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Tips for dyeing and maintaining semipermanent colored hair
  • Shampoo but do not condition your hair right before the dyeing process. Use hot water to open up the pores of your hair a bit more to take the dye better.
  • Apply dye to semi-damp or dry hair- it won’t stick as well to wet. Drying your hair with a hairdryer will make it more receptive to dye as well.
  • After applying the dye, tuck all your hair into a shower cap so you can actually move around and function.
  • Keep the dye in for as long as you can. There is no maximum time limit (but obviously don’t let your hair stay wet for so long that it gets gross). I usually do 4-6 hours if I can, some people leave it in overnight.
  • Artist grade soap (like Master’s brand) gets dye stains out of your skin much more effectively than most household soaps.
  • It’s a good idea to have a separate old pillowcase and towel to use for the week or so after you’ve dyed your hair when it’s rubbing off the most (it will always bleed color when it’s wet or washed, though, so it’s good to avoid the nice linens in general).
  • Wash your hair in water as cold as you can stand it for as long as your hair is dyed. Warm or hot water will reopen the pores in your hair and make the color leech out faster.
  • Shampoo as rarely as possible (within reason, of course).
  • Mix a couple tablespoons of your dye into your conditioner and leave it on for a while in the shower.
  • Try not to keep your hair wet for long once it’s been wetted/washed.
  • If you tie your hair up in a towel, trade the towel out for an old T-shirt. It’s less abrasive and won’t rub the dye out.
  • Put on a sun hat if you plan on being outside for a long time- your skin and your dyed hair will thank you for it. Most semipermanent dye will fade faster with exposure to UV rays.
  • Avoid chlorine pools when possible.

I don’t think I’ve seen all of these tips in the same place before, so hopefully it’ll help someone out!

Little advice for my girls with colored hair...

Hello lovelies!

I get asked A LOT how I keep my purple for so long, and how it doesn’t completely fade after the first time I wash my hair.

So here’s what I personally do and what works for me:

1) I do not shampoo my hair I only use conditioner, shampoos tend to strip the color from my hair and I find them too harsh, my hair needs to be hydrated so a good conditioner it’s what it needs

2) I do not wash my hair often, once or twice a week and I know you might think this is gross but my hair is bleached aka very dry and it literally never gets greasy

3) I put purple dye (just put the color your hair is) in my conditioner so everytime I wash my hair the color will last a bit longer and I always leave the conditioner in for at least 5 mins

And this is pretty much it! I hope you found this helpful!


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Pairing: Tony x Reader

Warnings: none

Word Count: 353

A/N: Day 10 of the Domestic Fluff Challenge! I had to think about this one for a minute, but my sister directed me towards this and I’m so glad! Enjoy the fluff!

Hair was not something that Tony really thought about until he and Y/N moved in together. She didn’t do much, but the flat iron, hair ties, clips, special color shampoo, etc were all new to him. Especially since they took up a sizable portion of the bathroom cabinet. But, he still didn’t really have to concern himself with much other than getting his own hair cut and looking neat - and making sure he wasn’t losing more hair than usual after each shower.

Having a daughter completely changed that for him. It came up in conversation one evening while Y/N was still pregnant with Kate. “You know, you probably should learn how to braid or even brush a girl’s hair into a ponytail.” She stated as she finished smoothing out her own hair.

“Well, won’t you be able to do that?”

“Yeah, but believe me there will be the occasional day where for some reason I’ll be at work or something and it’ll be all you! Here, practice with mine.” Y/N slipped the tie out of her hair and sat in front of him on their bed, handing him the hair brush.

Unfortunately, she was right and there were definitely times that she went to work or was away with friends and it was up to Tony to fix Kate’s hair as she grew into a toddler. He did, however, become very good at it and unbeknownst to Y/N would even look things up online when he was feeling creative, much to little Kate’s delight.

“Katie? Did Daddy do your hair this morning?” Y/N asked when she was giving the little girl breakfast one morning.

The little girl nodded in response. “He look-it up in he’s phone.” The three year old added.

“Oh he did?” Y/N grinned at her daughter’s happiness at what Tony had done with her hair. “Speaking of.” She started as he entered the kitchen.

“Speaking of what?” He looked at his wife confused.

“Oh nothing, just admiring Kate’s hair.” She walked over and kissed his cheek. “Good job babe!”

Tony shrugged. “It was nothing.”

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I never really thought about makeup I forget there can be cruelty involved, is there a site with an up to date list or rating? (Like theres a rating site for how non toxic specific items are etc)

I use cruelty-free kitty! Obviously some lists are outdated (she has lists from 2014 and include NARS which is no longer cruelty free) but there are always constant updates. A good way to know if something is tested on animals is just finding out if they sell in China. Some pretty staple cf brands (if you’re down for cheap makeup) are ELF, Nyx, wet n wild, essence, and Milani.

ELF also has some pretty good skin care too. Some of my preferred brands that can be pricier are Tarte, Kat Von D, Urban Decay, Smashbox (just left Chinese market) and Anastasia Beverly Hills!

Let’s Talk… Purple Shampoo!

First of all what is purple shampoo ? Before getting into the bleach world I didn’t even know such thing existed, I only used shampoos to wash my hair and that’s it. The first time I bleached my hair my hair was a orange/brassy ugly color and I had to wait a whole month to bleach it again so I was stuck with that yellow head. Since the moment I’m very stubborn I did my researches and I found out this weird thing called purple shampoo.

Purple shampoo is a shampoo that fights yellow tones in your hair thanks to its dark pruple color, you should leave it on for 5-10 minutes, if you leave it on your hair for more than that it will give you a lilac/grey color to your hair which is cool for someone crazy like me but if you just want it to tone down the yellow just follow what the packaging says.

My first purple shampoo ever was the FUDGE CLEAN BLONDE Violet Toning shampoo, I was looking for a good one and on the internet everyone said it was the best one ever and they were absolutelyr right. I used this shampoo when my hair was orange and it turned my hair a cute hashy blonde color, just beautiful (notice: i kept it on my head for 20 minutes or more). Another good thing about this shampoo is the smell, gosh it smells amazing!

I am very curious so just one purple shampoo was obviously not enough for me so I also got the L’Oreal SILVER and the Bleach London SILVER SHAMPOO, both of them are good, the L’Oreal one gives you a perfect silver shade, no matter how long you keep it on, while the Bleach London shampoo leaves you a blue-ish color if you leave it on more than what it’s written in the directions.

The CONS of purple shampoos are that it will dry your hair so much but you just have to use a good hair mask or a good conditioner after using it and you’ll be fine!


L’Oreal Silver: 9 €

Fudge Violet Toning Shampoo: 30£ (1L bottle)

Bleach London SILVER SHAMPOO: 5£

If you want to know more or have any questions feel free to leave them in my ask.

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    To the person asking about hair: I'm absolutely positive that the black will ruin your purple hair. Another thing that'll help with keeping the hair color longer is to wash with a little conditioner. The conditioner will hold in the hair color as shampoos will drain it from your hair. Like I would shampoo the parts of my hair that were black or brown since they were permanent and then condition the parts that were blue or purple, or in your case black, since it won't be permanent.

    First: I love your display pic’s hair colours. Blue + Purple = <3 

    You can also mix some types of hair dye, specifically Manic Panic, with your conditioner to re-apply the colour with each wash. It is especially great if you have pastel colours. I’ve also heard you can pretty much switch off shampoo and use conditioner fully, which is supposedly better for your hair, but it’ll take a bit for your hair to adjust to not having the oil stripped out

    Going to try to get all the hair stuff in one post:

    Anonymous said to cosplaytutorial:

    I have a little testimonial on pink Manic Panic (namely the Hot Hot Pink dye) and that it stays in my hair forEVERRR. I don`t know if it`s just my hair that keeps it in or what, but after dying it over and over for 7+ years, I have a near permanent pink cast in my blond hair. I`ve never bleached it before to dye it, and it lasts for around a month or more. My sister`s dyed parts of her hair purple and it turned into a weird gray color really quick. I wanted to give my input to help the anon. :>

    I also use Hot Hot Pink but I found it faded very quickly, it’s weird how that works :P 


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    To the anon asking about hair dye, I swear by Stargazer because I used their blue dye and it didn’t start fading till a month or two later (only washing my hair every other day and using cold water)

    Interesting, I’ll have to check them out

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    I went through a year and a half of dying my hair odd colors, and manic panic was one of the WORST I used. Use Ion Color Brilliance (they have pastels too) & Sparks (you can get it on Amazon) If you use Sparks and want the color to be a bit lighter than the tubed color, grab the Sparks Crystal clear stuff and mix it in. I used a w: four to p: one ratio for pastel purple and it was still pretty… vibrant so just buy some cheap extensions and test before putting it on. (I have pics of the two)

    I specifically use Manic Panic because it washes out quick, I love to change on a regular basis. NRage and Adore are both pretty good (though my friend said her Adore red colour came out super quick, ruining her rainbow). I have heard good things about Ion though, and now I’ve heard some more :P 

    Anonymous said to cosplaytutorial:
    Pravana is an amazing, long lasting semi-permanent hair dye! If taken care of properly, it can last for 3-4+ weeks with vivids, and about 2 weeks with pastels. Although, if you wish to keep purple hair or go back to a different hair color, I’d try and find the shortest lasting black dye (some are based with blue/purple so it’ll fade to that), or buy spray can hair dye that’ll wash out in a few days. Hair chalk is another option if your hair is short.

    Some good advice here 

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    Red is the WORST, eh. I love having it in my hair, but it comes out so quick *cries* My blue actually didn’t turn my hair green! I was surprised it didn’t, but it looked good, I think.

    For home dyes, definitely! And goodluck if you want a good solid red from a box dye lol. I’ve had great luck getting red done at Salons though. Lucky! Blue is usually pretty, I’m sure you rocked it :) 

    Anonymous said to cosplaytutorial:
    Hair dye anon, sorry for jumping in like this btw. I’m a girl studying hairdressing so I might be able to shed some light on it. There are some nice semi-permanent colours but also think about temporary sprays. As far as my knowledge goes however the hardest pigment to get out of Hair is the colour red. Black semi-permanent colour would last 6-8 washes I think and will most likely mess up the purple however, you may want to re-dye your hair soon after anyway. :3 Wigs are usually handier tho.

     When I say red comes out fast, I’m usually referring to the home dyes. Salon quality red dye has always treated me well <3  I should have clarified that, nice catch. Also thanks for the professional opinion, hope it helps people out :D