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PHEW finally got this fuckin thing to work lmao

here it is all - my face and voice sayin things

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I imagine that MC does these really intricate hairstyles on Zen. Also that when he's stressed, MC brushes his hair to calm him down.

also imagine: MC pulls Zens hairs out sometimes to bother him. they tie it in knots. zen asks why they hate his hair. “babe, dont you know i love your hair like it was my own son?” *continues to make giant knots*


Ponyo AU

I got stuck on drawing arms, so decided to take a break and watch some movies, got to ponya and im like…….what if…. Allura and Shiro…uh oh


I wanted to draw Keith having a pet dog growing up and I was like, ‘okay, he’d probably have a rottweiler, or maybe a German Sheppard?

but when i started drawing I was like no this kid is gonna have a floppy mop dog.