hair dos

This week has been busy, busy, busy and I’ve got a laundry list of things to do each day when I get home every day (which I ever seem to complete).

But this week has also been AWESOME, so there’s that.

Sometimes something’s gotta give. Yesterday, that meant an impromptu rest day, today that meant a shortened 45 min sesh at the gym. Hopefully, I’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

Unrelated - I have an appointment to get my haircut on Saturday. SO EXCITED. I keep seeing pictures of my shorter hair and gawd I loved it. Plus, I not-so-secretly want to be Clara Oswald and wouldn’t mind getting my hair cut like hers.

However, I’ve been trying to grow it back out and then chopping it off and donating it once it’s long enough (as I did a couple of years ago).

I’m torn between wanting to change it up and wanting to keep growing it out so I can donate it. What should I do?!? Bah. So indecisive.

Really unrelated - what do you tell a 4th grader who asks you if you think Trump is mental because “he wants to send me and my family back to Mexico…”? 😳😳😳

I’m torn between remaining unbiased but OH SHARING MY OPINIONS. All I could do was muster a, “well, you should read more about him and all the other candidates.”

trying to research common mistakes made when writing non-white characters, but all I’m finding is page after page of white writers agonizing over how difficult it is and how scared they are of doing A Bad Thing

like, I don’t mean to trivialize the importance of not screwing it up, but good god, people, just talk to real human beings of your character’s race and cultural heritage.

google words you’re afraid will have negative associations.

research stereotypes and old propaganda, and don’t try to be subversive about a stereotype, just to get out of rebuilding that side of your character.

just do something other than creating 100% white casts. try. do your absolute best, run it by real people who know what they’re talking about, and then try. laziness should be the last thing keeping you from diversifying your cast.