hair do

BRITISH actor Tom Hiddleston returns to our screens as Thor’s evil brother Loki in upcoming superhero flick Thor: The Dark World – and so does his Richard E Grant-style baddie hair-do.

Tom, 32, who has already played Loki in The Avengers and a Thor video game, tells the November issue of GQ magazine that he loves the look: “It’s very Seventies. If we ever did a Loki origins story he should be running a Seventies nightclub, I think. Opening scene you’d see him burst through the double doors wearing a really lean floral suit, Sympathy For The Devil on the soundtrack, say hello to a few girls, get on the decks to spin a few tracks, his hair sleek and menacing.”

However Tom’s mum Diana isn’t the do’s biggest fan: “My mum’s not sure. She came to The Avengers premiere and said, ‘Darling, it’s a bit severe isn’t it?’”