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You said you want asks and I feel chatty; Kiri as Eri's big brother figure. He seems like he'd be good with kids, I like to think she'd like the little horns that result from his hairstyle because of her own horn. He could show her his new arm injuries (so could Deku, team fucked up arms! they bond so she feels less self-conscious about them) and tell her how brave she is for living how she did and seeking help. He also could help reassure her because the bullets won't hurt him.

… because her bullets won’t hurt him.

There is someone out there whose life can’t be destroyed by her blood.

Man, that hits me right in the honey nut feelios

Things that I have found in my room in the five minutes I’ve been looking for my wrist brace:

a box with “high school memories” written on it, which for some reason only contains a single pair of marching band gloves (that are dirty as hell and I’m currently wearing)

a really cute bra that I don’t remember buying.

a hair curler which I don’t even own so ???

a fucking harmonica and I’m not even joking

a broken clarinet mouthpiece

a half finished scarf I was knitting and I haven’t knitted anything in like two years

more marching band gloves (now I’m wearing two pairs)

and no wrist brace

A while back, someone ( @clothesswapmaster ) requested a clothes swap drawing 
Sorry I was only able to it now :o College has been HECK

And yeah I can’t draw Lusamine or Wicke. I mean I TRIED but it looked awful :/

ok so, it turns out that i love drawing altean lance,, a lot