: This is my first BTS scenario. I told myself I wasn’t going to do this again, because I used to write on Wattpad for 1D, but here I am. Inspired by one of the many ideas on here. I hope you enjoy it ♡

Masterlist ◇


You noticed your eyes shift colors for the first time four years ago. You were brushing your teeth when you saw it happen in a matter of seconds. Looking closer in the mirror, your natural color was gone, and a light brown had replaced it.

You ran out to where your parents were, tears streaming down your face. You thought you were losing your mind and wanted to know what was happening.

With a chuckle, your father pulled you onto the cushion next to him on the couch while your mother sat on the other side of you.

That was when you learned about soulmates.

Although it doesn’t happen to everyone, your eye color changes whenever your soulmate dyes their hair. Once their hair fades back to the natural color, so would your eyes. Usually, people dye their hair a crazy color to find their soulmate easier, while others would rather wait and see if they can find their soulmate without any help.

Your parents realized they were soulmates a year after they met. They were in love, but weren’t sure if they were with the right person. So, they went down to a corner store to buy cheap hair dye and went back to their apartment. They dyed each other’s hair and watched as both of their eyes changed colors.

Your tears dried up after realizing that this was happening to you.

To say you were relieved would be an understatement. You were happy to know that your soulmate was alive and thriving, but most of all, you were glad they decided to go with a natural color.

You spoke too soon.

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The Blonde Is Back

“No,” Jack shook his head, taking a step back. “No way.”

“But you promised!”

“I did no such thing!”

“I have video proof!” Joe protested.

“You forced me into it!”

“Please,” The older man scoffed, “You want to do this.”

“No I don’t!”

“Jack, we’re doing this.”

“Like hell we are.”

“You’ve done it before!”

“And I’m quite happy with how my hair is now.” Jack replied, taking another step back, “I’m not dying it blonde again.”

“Yes,” Joe reached forward, his fingers wrapping tightly around the other man’s wrist, “You are.” He tugged Jack forward, grinning as a cry of surprise slipped past his lips and he fell forward into the bathroom.

“When the hell did you get so strong?” Jack spluttered as Joe moved to stand in front of the door, arms crossed.

“Been going to the gym.”

“Obviously,” The younger man rolled his eyes, “You know you can’t force me to do this, right?”

“It’ll be fine. Now, sit down.”

The two boys stared at each other for a minute before Jack finally sighed and sat down heavily on the ledge of the bathtub.

“If you are secretly pranking me…”

“I’m not,” Joe replied happily, picking up the box of hair dye as he began to read over the instructions, “But you said you’d dye it blonde if we got enough thumbs up, and we are well past that point.”

“I like my hair colour now though,” Jack whined, “Can’t we just leave it?”

“Nope. Now, shirt off. I don’t want to wreck it.”

“Ah, the truth comes out,” Jack smirked as he removed his shirt, “You just want to get me naked.”

“I can do that regardless,” Joe snorted, “But by all means, keep your shirt on if you don’t mind getting dye on it.”

“I’m good.” Jack replied quickly, tossing his shirt to the other side of the room. “Let’s just get this over with.”

The process ended up being much more relaxing than Jack had thought it would be. Joe worked his fingers through the wet locks, scrapping lightly along Jack’s scalp as he applied the dye, and the younger man felt himself relax back against the body behind him.

The two chatted easily, catching up on the events of their past week. And while they waited for the dye to set, Joe made them both a quick snack, only slapping Jack’s hand away once when he reached for the food before it was ready.

Once the timer signalled it was time to rinse the dye out, Joe lead Jack back into the bathroom, where he took his time rinsing out the now blonde locks, his fingers gentle as he worked them through Jack’s hair.

“Well, this’ll take some getting used to.” Jack commented once his hair was dried and styled, thanks once again to Joe, and he looked at his reflection in the mirror.

“I like it.”

“You do?” His eyes met Joe’s in the mirror, and the older man nodded, smiling as he rested his chin on Jack’s shoulder.

“I like you blonde. I mean, I liked what you had going before too, don’t get me wrong, but there’s just something about you blonde.”

“Blonde’s do have more fun,” Jack smirked, lifting his hand to run his fingers through the blonde hair. “Still so weird seeing it this light again.”

“Get used to it,” Joe poked him, “And come on, the boys should be here any minute.”

As if right on cue, the front door buzzed, signalling the arrival of their mates.

“Do they have any idea this happened?” Jack asked as he followed Joe back out of the bathroom.

“I never said anything,” The smaller man replied, clicking the button to let their group in, “And since you had no idea…”

“Time for a surprise.” Jack grinned.

“Holy shit!” Josh blurted out when he walked into the flat and saw Jack’s new hair. “The blonde is back!”

“Oooh,” Conor grinned over at his brother, “Is the player back in the game?”

“Shut up,” Jack laughed, shoving Conor, “You know I’m not like that anymore.”

“You stopped sleeping around when you changed your hair colour though,” Caspar pointed out, “So now that it’s back to blonde, are you back to sleeping around?”

“And where did you get it done?” Oli asked, “Because it looks really good.”

“Thank you.” Joe answered, “I think I did a pretty good job.”

“You did it?” Oli looked over at him in surprise, “Really?”

“It was just dying hair. Not that difficult.” Joe shrugged, smiling over at Jack, “And I made sure he still had all his hair.”

“You’re never dying my hair again.” Jack pointed a finger at him, “And no,” He turned his attention to Caspar, “Just because I’m blonde does not mean I’m sleeping around anymore.”

“I hope not,” Joe mumbled as he walked past.

“Why the blonde then?” Josh nodded to Jack as they all settled onto the couch.

“Joe promised the viewers that if we got a certain number of thumbs up, it would happen.”

“Oooh,” The boys all chorused.

“Now it makes sense.” Josh chuckled.

“What?” Jack glanced around at the group, confusion across his face.

“It’s because Joe wanted you to. Makes sense,” Conor told him, reaching for a controller. “Who wants to play me?”

“I’m still confused.” Jack muttered.

“So am I,” Joe patted his knee, “But I figure its easier to just let it go.”

“Let’s see if the blonde made you any better at Fifa,” Oli called over to Jack, “Grab a controller.”

“I can still beat Conor, no matter what colour hair I have.” The blonde grinned, reaching for the free controller, already brushing off the boys words.

So what if he only did it because Joe convinced him? He had promised the viewers.

That was the real reason for doing it. Right?


Anon: Can I ask for a scenario please?? Nct’s mark’s first date with an introvert s/o and it’s their first time to have a date in public cuz his s/o prefers to just hangout inside their homes? I apologize for my horrible grammar ^^;

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Mark x Reader

POV: First Person

If it wasn’t for Mark, I would’ve stayed home. The deafening laughter and joy of an over crowded amusement park was never my cup of tea. But Mark looked so happy, licking his cone and tightening his grip on our adjoined hands. There was a cluster of people on every ride and on every food stall. Couples and children smiled brightly as they passed by us. I sighed, having a taste of my vanilla ice cream. “Isn’t this amazing,” he said. I nodded, pretending to be happy. It was our first date and the last thing I needed was bringing him dismay especially when he was his happiest. 

The shrieks on the rides were audible giving the amusement park a sense of life. The sky a bright blue and scattered clouds hung high in the air. The sun blazed through them rendering sweat on the back of my neck. I wish I had worn ripped jeans. He led me to a small cafe near the amusement park when I complained about being tired. 

 Mark had always been considerate. Even when we hung out as friends he never ceased to surprise me with his decent behaviour. Always asking me if I was thirsty or if I needed fresh air. Maybe that was the result of his little crush on me but he was a gentle soul. He treaded the earth lightly, spoke softly and smiled brightly. As he sat in front of me I took him in. His small face and frizzy blond hair. He wore a striped shirt, his collarbones visible. 

“How much do you dye your hair?” I asked leaning forward to touch his hair. Despite its harsh appearance it felt soft under my skin. He smiled cutely and shook his head. 

 "I have no idea, I’ve lost count.“ 

 "You should take care of your hair Mark,” I nagged. He rolled his eyes and sat back. 

 "You sound worse than Taeyong hyung right now.“ Mark still had a strange accent. Even when he spoke he spit out words like a rapper. It contrasted drastically with his tender personality. 

 "Taeyong is right though. I don’t want to date a bald boy.” He sighed deeply at that as a small smile creeped onto his lips. He still had a bit of the chocolate ice cream on the side of his lips. I grabbed a napkin and reached over to clean it off. He looked surprised at my act and I blushed, sitting back into my seat. 

“I’m sorry,” I mumbled, embarrassed by my sudden confidence. 

 "No its okay.“ I stared at the black table, glistening under the burning rays of the sun. "Hey, its okay.” His eyes bore into mine. My cheeks grew even more red and he chuckled. “You’re so shy, even more than me!” I looked away, not wanting to hear it anymore. “Aw look at you.” I passed him a playful glare. “Be honest with me now,” he said. He leaned in as if sharing a secret. “You didn’t want to come here did you?" 

 "What?” I stuttered. 

 "I’ve been getting that vibe from you today. You seem a lot more hesitant today.“ It was true I had been quite distant today. The sounds and people fogging my thoughts. 

 "Yea, I’m not into crowds.” “

You should’ve told me, we could’ve stayed at your place.” I looked up at him, his face concerned. I wanted to soothe the gentle creases that formed on his head. “Let’s go,” he started to get up. 

 "Mark listen if you-“ He cut me off and held my hand. 

 "I would be happier if you are happy.” I smiled at him as he lifted me up. 

 "Hey nerd,“ I said. He turned around. I put my arms around him and nuzzled my head in his chest. "I kinda like you,” I said. I could feel him break into a gleeful beam.

My favorite thing right now is that everyone who doesn’t want Zendaya (a black girl) to be Mary Jane is sighting her hair as the problem because MJ is a redhead but like,

I didn’t

hear ya’ll



so why 


*Edit: I know Emma Stone is a natural blonde but a lot of people don’t know that and it was not a problem for her to just dye her hair back to blonde.*

*Edit 2: I know most of these actresses dyed their hair to fit their parts. That’s the point, why did no one jump down their throat about their hair not fitting the part? Everyone just assumed they’d dye it or it wasn’t important enough to complain about for their characters but with Zendaya you chose to complain about it even though black people can have naturally red hair and hair dye/wigs exist. The point is is that the hair thing is a flimsy excuse for what you really want to say: you don’t want a PoC playing Mary Jane. Just say that and be upfront about it.*

“you dyed your hair?”

yoongi’s standing on the other side of jeongguk’s front door, staring at his hair with his eyebrows just marginally raised. his own hair looks like it’s been carefully styled for their date tonight, parted down the middle the way he knows jeongguk likes it.

jeongguk self-consciously reaches up with one hand to smooth down his bangs, which still feel a little coarse from the bleach. he’d only just dyed his hair the other night with the (somewhat questionable) help of jimin and seokjin.

“yeah, i did,” he says. his voice falls a little quiet, a sudden wave of shyness hitting him, and he has to remind himself that this is yoongi he’s talking to. “i just wanted a change, you know?”

yoongi waves his hand as if he’s trying to brush jeongguk’s embarrassment from the air. “hey, i’m the last person to judge you. my own scalp probably hates me by now.”

jeongguk cracks a smile at that, focusing his gaze down on his feet. “probably,” he agrees. yoongi’s hair is a light brown right now, but he seems to make it a point to dye it at least once every three months.

“it’s just- i’m surprised you went for purple, is all. you usually stick to browns,” yoongi says, though it’s not unkindly.

shrugging, jeongguk runs his fingers through his bangs one more time before letting his hand drop to his side. “i never really considered it until namjoon-hyung dyed his hair, but- well. i couldn’t get it out of my mind then, really.” he laughs nervously. “um. do you. like it?”

yoongi doesn’t answer right away, and jeongguk glances up only to find him looking at him with his lips tightened, clearly trying to hold back a smile.


“you’re cute, jeongguk-ah,” yoongi says. he takes a step in from the doorway, gently closing the door behind him as he presses a quick kiss to jeongguk’s temple. “i really, really like it.”

anonymous asked:

People talk about Louis not having a photo shoot, so, if yo could pick a magazine and the type of editorial, what would you pic? I'd say Interview Magazine or iD or Dazed and as extreme a fashion editorial as possible but not over the top. Would like a hair change, for example with a longer side and bleached or silver, just for the editorial to play with it not just to use for your typical promo. We should tag the magazines

god, i’m terrible with this question because i don’t really know magazines but louis can pull off SO MANY looks and SO MANY hairstyles like……the day he does an epic photo spread for a magazine is the day i can die happy. also since you mentioned silver hair, do you know what i’d do for a blonde louis shoot?!?!?! or so many colors tbh….i’ve reblogged so many edits with different hair colors on him and he pulls them all off. if you guys want me gone, tell louis to let them dye his hair because my heart would stop beating. he is so fucking gorgeous and he knows how to look good and confident and pull an outfit off whether he’s wearing stuff that costs $20 or $2k, whether it’s casual or dressy, and i fucking love that about him, so put him in a spread where he gets to wear shit that stylists specifically picked for his petite and perfect body and do his hair up all cute and pretty and let him loose to strike his poses and show off his best angles (aka every angle) like…….damn, dude. I’ll dig my grave right now because i know i won’t survive it. i can’t fucking wait.

susansepticeye  asked:

I just had a random thought.Jack said he maybe will dye his hair brown this year, right? What if Jack dye his hair few weeks/months before Halloween and on halloween we will have browned-hair Anti? That would be cool!

No joke dude, I was thinking about this like 5 minutes ago whilst talking to my friend
And like…Anti with the natural hair color? And the floofiness? ooooooooh my god yes i need that right now

Love or gratitude ? BTS Jimin (M) chap 08

“pairing: JIMIN X  reader y/N

             ft Yoongi

Genre: angst/smut/ best friend

M= mature contents

summary: what will you do when all of sudden you find your self getting married to someone used to be your best friend’s lover just because he turned to be a father !!!


chap 01 | chap 02 |chap 03 |chap 04 | chap05 | chap 06| chap07

Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

note sorry for the late update i was fixing my pc please let me know if you’re reading and sorry for any mistake @@


jimin grinned slightly his heart flattered it was a dream a really nice one your face who was really close to his neck his hand that rested on your thin waist warming your body he also saw the little angel resting between your bodies

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You Can Blame My Soulmate // Josh Dun

Gif credit: x

Summary: Your soulmate, whoever they are, are really fucking with your life right now. Dying their hair, and getting a tattoo over the course of twenty four hours on one of the most important days of your life career wise. 
Word Count: About 3300
Warning(s): Foul language, small mention of blood. Kinda shitty editing, idk I rushed through it.
Author’s Note: I’m probably going to do a buuuunch of these little soulmate au things because I think they’re cute and I want them to be real. I know there are quite a bit of mistakes (Josh’s hair already being dyed before the date of your job interview, and that the time zones between the two are kind of fucked) but I kind of overlooked them as I began writing and I really like this idea so if you ignore them with me it’s like they don’t even exist right? So, let’s do that. Also, for those waiting on part two of Markingsit will most likely be coming out next week (don’t quote me on that). My goal now is to post every Thursday, but I have school coming up soon so, we’ll see how that goes. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!
AUs (given by this gorgeous human here): If you dye your hair, your soulmate’s hair color changes as well and you swear the moment you see your soulmate you will choke them because you just woke up with your hair colored… and it’s your first job interview at a prestigious company what the fuck. Oh, and your best friend just took a picture to post online and wait—what, how many likes is that? AND A tattoo isn’t set from the moment you’re born and whatever tattoos your soulmate gets, you get it too and it’s all cool because you kind of like the designs, except you also feel the pain of getting a tattoo and that sucks…

The AU list for anyone who is interested: x

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I got tagged by @dklem​ to show my phone background, the last song I listened to and a selfie! Thanks for that!

Yeah you can see a pattern in the phone backgrounds about the stuff I like….and yes I did the purple picture with shiro myself and I liked it

And Outro:Wings has been the song I listened to almost 24/7 lately bc its just so damn inspiring to work hard (like almost every song by BTS)

The selfie is from last summer and with mY LITTLE BROTHER LOOK AT HOW CUTE HE IS HE WANTED US TO DO THE PEACE SIGN AND TRIED SO HARD TO COPY ME AND CHECK IF HE IS DOING IT RIGHT I just have a lot of emotions about this picture

Strangers (Pt. II)

Josh Dun Series

Part I

Summary: Two personalities coincidentally face each other again after four years of not exchanging a word. They have been best friends ever since they were in their single digits; until one person unexpectedly chooses to abandon the other, causing the invincible friendship to vanish over time.

(A/N): I haven‘t been doing that well today so I am truly sorry if this sucks x

Words: 1,769

Warnings: Fear of darkness

(Y/N) wakes up from possibly the best sleep she had in ages with Josh‘s arm loosely wrapped around her waist and her back pressed against his bare chest. Judging by the sound of heavy rain falling in thick sheets of droplets hitting the window and the howling wind, the girl can tell that the storm isn‘t over yet. She tries to smoothly get out of bed. Either it‘s the movement on the mattress or the fact that Josh couldn‘t feel her warmth anymore, but it‘s enough to make him flutter his eyes open. 

“Where are you going?“ he asks confusedly in his rough morning voice and tightens his arm around her waist. 

“Uh, I have to take a wee“ (Y/N) answers inconveniently. 

Ignoring the reasoning, Josh closes his eyes back again. “No you don‘t“ he muffles into her hair, while grabbing the duvet to throw it over her and pull her body closer again; a satisfied sigh leaving his lips. 

“I‘ll make you a coffee if you let me leave“ she offers, trying to compromise. 

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Beaches and marble :3!!

if you had to dye your hair how would you dye/style it and why?
- I would love to dye it white, like bright white but also I don’t even want to think about the damage it would go to my hair…

what is the most important thing to you in your life right now?
- probably my friends. I have three irl friends that make my life worth while as well as several on here that I consider myself very close to

Shit I have heard in reference to the short hair I have been trying to grow out for 4 years. NO. I do not want short hair. My hair just does not grow.

“I could never have hair as short as yours.”

Originally posted by crimsonlippedbeast

“Did you cut your hair?”

Originally posted by funnynhilariousgif

*At the hairdressers* “Can I trim your hair?”

Originally posted by hunilikafa

“Are you trying to grow your hair out or do you prefer it short?”

Originally posted by allthesupernaturalgifs

“Oh wow, your hair looks short.”

Originally posted by rainbowninjawizard24

*when my hair is pulled back* “Oh my god, did you cut all your hair off?”

Originally posted by ava-ilablequintis

“Has your hair gotten longer?”

Originally posted by heckyeahreactiongifs

“Why don’t you take biotin/prenatal/vitamins?”

Originally posted by fatgeekguy

“Why doesn’t your hair grow?”

Originally posted by sweater-weatherrx

“You should get a trim, it will grow faster.”

Originally posted by welcometomyworldofrot

“Maybe you should stop dyeing it.”

Originally posted by teamedsheeranftw

“Aw! But you look cute/good with short hair!”

Originally posted by artlogy

“Why don’t you get extensions?”

Originally posted by thankformakingmeafighter

“Just wear a wig!”

Originally posted by julianish

“I love my long hair!” or “Ugh! I can’t stand how long my hair is right now!”

Originally posted by deanholmeswiferiver

All this to say that the struggle is real. And please be courteous and don’t assume that I like my hair at it’s current length. I’m trying soooo hard to grow out my hair. It’s offhanded comments that just make my inner self want to slap you upside the head.

anonymous asked:

for matchups: i have a lot of weird nicknames, chaotic neutral, i taught my cat to ride on my shoulders, i'd kill a man for jelly beans, i can speak three languages, hella gay, and i like to dye my hair (it's pink right now!) thank you!!!

hello i’d like to meet your cat pls igjals;kff (say hi to your cat for meee)! Okay! umm, Sokka from atla and Mina from bnha!!

btscloudy  asked:

3, 13, 54 :)

3: Do you have a favorite clothing style
I look like trash most of the time but my usual outfits consists of a t-shirt, hoodie/cardigan, and jeans. It’s the most comfortable style so therefore my favorite. I’m also too insecure to try new things so I stick to what I know is safe.

13: Are you a cat or dog person?
I have a cat but I really want a dog. So I’m actually both. If you guys have a cat or dog, feel free to send me pictures of them! 🐈🐕 Or any pet, I’m a huge animal lover.

54: What color would you like your hair to be right now?
My hair is currently black, which I find rather boring. Not to mention, whenever it’s really sunny my head feels like it’s on fire. But I would love to dye my hair a nice purple. Or a really dark purple/blue so people don’t notice it at first and they have to do a double take and then be like “woah! Her hair is purple/blue”

Thanks for asking!

Ask me something!