hair d.i.y


D.I.Y. Temporary Hair Coloring 

Not ready to commit to a hair color just yet?

Then check out this D.I.Y. tutorial  on how to get the look you want with temporary hair coloring! Not only is it easy and fun to do, it looks great too!!

What you need:

Interview: LOU TEASDALE on 'The Craft' and girl-power

“It’s about how you make yourself be taken seriously and hold yourself the best that you can, and behave in a certain way so you get treated with respect,” says hair and make-up artist LOU TEASDALE as we sit in a hotel restaurant casually discussing the ins and outs of feminism at 11am. Empowering mantra coupled with ripped jeans and flatform boots with a killer red lip? It’s clear I’m definitely amidst the presence of a serious Girlboss.

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