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Hey Ami, so I'm not sure if you were already asked this, but how do you incorporate the watercolour texture into your drawings? I know you said that you got them from cgarofani, but how do you go about manipulating the textures into what you're colouring?

You take the texture you want and copy paste it into the file you’re working on! Position the layer with the texture over what you want (for me, I put it over hair. Make sure the texture layer is right on top of the layer with color), resize/rotate until you like where it is and select “Clipping Group” so it only covers hair. I use Paint Tool SAI but I’m sure photoshop and etc. have similar ways to clip the layer over another. I desaturate the texture till it’s gray (black/white), and set a layer mode for the texture layer. In SAI, I use “Shade” or “Lumi and Shade” (I have to darken colored layer though if I use Lumi/Shade), but for subtle effects you can use Overlay or anything really. Just try all the layers LOL
And then I change opacity!!


            🎨 a i n t e r ! a l i n a ☀️
                          in which alina paints with her heart, her house is a colourful
                          mess, sunflowers grow in her wake and her hair is the colour of starlight

In one of the last streams where I drew Tamlen’s mom I mentioned that, just like hers, his hair will start curling if it gets longer, and people were curious to see him with long hair, so… here we go :D It’s not super long, I know, but I think this might be a length he’d still tolerate and might wear at some point in his life ^^

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sg represent!! don’t worry friend i’m here to help rolls up sleeves are you ready for this

OKAY FIRST THINGS FIRST: i didn’t think of this myself. the general colour scheme is called “oil slick hair”, and it was first created by auracolorist on instagram (she’s really amazing and imo like the forefront of the hair dye trends these days!!)

i basically went to my hair stylist (specifically, i texted my friend/stylist alvin, who is from the ritz salon—@ 313 somerset, btw, and does the best haircuts in town, seriously) with a link to this article as well as several ref pics and said ‘i want it like this how much will it cost me’ and he referenced me the house colorist (don tan, if you’re wondering) 

i’m on really good terms with my stylist and when i texted him about this he told me to give his number to anyone who wanted to make an appointment! so if you’d like to have it, just send me another ask c; i’m not going to give it out publicly, because it’s still someone’s number. also, just prepare yourself; it might be rather expensive!! i’m not allowed to tell you how much it cost, sorry!

in terms of their process, the original one is outlined in the article, but what they did was: 1) bleach my hair—twice, bc i had existing dye on it they needed to get out 2) sectioned it into overlapping streaks of carefully chosen colours and 3) profit.

that’s basically a summary. if you notice, it’s actually under a section/layer of hair, so that’s more or less self-explanatory! just ask your hair person to do it under a layer (if your hair is layered and you want it subtle, make sure the layer is slightly longer than the top layers and it’ll show through!)

live your dreams!! if you ever get this hair tag me or send me an ask or something okay i want to see it ahahaha! good luck!!


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sorry for my phrasing-- i'm honestly not sure how to phrase it. i mean like, not all of your lineart is black, it goes to different colors for hair, skin, etc. i see it a lot but i can't get it to look smooth for me when i color the lineart in non-black :0

ohh no worries!!

you can either choose to use clipping group or preserve opacity for this! both are useful in colouring lineart!

First, you do your lineart normally. all black if you want~!

second, you click on the lineart layer and either turn on preserve opacity or clipping group ((although if you’re going to turn on clipping group, you need to have one layer on top of the lineart layer)).

you colour the lineart freely as you want it! should be something like the example above when you turn on either of them and colour within the lineart

lineart looking all nice and colourful! hope it was helpful in some way ;;

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Did you ever draw luna? Because I don't know if anything had been said about her skin. I believe only about her hair colour which could be dyed and I kind of got an indian vibe off her. Could you draw your luna and if you have time maybe also mine? ♡

xD Aww, I think your Luna is cute!

50 Midorima Shintaro manga icons
  • made for tsunderimama but free to use
  • almost all are from the first match against Seirin (manga)
  • a couple aren’t from the match but from later on (for number rounding purposes)
  • likE THREE ARENT EVEN FROM THe manga theyre from the anime i feel like a dirty cheat but the content makes up for my lies ok
  • REBLOG if using

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  • Bts: okay so what hair colours for this comeback?
  • Bighit: well for Jimin, I'm pretty sure if u dig around in the basement there'll be some black hair dye from nmd era and like, idk brown, maybe some blonde
  • Jimin: OK Kwl
  • Bighit: Jin there's some blonde left
  • Jin: how??? U like dyed Yoongi's hair every week
  • Yoongi: hahaha experience my pain -
  • Bighit: Yoongi ur going grey
  • Yoongi: what?!?! That's ur fault for dyeing my hair so much
  • Bighit: no, we have grey hair dye. Um Namjoon, just put the mint hair dye on him fuck it
  • Namjoon: is everyone just becoming Yoongi?? What if we r all just vicariously living our life thru hair dye
  • Bighit:'ve never been red....u can be red and Jungkook we need to preserve ur holy image and ur soft hair, ur tender locks, ur staying brown
  • Jungkook: thx I mean I will dye my hair if u -
  • Rest of bts: this is biased and I've had enuff

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Pls I wonder who you'd ship me with. (boy or girl is fine) I'm a girl who likes to dye her short hair a lot (it's currently red/pink). If you blended a writer, art student, emo and a rainbow together, you'd get me. People say I'm sweet and lovingly even when I'm snappy and sarcastic towards everyone? Like wtf guys. Not sure how I'm considered that cause I see myself as the opposite? I'm annoying as hell and clingy when I like people. I get jealous and can wreak everything in my path easily😂 ily

Jughead Jones III 

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He’s get so excited everytime you dye your hair a different colour. He’d read everything you write and love everything you draw. He loves your clinginess and how easily you get jealous of his friendship with Betty. He’d take you on dates to the drive-in, to get milkshakes at Pop’s or even for a picnic down at Sweet Water river. You’re the only person who knows/sees his soft/romantic side and he definitely doesn’t find you annoying. Your sarcasm matches his sense of humour, you’d be a total power couple. 

teen wolf femslash bingo

¬ met online

allison argent is a girl living in a world of black and white. in love with her former best friend and lacking any kind of social life, she’s pretty sure that her life until the end of high school is going to be hell.

that is until she meets stiles stilinski and scott mccall during the summer, two unpopular students from the year above who, to her suprise, run a well loved blog on tumblr with the dorky, long-limbed brunette as the model and his best friend as the photographer. and it seems they want the help of allison as their former female model left town.

with not much else to do with her days, allison agrees, and falls in love with being behind the camera. and by the end of the month, she’s receiving compliments left and right online. and one of these admirers stands out the most.

known as coyote to her followers, allison finds some comfort in malia, a punk who dies her hair a different colour every week and posts her own photos to her blog. but then, when she’s back at school, it turns out her help is closer than she thought.

“malia?” allison said, taking in the red hair and the cigarette at the other’s lips.

the girl stopped, hand in mid air, staring, eyes wide, at the brunette. “allison?”

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Hey! I'm not too sure if you allow wcif, but i've been looking for the hair in your last post but can't seem to find it. But wcif that hair please? (:

Hi nonstah. This ask was sent right after this post. Sorry for the delay. It’s called Afterglow by @leahlillith but has been recoloured personally to this colour. 

You can find Leah’s original hair here