hair color from lighter to darker

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I actually really like Cressida more than you could imagine. She's one of the starco children I can actually see being star and Marco's daughter, she's doesn't have to much star nor to much Marco... it's perfect!!! I also like how you gave her darker skin and Marco's eye shape. Usually people would make their starco child blonde with brown eyes or brown hair and blue eyes with lighter skin. Anyways Cressida's design is GOLD!!!

You really think so? Because I thought Cressie may look a bit too much like her Dad, but still, thanks!

Here’s a ramble on our thought process when we were making Cressida: we wanted to make her color palette slightly different from Star and Marco, since I just don’t want her to look like Star with Marco’s color palette and Star’s blue eyes. So, we made her skin a tone between Marco’s and Star’s! Also, her hair color is just a tad lighter than Marco’s, we made it so it’s clear that she got that trait from her Dad but not making the color the exact one. Here’s a quick color chart thingy:

Another thing is her eyes: one thing that I’ve always noticed that most Starco child OCs tend to look like their mom (maybe a bit too much, sorry to say) and I feel they don’t utilize Marco’s eye shape enough (I only saw it in @aweirdlatina​‘s Amanda and @turquoisegirl35​‘s Luna, which is depressing because I absolutely love Marco’s eye shape) so I gave Cressie that.  Her hair shape is a mix of Star’s bangs and Marco’s hair, and I gave her Star’s nose. Another chart thingy:

Also, her eye color is almost the same shade of Moon’s as well because I haven’t tortured River enough lol:

I’d say that Cressida is one of those ‘brown-haired blue-eyed’ Starco children, but I guess people really dig her design.

Humans are Weird - Part 1

~My last one did pretty good, so I thought I’d write a sort of prequel to the last Humans Are Weird thing I did. It has a few ideas from other posts I have seen. Sorry that I don’t recall who the original poster is, otherwise I’d tag them~

Xylion had never felt more nervous in his long life than at this moment. He was waiting with Captain Zellnor as they awaited the new arrivals.

“What do you think these creatures will be like, sir?” Xylion asked, smoothing down the outfit he was required to wear for his position on the ship.

Captain Zellnor was silent for a bit before he responded. “From what I’ve heard about humans, they are very loyal, curious, smart, yet the exact opposite of all of those at the same time. They can be extremely idiotic, yet they are revered for their vast knowledge. Many times through the small pieces of history they have provided the Universal Space Legion, mass amounts of betrayal are portrayed and shown. And their curiosity can also be subdued. It all depends on what they want to do, not what we want them to do. Not only that, but some things that would normally wound one of any numerous species out there won’t have any effect on them. Like caffeine, for example. Where it would kill me in a heartbeat, they’d get over-energetic.”

Xylion felt a shiver run through his spines. “Are you sure about recruiting them then, sir?” He questioned, looking up to his superior.

While he trusted everything his captain said, he was wary of this new species. If they were everything his captain said they were, then why would anyone want them?

“Well, Xylion, while they do seem like odd choices, they will be beneficial to us.”

“How so?”

“The bond humans form with other species outside and within their own is extraordinary. Some of the different spies sent to observe them over the years have said that they often cry over a loss, even when what passed is outside it’s own species. They could be extremely good in any combat situation as well. See, from what humans call ‘scientists’ have told us, the thing they call a brain shuts off their strength so they don’t end up hurting themselves or others around them. However, from what we have seen in life or death situations, this seems to turn off. They are terrifying at that point.” Captain Zellnor said, his scales turning to a shade of black. He was scared.

Xylion looked out the large glass window at the cement world around the ship. The humans, while a relatively young species, had managed to tame their world. He was surprised their ship had made it onto the surface. Something began to fall from the sky, and light streaks would light up the sky and the sound of explosions sounded soon after they went on by. However, the human communication center reassured them they were fine. Their ship was not metallic. Xylion didn’t know what that had to do with it, but he was thankful nonetheless. “So the humans are…monsters?” He questioned, focusing back on the conversation he was having.

“From what I’ve heard, they do seem it. However, the human leaders reassured the Universal Space Legion that they were not at all dangerous to those they trusted. So long as we don’t betray their trust, we should be fine.” He said, his body returning to it’s neutral white. 

Xylion looked up as he watched strange boxes coming towards the ship. Wheels were turning as they seemed to propel them forward. Xylion heard Captain Zellnor straighten his badge next to him. “Looks like they have arrived, Xylion. Are you ready to meet your fellow crew members?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be, sir.”

Xylion stood at the front of the ship with the rest of the crew around him. They were relatively small, with only ten of them including the Captain. Now, four more would be joining them.

He looked towards one human as it walked towards them. They were dress in black and had some strange red material protruding from their neck. Unlike many Alien species, this human had no fur or scales, and instead had what looked like the underbelly to a Grangle, an alien covered in fur. Their stomach’s did not have fur, and instead had a soft material. It was their weak spot.

The human looked at Zellnor and put his appendage that looked somewhat like an arm up with his forehead, the small, second appendage sticking straight forward. Captain Zellnor nodded his head, his snout almost touching his chest.

The human touched some sort of flesh sticking out the side of it’s head and touched the strange black piece inside of it. His mouth moved, and Xylion caught the words. “Everything seems all well and good, bring them out.”

Xylion watched as a door opened on the strange wheeled boxes. He watched as four more humans walked out. Xylion frowned as he looked at them.

The tallest of them had large arms and looked like he had a few marks over his flesh. They were lighter, so he thought perhaps they were a color deficiency. Over all, however, his flesh was darker, the darkest out of everyone there. His hair, as human’s called it, though it just looked like long fur, was almost nonexistent. From what Xylion could see of it, it was lack and grew close to his head.

The second tallest was also a man. His hair was a light color, almost yellow. His flesh, however, unlike the taller one, was on the opposite side of the color spectrum. While it did have some sort of tone to it, it was practically white. The human had strange goggles over his eyes, and he didn’t seem the least bit bothered by them! Xylion knew goggles always annoyed him, so he wondered how this human was withstanding them.

The third human was odd. He assumed it was either an oddly shaped man, or perhaps one of the females. They had red hair and strange dots splattered all across their round face. From their eyes, their nose, and even their mouth, everything was round! It was almost like looking at a circle! Xylion frowned at the strange bulges on their chest and the oddly busty thing on their behind. Clearly they were not the same as the men. They had to be female then, right?

The last human was quite short, a tiny bit taller than the female. Their hair was dark as well and fell all over their face. However, Xylion could see the dark pools of their eyes and brown colored skin they had. He was somewhat shocked to see so many different colors of humans, actually. His species consisted of three colors: green, blue, and red. He was lucky enough to have a calm shade of green, rather than the vibrant red.

Xylion watched as Zellnor walked over to them and introduced himself. He towered over the tallest human, his long neck and face adding most of his height.

“Is that a giraffe?” The shorter male whispered to the questionable female.

The questionable female put a finger to her mouth and made some weird noise. Xylion hadn’t heard it before.

“I’m Zellnor, and who might you all be?”

The tallest one barred his mouth, revealing rows of white bones. “Mason. Mason Powers.”

The light one held his appendage out to Zellnor, as if expecting something. “Fredrick Matthews. A pleasure to meet you.”

The questionable one also barred her white bones. “Jennifer Adams, but please, call me Jenny!”

The last one gave them another one of those freaky teeth showings, and threw his appendages up in the air. “Isaac! Isaac Browne!”

Captain Zellnor nodded. “Are you ready to join our crew, humans?”

“Sure!” Human Jennifer said, clasping their hands together.

Captain Zellnor motioned for them to come aboard. 

Part 2 will come out in a bit. For now, enjoy this part. 


The SistenSims team cannot believe how far our cc has come within such a short time! To thank everyone, we have created a gift for all of you! Today we slaved away to bring out some toddler enhancement custom content. ENJOY :)


Some colors clearly look better on darker and lighter skin tones,

These don’t suit light skin tones very much, unless you want a very intense saturated looking child.

Compatible with children and toddlers, but that’s it. 


These are only for toddlers :)

All colors from your generic rainbow, and variations of natural colors

Not meant to be converted for other ages, it will probably just look silly.


10-15 New colors for each EA toddler hair :)

Most do not have custom thumbnails

Pastel shades, if you don’t want pastel colorful children, then this hair retexture isn’t for you.


Some colors are meant for lighter skin tones <3

For toddlers only.

I didn’t like the basic natural toned one color lips texture for toddlers, which is why I made this. you may find this completely pointless if you don’t mind the original texture, but this is just for a splash of color and texture for your toddlers.

Cute leggings :)


10 colors

The swatches have 3 colors, which should help differ from the patterns, or help decide a color scheme.



What to Bring to Korea

I originally wrote this post for my new blog but since that is being postponed for the moment because of life, I decided to post it here so that at least it can be read by some people haha. Plus I still get asked this question a lot so it might be able to help some people! Also sorry this post is so long, I’m on mobile and can’t make a cut.

Whether you’re going away for a quick trip or making a big move, packing to go somewhere is always a complicated process, especially if it’s somewhere out of the country. I’ve been living in Korea quite some time, but when I think back to my bb teen days before I came here, I remember that I frantically searched the internet for lists about what I needed and didn’t need to bring with me to Korea. Honestly, I think the task of packing for Korea seems a lot more intimidating than it really is. Almost everything you think you’d need is probably available in Korea in some form, things might just be harder (and more expensive) to get in Korea as opposed to your home country. The list below are things that I always try to bring back to Korea with me whenever I make a trip home:

(Also disclaimer: I’m a woman so many of these items are things that women might need and not necessarily men)

1. Deodorant 

That might be an odd thing to consider hard to find in a country, but thanks to Korean genetic makeup most Korean people do not produce body odor which means they don’t need deodorant. I know. I’m salty about it too. Since most Koreans don’t need deodorant, finding it in Korea is actually a challenge if you don’t know where to look and it’s expensive. Deodorant is such a rarity, in fact, that my boyfriend didn’t even know what it was when he first saw me put it on and legitimately thought I was putting perfume on my armpits. 

Worry not, however. If you’re like me, and sometimes forget to put deodorant on while getting ready in a hurry, stores like Olive Young and Watsons do sell some pretty good Nivea 48 hour wear deodorant that I’ve bought on occasion. Though it’s around 8,000 won (8 USD) on sale. That’s the only decent deodorant I’ve ever found in Korea and only at those two specific stores (now that I think about it, Lohbs might have it too but I’ve never checked) so it would be better and more affordable to just bring a supply of your favorite deodorant along with you and pray you’re not like me and forget to put it on when you’re in a hurry. 

2. Toothpaste

Before you freak out on me, yes toothpaste exists in Korea and yes Koreans brush their teeth (very frequently actually). However, I’ve come to realize that Korean toothpaste tends to be a lot less minty than the toothpaste I’m used to back home and there is a very high possibility of accidentally buying sweet toothpaste or salty (yes salty) toothpaste if you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for. This is a personal preference of course and I’ve been using Korean toothpaste for years without any major problems or yearning for American toothpaste BUT if super minty fresh toothpaste is what you’re about then I’d suggest bringing some along with you.

3. Makeup

Korean beauty is always ahead of the game and coming out with new, innovative, and affordable products to test out and buy. However, there is a downside to Korean makeup. Since Korean beauty products are made in Korea and mainly marketed towards Koreans, it can sometimes be hard to find colors to match your skin tone, especially when it comes to foundation or bb cream. If you go to a Korean makeup store it’s not uncommon at all to find only two or three (if you’re lucky) shades of foundation and bb cream being sold. Some brands like Missha sell a wider range of colors online, but the actual store still only carries two shades. So if you’re lighter or darker than the average Korean skin tone, I’d pack a big enough supply of makeup to last you you’re whole trip. As a blonde, I also want to point out that finding eyebrow pencils to match blonde or red hair is also going to be extremely hard. I have settled on the light brown wood brow pencil from Missha but even that is a bit too dark for my hair color. I’ll definitely be stocking up on blonde eyebrow pencils on my next trip to America. Other than foundation and eyebrow pencils, Korean makeup and skincare is pretty great and affordable and fun to experiment and play around with! 

4. Clothes and Shoes

It’s no secret that Koreans tend to be on the smaller side when it comes to body composition (or at least they strive to be), and that is definitely reflected in the clothes and shoes that are available for purchase here. While finding clothes might be a little more difficult for us girls who aren’t a size zero (*cough*), it’s definitely not impossible as long as you know where to look. Basically every article of clothing I own I purchased in Korea and they all fit perfectly fine~ (for reference I’m a size small to medium in tops and a European size 28 in bottoms) but there are some items that I definitely have to stay away from. In general, lots of clothes that are sold here are ‘free size’ meaning they are intended to be a one size fits all deal, which obviously isn’t always the case. Luckily, I find that a lot of clothes like shirts, sweaters, jackets, cardigans etc. are meant to be worn oversize and thus fit well on most people.

 Pants, dresses, and skirts, however are a different story. In a typical shop the biggest pants size you’ll be able to find is a European size 30. Skirts usually come in small, medium, and large, but be wary that a Korean small, medium, or large will be a bit different (and by different I mean smaller) from the western equivalent. The main gripe I have with dresses here is not the sizing necessarily but the fact that THEY ARE SO SHORT. I’m 165 cm (5'5") which is by no means tall, and it’s very hard for me to find a dress that isn’t going to show my ass to the world every time I lean over ever so slightly. I have bought a few dresses here that are a comfortable length for me but the struggle is real. There is always the option of buying maxi dresses, but the taller girls out there might have trouble with that as well. Also ladies out there with a chest size bigger than a B cup, say goodbye to dresses and shirts with a fitted top, unless of course feeling suffocated by your own boobs is a thing you’re looking for.

As far as shoes go, most stores only sell up to size 250, which is an equivalent to a size 9 in America. If you’re not from America, I’m sorry I don’t know the exact conversion but it’s easy enough to look up! There are some stores that will have bigger sizes available in the more touristy areas such as Itaewon, Myeongdong, Gangnam, or Hongdae but they are harder to find and most of my friends with feet bigger than a 250 buy their shoes online or bring them from home.

Shopping in Korea can be a really fun experience and many places will have things that fit, but if you’re not sure then I’d pack what you think you might need for your stay here. Also if anyone is interested on a more detailed shopping guide for Korea, let me know!

5. Tampons

This is another thing that is completely up to personal preference and convenience. Tampons are definitely available in Korea, but like deodorant they are a bit more rare and a bit more expensive than what you could find in your home country. Also the selection is less extensive so your favorite brand might not be available or it might be way over your preferred budget for tampons. If you have a brand you swear by and don’t want to be stuck in a situation where you have to settle for a brand you don’t necessarily want to use, I’d bring a supply of tampons along as well.

6. Food/Snacks

I’ve been living in Korea long enough that I don’t ever find myself missing food or snacks from back home, but when I came here for the first time and I was still adjusting to life here, nothing was better than coming home after a long day and indulging on some of my favorite American treats. Living in or visiting a different country isn’t always unicorns and rainbows and sometimes you’ll have hard days where you get really homesick and need something comforting that reminds you of home. Maybe I just like food too much, but when I first came to Korea it was really important to me to have a little stash of my favorite snacks for days when I just needed a little pick me up. These days, foreign food shops and marts are getting increasingly popular in Korea so there are always lots of different food items available from all over the world so as always it comes down to price. Obviously if you’re buying an import item somewhere, it’s going to be more expensive than if you’d bought it in the country it’s from. Also, despite the sudden influx of foreign food shops here, there are still lots of items that aren’t available. If you have a snack you love to indulge in, I’d bring it along with me for those days when you need a little reminder of home.

7. Medicines

One positive thing about being sick in Korea is that if you go to the doctor here, it’s extremely affordable and the medicine kicks ass and will make you feel better in under a day. That being said, going to a doctor in a foreign country can be really stressful especially when you’re already feeling under the weather and just want to stay in bed and watch Netflix all day. In Korea, there is no such thing as going to the store and simply walking down the medicine aisle and buying whatever medicine you think will work for you. Any time you want to get medicine, regardless of whether or not you have a prescription, you have to go to a pharmacy. Tylenol and weak cold medicine which wont do much for you anyway can be found in some convenience stores, but everything else will be sold in a pharmacy and you’re going to have to go there and ask the pharmacist for it, which may be hard for people who don’t know exactly what they are looking for or don’t know Korean very well. A lot of the time, it’s way more convenient and way less stressful to have your own stash of cold medicine, Advil, sleeping pills etc. that you brought with you from home. It’s extra helpful when you get sick on the weekends or after 9pm because most pharmacies will be closed then and you won’t be able to buy medicine even if you want to. Nothing is worse than being sick and being stressed about what medicine to get or where to buy it, so stocking up on medicines you already know and love from home will allow you to rest and get better without having to brave the streets of Seoul with a fever and runny nose.

I’ve thought long and hard back to my days before I came to Korea, and I can’t think of any other things that are a necessity to bring along with you (except for obvious things like power adapters and chargers). Fortunately, Korea has almost everything you’re going to need and even most of the things mentioned on this list are still available here, they might just be harder to find or more expensive. As long as you have an open mind to trying out new products or doing a little exploring, packing for Korea should be a piece of cake!

Hair Tutorial

So one of my friend asked me to make a tutorial on painting hair like the choco and one of the raffle prize, so here we go

Step 1: Start with a darker color as the base. You can use smaller brush to add detail of hair strands

Step 2: Segment the hair, this will help you in the next step. Start from the root, continuing to the end of the hair with the lighter color. Don’t forget to protect alpha/Preserve opacity to avoid mess

Step 3: Fill the segmented area, and mess with your opacity/pressure. The lighter the color, it means that, that strand is in the front and the darker means it’s in the back (how to explain). This is also to divide the hair to smaller part

Step 4: Now this is the tricky part (and the hardest one to explain). Using the dark color and medium-small brush size, make some lines that separates hair parts and then lighten it to make the line thin and adding some shade in the process. You can also darken the edges of the parts just to make it looks better(?). Just mess around with this part, until you are happy with the result

Step 5: Finishing!, I used basic shading and lighting for this part. It’s really up to you at this point, like how you gonna shade and light it, it’s up to you

Hope this helps, You can ask me anytime on this (main) blog about this tutorial. A lot of great artists inspire me to make this happen (if i mention them all, it’ll be long), so thank you very much. Hope you understand what i’m trying to explain, and have a good day ^^

Confession: I’m in a Divine Nine sorority and I have crossed this year as a junior with 26 other girls. One thing I notice is the difference in the way we’re treated on skin tone from black men. It’s pretty much 50/50 where one half is white light or brown skin while the rest are dark skinned. I’m dark skin and rarely get attention (which is fine since I know I’m not conventionally attractive). However it isn’t just me. My darker sisters, who range in all different body and hair types, get played more, used for sex, and overlooked more. No one takes them on dates or introduces them to their boys/families. It seems more for sex, despite most of them saying they aren’t into that type of relationship from the beginning. My white, light, and brown sisters have boys running everywhere for them-dates, flowers/gifts, relationships, and introducing to friends. Although I’m happy for them, it just kind of sucks seeing them get pampered while my darker sisters struggle with romantic and platonic relationships. Especially growing up, the women in my life are dark skinned, a bit docile, and take a bunch of crap from men. My lighter sisters don’t recognize light skin privilege as a thing and thinks that colorism isn’t real, which causes a bit of issues like when we speak about natural hair (ex what good vs bad hair means). It just reinforces the idea that darker women struggle in relationships and it scares me that I’m probably never going to meet someone who will treat or love me the way I want just because of my hair skin color or body type. I don’t want to be behind closed doors to a black man. I want to be wanted publicly too.

Maybe I’m overreacting but this is just something I noticed for the past year.

Q&A Saturday!

(I tried to do as much as I could before my hand started cramping again LOL So again, if your question’s not on here, I will either answer it next week or I’m saved it as a prompt and will make an art piece for it! Thank you and I hope you enjoy!)

LOL, I can def imagine them doing that all the time, poor Cable bun <3

( ”It was 1 am, we were just kissing a lil and the kiddo didn’t stay asleep in the guest room. Not even that bad. We had to bribe her to make sure she wouldn’t tell his parents though.” )

It was a friend’s oc, Elliot! I’m not sure if you are remember from this lil picture LOL: 


Omg, I drew this so long ago from that same old question but I never posted it. 

I think Kathy might have platonic crushes? Not sure but the crushes they have on Cable and Jaleena right now aren’t romantic! They’re platonic friend crushes (meaning they want to be their bff for a long, long time)! <3


(Better her than Cable, I don’t think he would do it LOL)

Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy my content! <3 And I use the Sai program! 

It has been a while, yes, I got heavily distracted with all kinds of projects and not to mention I feel like comics arent actually my strong suit ; v ; But I do hope to finish it eventually aaa! And I would have to do generation 2 as a prompt so look forward to seeing that in the future! C: Thank you! <3 

I use that color above for most of my linearts! (Sometimes it’s a dark blue for Garrett’s color themes, purple for Mei’s, etc) Once I’m done, I used lighter colors to blend in better with the colors they’re on! (Like Garrett’s cheek and hair lines being a lighter orange, and his hair being a darker color) It’s really it! Sometimes I’ll add a lighter overlay on where the light would hit but I think that’s about it!

(Coloring lineart is one of my favorite things to do omg…)

I’m sorry! Anyone who really knows me knows I have a lot of self-image issues, so this is honestly as close as you’re going to get as a picture from me… ; v ; /) None of my sonas will ever really look like me either, I just go with cool design choices.


JK, this was my first serious oc! <3 Her name was Huggy (and my friends later nicknamed me that too) and she was part teddy bear LOL

That’s all the asks I can answer for today! Thank you for all the questions! Sorry it was late and I hope you enjoyed this, it was was a lot of fun to do! Please don’t hesitate to send me more to answer next time and see you all next Saturday! <3

Thanks for reading! Bye! Love you all and have a lovely weekend!! <3


spectacledchic’s hair collection(part 1): Short Hair

Yes, hair collection. :)

===== MUST READ =====

First of all, my hair cc mostly are under retexture. We all know there are so many simblrs doing hair retexture. Everyone have different tastes when comes to hair texture, some like smoother, some prefer hair with more highlight etc. For me, I want my sims hair to look smoother and natural so I will find those who do this kind of hair retexture.


This collection mainly show what hairs I own for my sims. If you want a hair from this collection and it was a retexture but you don’t like the texture that I have, be free to find your preferred hair retexturer or original creator . : )

I use same hair color for this hair collection but not sure why some hair are lighter some are darker (I’m not familiar with hair.) If you are curious about what hair color I used…

Hair color channel

1) 180, 164, 155

2) 180, 164, 155

3) 143, 131, 118

4) 204, 186, 176



1) GogumaYang Edit #20 (Newsea) retexture by M1ssduo

2) Alesso Sweet Escape retexture+edit by JEB

3) Newsea hair edit 06 retexture by Esen

4) Newsea hair edit 04 retexture by Esen

5) NewSea Hair J165 Edit retexture by sims3-dh

6) Rose 058 retexture by Frey *

7) Gogumayang Newsea Edit 09 retexture by Neiuro

8) Skysims 248 short edit A by 2sanghaec

9) Skysims 248 short edit B by 2sanghaec

10) S-club MK N2 Female Hair convert by Vittle Universe

11) Raon 06 Alpha edit retexture by Neiuro

12) Skysims 255 + Chopped retexture by Neiuro

13) Newsea Amor (Lowered) retexture by Neiuro

14) Nightcrawler Violet (Simpliciaty’s edit) retexture by Billsims(Simsway)

15) Skysims 242 retexture by Xil

16) Skysims 248 midi edit A by 2sanghaec

17) Skysims 248 midi edit B by 2sanghaec

18) Raon 38 retexture by Neiuro

* Original link is not available anymore, I use reblog post link.

alright so because of this post and many others i’ve seen, i feel the need to point something out for any artists who aren’t sure about how lighting works.

an easy trick you can use to make sure you’re not unintentionally whitewashing characters is to see whether their hair is lighter or darker than their skin. because no matter what kind of lighting your character is in, the light/dark difference between their hair and skin will almost always stay constant. now keep in mind that this is just based on what i’ve observed. so if anyone knows otherwise, feel free to correct me.

one of the other problems here is that the skin tone is completely different, which is another thing i see a lot.

see how far apart these colors are from each other? the whitewashed picture has a red-pink color for ilima’s skin, when it’s actually more of an orange-brown. as far as i know, there is no lighting that will change someone’s skin tone that much. the color might get lighter or darker, but the color itself won’t change that drastically. 

so artists, please keep this in mind! and if anyone has any better posts in this, let me know so i can spread those too.

anonymous asked:

Grrm made a point of declaring that fair-skin, Auburn hair and blue eyes are a Tully trait. And then say that all the Stark children inherited the Tully traits from Cat, with the exception of Arya. Since I've seen the illustrations of icesalamander (I did not know I needed until I see it) I can not stop thinking that House Stark has more Inuit references than Slavs. (or at least I have this as a headcanon) [1/3]

My questions are, do you think the Starks are poc, or at least Ned maybe? As far as I can remember, Ned, Jon or Arya are not referred to as having fair skin. And do you have any thoughts or headcanon about some traits Jon inherited from Targaryen? Not so much related to fire, but something of the sort, the pouting of Rhaenyra, or perhaps something of Queen Mariah or Dyanna, or I do not know, the curls of Rhaella? Or Egg’s easy tan? [2/3]

I really love your writing, both, meta and fics. And I’m really interested in your opinions. And I have to confess that I read your work to train my English. So, thank you very much for the effort be, with metas, fics or answering questions. [3/3]

Hello, and thank you for the kind words!

As far as race in ASOIAF goes, it can’t really be said that “this group is this real-life race/ethnicity”. There are certainly real life influences for a lot of these races and cultures in ASOIAF (i.e. Yi Ti is influenced by Chinese culture, Dorne is influenced by MENASA culture, the Summer Islanders are black, etc) and what makes a person a “person of color” in Westeros has more to do with geography and Rhoynish/Essosi influence. Best example I can think of are the Dornish, who despite descending from the Andals and the First Men like the rest of Westeros, owe a lot of their ethnic and racial makeup as well as culture to the Rhoynar, something no other people in Westeros can claim. This intermarriage with the Rhoynar is part of why dark- and olive-skinned Dornishmen exist today– so there is an aspect of colorism that also serves to other the Dornish.

It is worth noting that the Andals, who make up much of the ethnic makeup of the south of the Neck, also once hailed from Essos– but the difference here lies in the fact that they make up most of Westeros, particularly the South. Therefore, the Andals are the dominant ethnic group in the south, though their influence exists north of the Neck, just as First Men influence exists south of the Neck. As we’ve seen, most non-Dornish Westerosis are fair-skinned (I mean, some of them are tan I guess, but I digress), and there are a lot of light hair and eye colors amongst them. There lacks any basis of colorism amongst both the First Men and the Andals because they are the dominant groups; therefore whoever doesn’t look like them, or talk like them, or act like them are considered foreign.

The Northmen are by and large descended from the First Men (also theorized to come from Essos), whose influence is strongest in the North, but being descended from the First Men isn’t seen as a foreign ethnicity, nor are their physical characteristics described as being different from those who descended from the Andals. I mean, as their name implies, the First Men settled first, and they were not ousted, so Westeros is their country as much as anyone else’s. There are differences in culture and religion, certainly. The northmen have been described as “savages” by southerners in the past due to their martial skill, their religion, and so on, but there’s nothing physically that sets apart a northmen from a southerner.

I’m setting up a lot of background here just to say this: if the northmen were “people of color”, GRRM would have described them as such. Unfortunately in GRRM’s writing, the default is usually our world’s version of white unless specifically said or insinuated otherwise. This is why we know that Dornishmen can be dark- or olive-skinned, why we know that the Dothraki are dark-skinned, why we know the Summer Islanders are “ebony-skinned”, and so on and so forth.

Of course, ethnicity in the real world is more than skin-deep but in ASOIAF we can assume fairly easily that despite the cultural differences between the First Men and the Andals, they are racially similar enough to where their differences would only lie in culture and who they can claim they are descended from. The people who claim to descend from the First Men or the Andals don’t regard themselves as coming from Essos; meanwhile the Dornish’s Rhoynish influences are considered foreign because of the big differences in culture, customs, and race. The fact that everyone north of Dorne has either heard or practiced some form of racism against the Dornish is proof enough of that.

I know Robb was noted to have the “fair skin” of the Tullys, and Jon is “dark” where Robb was “fair”, but this descriptor only ever appears once, and alongside another descriptor that only appears once, where Bran describes Jon as having eyes that were “a grey so dark they seemed almost black”. Jon’s eyes from that point on will only ever be regarded as grey, not “almost black”. So this fair/dark descriptor might not actually have to do with skin color, but with appearances in general: Robb has lighter hair and eyes, Jon has darker hair and darker eyes.

Moreover, their skin color is never mentioned by any outside POVs as being darker. Catelyn doesn’t say anything about Ned having darker skin, Arya doesn’t mention her own skin color when describing how different she is from Sansa, Sansa doesn’t mention it, Jon doesn’t mention it, Tyrion doesn’t mention it, no one mentions it. It’s more likely that the Tullys are just paler than most other people, not necessarily that the Starks are darker than most. 

Despite all this, y’all know I hate canon and how it deals with race and ethnicity, so I’m down for basically any headcanon out there in regards to race. I love @icesalamander and @eliyadoodles‘s tan Starks, I love Chinese Starks, and I love Inuit Starks (you’re not the first to suggest this btw!). I’m here for all it.

Onto the second part, of what Targ features Jon may have inherited, I really do believe he inherited very little from his Targ side when it comes to physical appearances. He has the dark hair, grey eyes, and lean build of the Starks, which leaves very little else for him to inherit. I love Kit Harington’s curls, but Jon Snow is not a curly boy, and his body doesn’t get enough sun to judge his ability to tan lol (tho tbf, Egg had Dornish genes so he wouldn’t have burned anyways). He even has Ned’s mannerisms and apparently makes faces that are Very Ned, he’s not noted to be tall like Targ men usually are… I mean, the boy is 100% Stark in appearances and personality. His mama’s genes strongarmed the hell out of Rhaegar’s genes (and that’s how I like it).

We’ll dance on top of cars

Now, as he stays there on the edge of her bed, her back pressed slightly against his chest and sitting between his parted legs, Stiles starts slowly combing her curls making them wavy as he knows she loves them and thinks that all he ever wanted in his life after all, is being able to see them getting silver by his side.

“Mm, you’re good at this.” Lydia’s moan brings him back to her.

“Among many other things.”

or the smutty pre-prom drabble no one has hopefully written yet

romance, smut - 2.7k words - Explicit   [AO3]

A/N: Special thanks to Susana ( @you-make-me-wander ) for her amazing beta work, you know you can always count on me babe <3

and thank you Sanya ( @killianjonec ) for reading this for first and always supporting me with my writing, i love you sis

Title is from “Wings” by Birdy

part 3 of the Bedzone series 

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY @riverdalecorefour! I really hope you’ll like this

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[spectacledchic’s hair collection (part 3): Braids


First of all, my hair cc mostly are under retexture. We all know there are so many simblrs doing hair retexture. Everyone have different tastes when comes to hair texture, some like smoother, some prefer hair with more highlight etc. For me, I want my sims hair to look smoother and natural so I will find those who do this kind of hair retexture.


This collection mainly show what hairs I own for my sims. If you want a hair from this collection and it was a retexture but you don’t like the texture that I have, be free to find your preferred hair retexturer or original creator . : )

I use same hair color for this hair collection but not sure why some hair are lighter some are darker (I’m not familiar with hair.) If you are curious about what hair color I used…

Hair color channel

1) 180, 164, 155

2) 180, 164, 155

3) 143, 131, 118

4) 204, 186, 176



1) Dreamchase Hair by Leahlillith

2) Newsea Miku+ Skysims 190 Edit by Pixelstics

3) Newsea Clover retexture by Nothisisthesims

4) Skysims 275 retexture by Ifcasims

5) Newsea Erena retexture by Neiuro

6) Stealthic Summer Haze retexture by Nothisisthesims

7) Newsea Joice (Lowered) by Neiuro

8) Skysims - 250 [ Mesh Edit & Retextured ] by Simsway

9) Stealthic Summer Haze Flip retexture by Nothisisthesims

10) Newsea Counting Star retexture by Momo

11) Crenshaw [SKYSIMSxEA EDIT] by Artemis


Here’s another colored sketch from @faline-art! I saw this happy looking Sunset and wanted to see her in vivid color. I was thinking about doing their Pinkie next but everything changed when I saw this hit my dash.

Now I’ve always the same opinion as Dilarus in regards to sketches. That a piece of art doesn’t need color in order to consider it ‘finished’ or ‘done’. I believe there is plenty of personality that the artist expresses and leaves behind with ink and graphite. 

Yet I cannot deny that there’s something about coloring a piece like this that brings more of that personality out. I don’t really believe I’m adding too much to the artwork. The process used is one I learned to quickly push out comics. It’s very simple and I’m sure I can teach someone to do it in an afternoon or two. And knowing the strength in @atowncalledbedlam‘s lines, I did what I could to always leave those lines intact. So I do believe I’m highlighting what’s already there when adding a splash or two of color to the mix. More to appreciate from the original artist.

Guess that’s the point of the jerks like me who work in the background half the time :P More about the process below the break.

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Okay I love this hair. It looks really close to how I wear my hair when its down :) AHarris00Britney’s Knock Knock hairs, recolored in WildlyMiniatureSandwich’s naturals and unnaturals. Added as additional swatches. The clip version comes out a little darker in game than the pom version. Removing the normal map from clip versions mesh makes it show lighter in the game.

Download - Meshes Here


@aharris00britney for the hair, @wildlyminiaturesandwich for the colors



               Farm Road is known as the second oldest road in the town of Dover, Massachusetts, and with age comes an unusual past. There is a passage in the 1914 book, “Dover Farms” by Frank Smith; a historian of that age. That states,  “in early times this road went around by the picturesque Polka Rock (on the farm of George Battelle) which was called for a man by that name, of whom it is remembered, that amid the superstition of the age he thought he saw his Satanic majesty as he was riding on horseback by this secluded spot.”

               However, that is not the only abnormal event that has occurred on Farm Road. There is a rumor that is still floating around till this day that the land around the Polka Rock was used to bury treasure. There is still evidence of digging around the surrounding area of the rock. There is no records or proof of any truth to this rumor, but it would be a little odd since Dover is a little more inland than your typical buried treasure would be found.

               But the strangest events occurred in April 1977.

Dover Demon:

               There is no better way to describe this odd and little creature but to dive right into the three sightings that brought Dover Demon, its fame.

-         April 21, 1977 (10:30 P.M.) (Age 17)

Three seventeen year old boys were driving along Farm Street in Dover, Massachusetts. Their names were Bill Bartlett, Mike Mazzarra and Andy Brodie. While Mike and Andy were in conversation, Bill Bartlett – the driver – became alert when he saw something on the stone wall in his headlights. It was small and very much alive.

What he saw was nothing like he’s seen before.

Walking upright, unsteady like a toddler, clutching the rock wall with long fingers and toes. The small humanoid figure had a huge, bulbous head that was out of proportion for its body. Large orange glowing orb-like eyes stared back at him. The creature’s face had no nose, no mouth, or ears that were visible. It couldn’t have been more than 4 ft tall; it was naked and hairless, its skin an odd peach color.

He stopped his car shortly after and told his friends who hadn’t seen it. The boys’ convinced him to turn back around and they did but it was no longer there, and they were too frightened to get out of the car to search any further.

After getting home, Bartlett retells what he saw to his father, who told him not to mention it to anyone. He, then, drew the famous image of the Dover Demon that we see today.

-April 21, 1977 (midnight)

On the same street, John Baxter (15), was walking home from his girlfriends, Cathy Cronin, he was surprised when he came to see another person coming towards him. Assuming it was a friendly face, John called out – but no reply followed. Yet, the figure advanced towards him.

       John called out again. But nothing.

       Suddenly, the figure ran off the road and into the forest, thinking that maybe it was a disabled neighbor, John followed. They raced down to a wooded gully and up to a bank, where on the opposite side of the bank John could better see the figure that now stands 30 feet away. At first, the creature reminded him of a monkey, with feet that wrapped around the top of a rock but what threw him off was its head that was the shape of a ‘figure eight’ and the large green eyes that was on its face. He claimed he had never seen anything like it before.

       Realizing it isn’t human and that it could cause him harm, he quickly took off.

-         April 22, (nighttime)

Eighteen year old, William Taintor, was driving with Abby Brabham, 15, on Springdale Avenue, which is 2 ½ miles from Farm Rd. Abby noticed the little demon on top of a culvert over Trout Brook. The creature was on all fours facing their oncoming car. Shocked at the sight, Abby cried for Will to get them out of there.

       By then, Abby hadn’t heard the reports that Bill Bartlett and John Baxter made, but she described the creature exactly the same as the other two, but unlike Bartlett’s experience, the creatures eyes were green.

-A Year later.

About a year later from these events, Bill Bartlett was in a remote area, parked in his car with his girlfriend when he heard a thump on the back of his car. When he looked back, he said he saw a “Small figure” leaving the scene. He didn’t get a good enough look to speculate whether it was an animal or the Dover Demon.

       Shortly after the two day event the Dover demon and the town of Dover grew with fame. Out of this fame came forward a man named Mark Sennott of Sherborn and with his story of seeing the Dover demon in 1972.

       Mark Sennott exclaimed that he and his friends saw the Dover Demon first one night while they were riding along Sprindale Avenue near Channing Pond. What they claimed to see was a strange tiny creature in the headlights, it was deep in the woods and moving along the edge of the pond.

       Personally, I’m not entirely convinced in Mr. Sennott’s story since it came up after the fame. Although he did say he went to the authorities, and they did nothing – it’s the lack of description about the event and the creature that throws me off the most. I couldn’t find the names of his friends anywhere either; though that could be for their safety.

Animal or Cryptid?

       So what is it?

       Is it really a demon, an alien, or an animal?

       Most who don’t believe in the supernatural say it had to be a baby moose or a diseased fox. Bill Bartlett said he knew most of the animals in the area and that the Dover Demon looked nothing like anything he’s ever seen.

       Foxes do appear in Massachusetts but the appearance of Moose in Dover during the 1970s was at a 0 sightings,  and even so, by April, a young moose would be 200 pounds, due to the Moose mating and birthing season not matching up to the sightings.

       No one can sum it up better than cryptozoologist, Loren Coleman. “To have a bipedal moose with long fingers and orange skin, and no hair and no nose would be more of a phenomenon than the Dover Demon.”

       And this is true, Bill and John, both mentioned that the creature had elongated fingers on their hands and feet, that wrapped onto the wall and rock. Very odd indeed, since no animal in the area has those sort of digits.

Alien  or F-Faerie?

       But a faerie has wings. No, no – not all of them.

       Remember that story about that Polka Rock in the beginning of this story? Well, Loren Coleman theorized that what historian Smith called, “Polka” stone might actually have been called the “Pooka” Stone – after the fairy folk of Celtic folklore.

       Pooka or Puca are many things: goblins, fairy, spirit, but they always have ears, a tail and fur of some sort which is usually a dark color. Their favorite shift is of a black horse. They also don’t show fear, are mischievous and like talking to humans when seen.

       All of these attributes are the opposite of how the Dover Demon acted and looked. I think it’s safe to take fairy out of the equation.

       So Alien?

       The Dover demon does follow the description of the commonly known “greys” of the alien world, except the skin color, the greys are grey and the demon was peach. Plus there were no UFO sightings during this time period. And the orange eyes, maybe on eyeshine – is animal like.

       But here is my speculation.


       This is only opinion and theory but I do, in fact, believe the Dover Demon is an alien and here is how I came up with that solution.

       Yes, there were no UFO sightings in Massachusetts during the years of the events, however there are three military bases surrounding Dover, Massachusetts. Hanscom Air Force Base, Coast Guard Base Boston, and Natick Soldier Systems Center. Now I’m not pointing fingers and I probably sound like a conspiracy theorist but hear me out with just a little of the information that I have found.

       The Coast Guard Base hasn’t crossed my mind of suspicion but Hanscom Air Force has been open since 1942, although it has been used in less than 1% of the military air traffic and has mostly been used for civilian flight.

       Natick Soldier Systems Center has been made in 1949 and opened in 1952. The center is used for research and testing of materials such as textiles and combat rations, advanced technology and human performance.

       Again - not pointing fingers and making claims but with all the secrets the government holds from us I wouldn’t be surprised if there are mysteries to be unfolded behind closed military doors or even hidden in plain sight.

       My other opinion stems on how we have never learned about the biology of aliens no one can put a definite on what a young alien may look like or even if their skin and eye colors change due to growth. Most human babies are born with blue eyes and change after a few months. Our hair also changes with age and stress. Our skin can get lighter or darker depending on our exposure to the sun.

       I’m not putting my stamp on this theory but compared to all the other opinions such as animals and faeries, I find this one a little more compelling.


       “The short story is that over a two day period on April 1977, four people saw a small, 4 ft orange sharkskin creature (much like Golem in Lord of the Rings) in three separate sightings, in Dover, Massachusetts, a rural location near Boston. The case goes down as unexplainable. I don’t know the answer to ‘what really happened,’ as all the eyewitnesses checked out and were found to be credible by law enforcement and other people in Dover.” – Loren Coleman, American Monsters.

       Those who knew the teens truly believe that they saw what they saw. They were never known for pranks, hoaxes, or even mischief. In 2006, Bill Bartlett – 46 – was interviewed again on the events. He stuck to his story strongly and even replied that he didn’t want all the publicity and that even now, he gets calls from random people asking about the Dover Demon.

       Now tell me, do you believe in the Dover Demon?

Pop Culture:

-         Lost Tapes Season 2, Episode 10

-         Monsters and Mysteries in America

faesbeforebaes  asked:

How do you paint hair and skin? Because I love the way you paint ❤

Aww thank you! ❤ This is a big question to try and answer briefly tbh but I love, love, love talking about painting so…

  • I use lots of references.There’s so many variations of skin/haircolor, texture, styles and lighting out there! (I horde stuff to Pinterest. lol)
  • I reference the masters as well.These guys already figured this stuff out and we just gotta take what we want from them. My favorites include Howard Pyle, J. C. Leyendecker (prob the most obvious), Tom Lovell, and John Singer Sargent.
  • For hair, I think about the overall shapes and chunks rather than strands. You can always get more and more detailed as you go. Simplifying something you’ve overwrought is a pain in the buns and a waste of time.
    • I have a video on my IG here that’s just me doodling some hair fwiw.
    • James Gurney has a couple of good blog posts here and here.
  • For skin…
    • Skin will pick up color from its surroundings. It’s also not just a “skin tone” with lighter and darker variations. There can be so many unexpected colors in there! This goes for pretty much everything in a painting too though so… XD
    • I often have to select all the skin and lessen the contrast and/or saturation a bit to get it to look right. Selecting it and playing around with colors and tones can be super helpful. (I love digital art.)
    • Color zones! People have different underlying colors all over their body. I did a post several years ago on the color zones of the face here. Also here’s a post where you can see it on a hand study.
    • As far as technique, I don’t blend a whole bunch in general and when I do it’s just here and there because I will go overboard and make a mess. I’m personally not a fan of “airbrushing” skin on with super soft brushes but some people are and that’s cool! That’s a style/workflow choice.

Color and Light is my #1 recommended book. It has helped me so, so much. I can’t praise it highly enough.

(I’d love to do more tutorials. It’s just a matter of a)finding the time and b)feeling like it’s worth doing when there’s soooo many amazing tuts out there already! I certainly don’t know it all but I enjoy trying to teach people what I feel I do kinda know. lol)


Here we go?

Honestly, I don’t think I do anything special???? So to be asked this was both REALLY SURPRISING and SUPER FLATTERING! I’ll just go through the steps, so you can see what goes into a more refined drawing.

First of all, I don’t use SPECIAL material at all. I’m talking mechanical pencils and regular 3x5 index cards. I like mechanical pencils because the point stays sharp and I hate pencil shavings… and I use index cards because 1) we have a huge box of them from when my husband was doing animation story boarding and 2) I find the weight of cardstock pretty forgiving when it comes to how much I typically abuse thinner sketch paper so…

This is my daily arsenal.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I just found your blog and I already adore your art! Keep it up! Also, could you describe the process of a piece, from start to finish? I would like to improve my own technique, so some tips would also be nice. You don't have to, ofc!^^

hi! thank you so much ♥ 

Honestly probably the best way to do this is just to start a new piece so, here we go: it’s not finished but I’ll just update as I go since its been like 3 weeks since this ask! 

1. Theme/What is it?

I mean this isn’t always number one. Sometimes we all make a nice head and make a picture around it but. I usually try to divide everything by whether the piece is just prettygiving information, or asking for it

This is probably a better worded concept somewhere but it helps me plan a little better. 

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It’s not just fish hips and cat thumbs that are the result of small changes in genetic control switches. David Kingsley has also discovered a few human traits that work in the same way, with the most immediately obvious being skin and hair colour. A few years back, he and his team discovered that the DNA around a gene called Kitlg, found in many animals including both sticklebacks and humans, seemed to be chock-full of control switches. The protein encoded by Kitlg (known as Kit ligand) is a biological multi-tasker, helping to make blood, sperm and cells packed full of the dark pigment melanin. It’s this molecule that determines your coloration. More melanin and you’ll be darker, less and you’ll be lighter. Kingsley and his team discovered that playing with these switches in sticklebacks changed their coloration, making them darker or lighter depending on which ones were missing. So they took the same DNA region from humans and broke it down into pieces, testing each one to find out when and where it was active.

Sure enough, they tracked down one specific control switch that could turn on the gene only in skin and hair. Then when they looked at the DNA sequence of this switch in West Africans and white Europeans, they noticed a consistent difference in a region more than 300,000 letters (300 kilobases) away from Kitlg. Not as far as the distance between Sonic Hedgehog and its limb control switch, but still a long way off. One single letter was switched: an A in the Africans, a G in Europeans. Just one.

Next, they tested whether this change affected how well the switch could turn on Kitlg, by looking at the two different versions in skin cells grown in the lab. They discovered that it wasn’t as simple as an on/off (or rather, black/white) switch. Instead, the version in Europeans wasn’t quite as effective at activating the gene as the African version was. A quick calculation in their paper suggests that having two copies of Kitlg with the European switch makes a person’s skin around six or seven shades lighter than someone with two West African versions. Because you have two copies of every gene – one from Mum and one from Dad – the effects of the switches will be more apparent if they are both the same, while having one of each will give a colour somewhere in the middle.

However, there are around 30 shades between a typical Nigerian’s dark skin and a pale European complexion, so the difference in the Kitlg switch only explains part of our skin colour, rather than the whole thing. David suspects that there are probably other similar genes and switches out there that add up to give each person their particular hue. But even so, just a single letter can make a big difference to what you look like. This is true of hair colour as well as skin. In 2014 Kingsley and his team published another paper showing that European blondes have a single letter difference in a control switch around 350,000 DNA letters (350 kilobases) away from the Kitlg gene, compared to dark-haired people. Again, it’s a tiny change miles away from the gene, but it has a big impact. This subtle alteration in blondes means that a transcription factor protein called Lef can’t stick quite as well to the DNA of the control switch, so it’s not as effective at turning on Kitlg activity. It’s not on/off, but it’s enough to significantly cut down the melanin production in hair cells, and make them fair.

Growing up in the 1980s, I would often hear jokes about blondes being stupid – and as a brunette (to my shame) I would often repeat them. I now know better, but many people apparently don’t. In a news article about his hair colour research, Kingsley attacked this long-held stereotype, saying, ‘It’s clear that this hair colour change is occurring through a regulatory mechanism that operates only in the hair. This isn’t something that also affects other traits, like intelligence or personality. The change that causes blonde hair is, literally, only skin deep.’ Blonde jokes aside, his work on coloration has more profound implications. As I’m writing this chapter, the United States is fracturing under the stress of racial tension following several high-profile incidents of white police officers killing unarmed black people, and a horrific racist shooting in a church. Countless numbers have been unfairly judged, oppressed or killed throughout history because of the colour of their skin, yet it boils down to little more than a handful of DNA letters in a few genetic switches. For a species named after our intelligence – Homo sapiens translates as ‘man who knows’ – we really are very stupid at times.“