hair do'

@lukesjournal who requested Luke and Layton with “violently different hairstyles that they would NEVER wear irl but just want to try” - I don’t know if they’re /violently/ different but hey I think they both still pull them off! 

no offence but let yourself be ugly!! you don’t have to fix your hair if you’re not going anywhere you don’t have to cover up ur spots or change out of your lounge pants to go buy milk like damn we really gotta let ourselves be comfortable without constantly apologising for just looking normal and it’s hard but i think we need to practice looking in the mirror and saying i look ugly af today and that’s okay!! tru self care is letting urself be ugly tbh

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Here, have a thing


lipstick ✓
high heels ✓
my death ✓


I’ve only known matt for a few hours but if anything happened to him i’d kill everyone in this room and then myself