hair color from lighter to darker

Hair Tutorial

So one of my friend asked me to make a tutorial on painting hair like the choco and one of the raffle prize, so here we go

Step 1: Start with a darker color as the base. You can use smaller brush to add detail of hair strands

Step 2: Segment the hair, this will help you in the next step. Start from the root, continuing to the end of the hair with the lighter color. Don’t forget to protect alpha/Preserve opacity to avoid mess

Step 3: Fill the segmented area, and mess with your opacity/pressure. The lighter the color, it means that, that strand is in the front and the darker means it’s in the back (how to explain). This is also to divide the hair to smaller part

Step 4: Now this is the tricky part (and the hardest one to explain). Using the dark color and medium-small brush size, make some lines that separates hair parts and then lighten it to make the line thin and adding some shade in the process. You can also darken the edges of the parts just to make it looks better(?). Just mess around with this part, until you are happy with the result

Step 5: Finishing!, I used basic shading and lighting for this part. It’s really up to you at this point, like how you gonna shade and light it, it’s up to you

Hope this helps, You can ask me anytime on this (main) blog about this tutorial. A lot of great artists inspire me to make this happen (if i mention them all, it’ll be long), so thank you very much. Hope you understand what i’m trying to explain, and have a good day ^^


The SistenSims team cannot believe how far our cc has come within such a short time! To thank everyone, we have created a gift for all of you! Today we slaved away to bring out some toddler enhancement custom content. ENJOY :)


Some colors clearly look better on darker and lighter skin tones,

These don’t suit light skin tones very much, unless you want a very intense saturated looking child.

Compatible with children and toddlers, but that’s it. 


These are only for toddlers :)

All colors from your generic rainbow, and variations of natural colors

Not meant to be converted for other ages, it will probably just look silly.


10-15 New colors for each EA toddler hair :)

Most do not have custom thumbnails

Pastel shades, if you don’t want pastel colorful children, then this hair retexture isn’t for you.


Some colors are meant for lighter skin tones <3

For toddlers only.

I didn’t like the basic natural toned one color lips texture for toddlers, which is why I made this. you may find this completely pointless if you don’t mind the original texture, but this is just for a splash of color and texture for your toddlers.

Cute leggings :)


10 colors

The swatches have 3 colors, which should help differ from the patterns, or help decide a color scheme.



We’ll dance on top of cars

Now, as he stays there on the edge of her bed, her back pressed slightly against his chest and sitting between his parted legs, Stiles starts slowly combing her curls making them wavy as he knows she loves them and thinks that all he ever wanted in his life after all, is being able to see them getting silver by his side.

“Mm, you’re good at this.” Lydia’s moan brings him back to her.

“Among many other things.”

or the smutty pre-prom drabble no one has hopefully written yet

romance, smut - 2.7k words - Explicit   [AO3]

A/N: Special thanks to Susana ( @you-make-me-wander ) for her amazing beta work, you know you can always count on me babe <3

and thank you Sanya ( @killianjonec ) for reading this for first and always supporting me with my writing, i love you sis

Title is from “Wings” by Birdy

part 3 of the Bedzone series 

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY @riverdalecorefour! I really hope you’ll like this

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               Farm Road is known as the second oldest road in the town of Dover, Massachusetts, and with age comes an unusual past. There is a passage in the 1914 book, “Dover Farms” by Frank Smith; a historian of that age. That states,  “in early times this road went around by the picturesque Polka Rock (on the farm of George Battelle) which was called for a man by that name, of whom it is remembered, that amid the superstition of the age he thought he saw his Satanic majesty as he was riding on horseback by this secluded spot.”

               However, that is not the only abnormal event that has occurred on Farm Road. There is a rumor that is still floating around till this day that the land around the Polka Rock was used to bury treasure. There is still evidence of digging around the surrounding area of the rock. There is no records or proof of any truth to this rumor, but it would be a little odd since Dover is a little more inland than your typical buried treasure would be found.

               But the strangest events occurred in April 1977.

Dover Demon:

               There is no better way to describe this odd and little creature but to dive right into the three sightings that brought Dover Demon, its fame.

-         April 21, 1977 (10:30 P.M.) (Age 17)

Three seventeen year old boys were driving along Farm Street in Dover, Massachusetts. Their names were Bill Bartlett, Mike Mazzarra and Andy Brodie. While Mike and Andy were in conversation, Bill Bartlett – the driver – became alert when he saw something on the stone wall in his headlights. It was small and very much alive.

What he saw was nothing like he’s seen before.

Walking upright, unsteady like a toddler, clutching the rock wall with long fingers and toes. The small humanoid figure had a huge, bulbous head that was out of proportion for its body. Large orange glowing orb-like eyes stared back at him. The creature’s face had no nose, no mouth, or ears that were visible. It couldn’t have been more than 4 ft tall; it was naked and hairless, its skin an odd peach color.

He stopped his car shortly after and told his friends who hadn’t seen it. The boys’ convinced him to turn back around and they did but it was no longer there, and they were too frightened to get out of the car to search any further.

After getting home, Bartlett retells what he saw to his father, who told him not to mention it to anyone. He, then, drew the famous image of the Dover Demon that we see today.

-April 21, 1977 (midnight)

On the same street, John Baxter (15), was walking home from his girlfriends, Cathy Cronin, he was surprised when he came to see another person coming towards him. Assuming it was a friendly face, John called out – but no reply followed. Yet, the figure advanced towards him.

       John called out again. But nothing.

       Suddenly, the figure ran off the road and into the forest, thinking that maybe it was a disabled neighbor, John followed. They raced down to a wooded gully and up to a bank, where on the opposite side of the bank John could better see the figure that now stands 30 feet away. At first, the creature reminded him of a monkey, with feet that wrapped around the top of a rock but what threw him off was its head that was the shape of a ‘figure eight’ and the large green eyes that was on its face. He claimed he had never seen anything like it before.

       Realizing it isn’t human and that it could cause him harm, he quickly took off.

-         April 22, (nighttime)

Eighteen year old, William Taintor, was driving with Abby Brabham, 15, on Springdale Avenue, which is 2 ½ miles from Farm Rd. Abby noticed the little demon on top of a culvert over Trout Brook. The creature was on all fours facing their oncoming car. Shocked at the sight, Abby cried for Will to get them out of there.

       By then, Abby hadn’t heard the reports that Bill Bartlett and John Baxter made, but she described the creature exactly the same as the other two, but unlike Bartlett’s experience, the creatures eyes were green.

-A Year later.

About a year later from these events, Bill Bartlett was in a remote area, parked in his car with his girlfriend when he heard a thump on the back of his car. When he looked back, he said he saw a “Small figure” leaving the scene. He didn’t get a good enough look to speculate whether it was an animal or the Dover Demon.

       Shortly after the two day event the Dover demon and the town of Dover grew with fame. Out of this fame came forward a man named Mark Sennott of Sherborn and with his story of seeing the Dover demon in 1972.

       Mark Sennott exclaimed that he and his friends saw the Dover Demon first one night while they were riding along Sprindale Avenue near Channing Pond. What they claimed to see was a strange tiny creature in the headlights, it was deep in the woods and moving along the edge of the pond.

       Personally, I’m not entirely convinced in Mr. Sennott’s story since it came up after the fame. Although he did say he went to the authorities, and they did nothing – it’s the lack of description about the event and the creature that throws me off the most. I couldn’t find the names of his friends anywhere either; though that could be for their safety.

Animal or Cryptid?

       So what is it?

       Is it really a demon, an alien, or an animal?

       Most who don’t believe in the supernatural say it had to be a baby moose or a diseased fox. Bill Bartlett said he knew most of the animals in the area and that the Dover Demon looked nothing like anything he’s ever seen.

       Foxes do appear in Massachusetts but the appearance of Moose in Dover during the 1970s was at a 0 sightings,  and even so, by April, a young moose would be 200 pounds, due to the Moose mating and birthing season not matching up to the sightings.

       No one can sum it up better than cryptozoologist, Loren Coleman. “To have a bipedal moose with long fingers and orange skin, and no hair and no nose would be more of a phenomenon than the Dover Demon.”

       And this is true, Bill and John, both mentioned that the creature had elongated fingers on their hands and feet, that wrapped onto the wall and rock. Very odd indeed, since no animal in the area has those sort of digits.

Alien  or F-Faerie?

       But a faerie has wings. No, no – not all of them.

       Remember that story about that Polka Rock in the beginning of this story? Well, Loren Coleman theorized that what historian Smith called, “Polka” stone might actually have been called the “Pooka” Stone – after the fairy folk of Celtic folklore.

       Pooka or Puca are many things: goblins, fairy, spirit, but they always have ears, a tail and fur of some sort which is usually a dark color. Their favorite shift is of a black horse. They also don’t show fear, are mischievous and like talking to humans when seen.

       All of these attributes are the opposite of how the Dover Demon acted and looked. I think it’s safe to take fairy out of the equation.

       So Alien?

       The Dover demon does follow the description of the commonly known “greys” of the alien world, except the skin color, the greys are grey and the demon was peach. Plus there were no UFO sightings during this time period. And the orange eyes, maybe on eyeshine – is animal like.

       But here is my speculation.


       This is only opinion and theory but I do, in fact, believe the Dover Demon is an alien and here is how I came up with that solution.

       Yes, there were no UFO sightings in Massachusetts during the years of the events, however there are three military bases surrounding Dover, Massachusetts. Hanscom Air Force Base, Coast Guard Base Boston, and Natick Soldier Systems Center. Now I’m not pointing fingers and I probably sound like a conspiracy theorist but hear me out with just a little of the information that I have found.

       The Coast Guard Base hasn’t crossed my mind of suspicion but Hanscom Air Force has been open since 1942, although it has been used in less than 1% of the military air traffic and has mostly been used for civilian flight.

       Natick Soldier Systems Center has been made in 1949 and opened in 1952. The center is used for research and testing of materials such as textiles and combat rations, advanced technology and human performance.

       Again - not pointing fingers and making claims but with all the secrets the government holds from us I wouldn’t be surprised if there are mysteries to be unfolded behind closed military doors or even hidden in plain sight.

       My other opinion stems on how we have never learned about the biology of aliens no one can put a definite on what a young alien may look like or even if their skin and eye colors change due to growth. Most human babies are born with blue eyes and change after a few months. Our hair also changes with age and stress. Our skin can get lighter or darker depending on our exposure to the sun.

       I’m not putting my stamp on this theory but compared to all the other opinions such as animals and faeries, I find this one a little more compelling.


       “The short story is that over a two day period on April 1977, four people saw a small, 4 ft orange sharkskin creature (much like Golem in Lord of the Rings) in three separate sightings, in Dover, Massachusetts, a rural location near Boston. The case goes down as unexplainable. I don’t know the answer to ‘what really happened,’ as all the eyewitnesses checked out and were found to be credible by law enforcement and other people in Dover.” – Loren Coleman, American Monsters.

       Those who knew the teens truly believe that they saw what they saw. They were never known for pranks, hoaxes, or even mischief. In 2006, Bill Bartlett – 46 – was interviewed again on the events. He stuck to his story strongly and even replied that he didn’t want all the publicity and that even now, he gets calls from random people asking about the Dover Demon.

       Now tell me, do you believe in the Dover Demon?

Pop Culture:

-         Lost Tapes Season 2, Episode 10

-         Monsters and Mysteries in America

i loved lapis’ color palette in mirror gem/ocean gem, but her palette in recent episodes kinda bugged me, and now looking at it i think i know why

i made a picture comparing the skin color, outfit color, diamond logo color, and hair color of lapis from the different episodes. In recent episodes, lapis’ hair color and outfit color are the exact same color. But in mirror gem, her hair color is more closer to her diamond logo color. 

Yeah i know that in mirror gem it was her night palette, but it’s still kinda weird to me. in her day palette, her hair should be darker, a bit lighter than her diamond logo color, rather than the same color as the rest of her outfit. 

Ok i usually try to avoid talking about leaked episodes on this blog but this has been bugging me

What gem is she!!!?  im dying

her gem is a different cut from literally every amethyst we see?! all of them! and I could maybe ignore that if not for the fact that when we see the bubbled rose quartz’s later they all have the same cut, even though they are also all from the prime kindergarten(like the amethysts and this cool gal)

Also- her color scheme? completely different from any of the other amethyst variants we see. We darker/lighter amethysts with darker/lighter hair and various hair styles, but none of them look like this? Her scheme is a lot more red violet, compared to amethysts, which are more lavender. It could just be that her gem misformed, and its affecting her color?? Which is possible since holly blue called some of them miscolored, but that jab was specifically aimed at the beta kindergarteners, which are all red hued gems?

who is she

alright so because of this post and many others i’ve seen, i feel the need to point something out for any artists who aren’t sure about how lighting works.

an easy trick you can use to make sure you’re not unintentionally whitewashing characters is to see whether their hair is lighter or darker than their skin. because no matter what kind of lighting your character is in, the light/dark difference between their hair and skin will almost always stay constant. now keep in mind that this is just based on what i’ve observed. so if anyone knows otherwise, feel free to correct me.

one of the other problems here is that the skin tone is completely different, which is another thing i see a lot.

see how far apart these colors are from each other? the whitewashed picture has a red-pink color for ilima’s skin, when it’s actually more of an orange-brown. as far as i know, there is no lighting that will change someone’s skin tone that much. the color might get lighter or darker, but the color itself won’t change that drastically. 

so artists, please keep this in mind! and if anyone has any better posts in this, let me know so i can spread those too.


Ouma and Amami colors switch
It happened : the NDRV3 edit !
I’d seen a post about how one of the reasons people shipped Ouma and Amami were their color palettes. Well there y’all go.
Amami looks so emo, it’s great. And Ouma looks so much more innocent, haha.
Again, it’s pretty hard to go from a darker color to a lighter one, so I’m sorry if Ouma’s hair looks a little weird ;;

Akane and Nekomaru
Kyouko and Makoto
Hajime and Chiaki
Kazuichi and Ibuki
Byakuya and Celeste
Hiyoko and Mahiru

The list is getting long ! If you have any resquest, feel free to ask me~

Q&A Saturday!

(I tried to do as much as I could before my hand started cramping again LOL So again, if your question’s not on here, I will either answer it next week or I’m saved it as a prompt and will make an art piece for it! Thank you and I hope you enjoy!)

LOL, I can def imagine them doing that all the time, poor Cable bun <3

( ”It was 1 am, we were just kissing a lil and the kiddo didn’t stay asleep in the guest room. Not even that bad. We had to bribe her to make sure she wouldn’t tell his parents though.” )

It was a friend’s oc, Elliot! I’m not sure if you are remember from this lil picture LOL: 


Omg, I drew this so long ago from that same old question but I never posted it. 

I think Kathy might have platonic crushes? Not sure but the crushes they have on Cable and Jaleena right now aren’t romantic! They’re platonic friend crushes (meaning they want to be their bff for a long, long time)! <3


(Better her than Cable, I don’t think he would do it LOL)

Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy my content! <3 And I use the Sai program! 

It has been a while, yes, I got heavily distracted with all kinds of projects and not to mention I feel like comics arent actually my strong suit ; v ; But I do hope to finish it eventually aaa! And I would have to do generation 2 as a prompt so look forward to seeing that in the future! C: Thank you! <3 

I use that color above for most of my linearts! (Sometimes it’s a dark blue for Garrett’s color themes, purple for Mei’s, etc) Once I’m done, I used lighter colors to blend in better with the colors they’re on! (Like Garrett’s cheek and hair lines being a lighter orange, and his hair being a darker color) It’s really it! Sometimes I’ll add a lighter overlay on where the light would hit but I think that’s about it!

(Coloring lineart is one of my favorite things to do omg…)

I’m sorry! Anyone who really knows me knows I have a lot of self-image issues, so this is honestly as close as you’re going to get as a picture from me… ; v ; /) None of my sonas will ever really look like me either, I just go with cool design choices.


JK, this was my first serious oc! <3 Her name was Huggy (and my friends later nicknamed me that too) and she was part teddy bear LOL

That’s all the asks I can answer for today! Thank you for all the questions! Sorry it was late and I hope you enjoyed this, it was was a lot of fun to do! Please don’t hesitate to send me more to answer next time and see you all next Saturday! <3

Thanks for reading! Bye! Love you all and have a lovely weekend!! <3

parallelpie  asked:

Hey would you be kinda enough to maybe share the settings you did on that beautiful miss pauling picture u did? Also wb

Post for reference: LINK

Ok so I had to go back to sai and do this over but basically goes like this:

(1st Pic) : Have a quick sketch or basic idea down. Most of the time I use the marker tool because usually I’ll be using the sketch for the actual drawing. Use different strokes and pressure sensitivity.

(2nd and 3rd Pic): Make a separate layer under the sketch and create a base color the outline of the drawing. Doesn’t have to be perfect, just necessary to give you a basic idea of the overall shading. One the base layer, start coloring in other colors (hair, shirt, face, etc) but make sure to know where your lighting will come from.

(4th, 5th, 6th Pic): Start the detailing. Use darker color for refining, lighter shades for the light source.

(7th and 8th Pic): Moving on to the hair, first settings are for the bigger strands/folds.

This one is for the finer hairs. Use different brush sizes.

(Last Pics): I like to add sharp lighting effects, so usually a white outline works great. Also use different brush sizes.

As for the last effects, do some editing in photoshop (color balance, saturation, levels, pattern) and a orange glow, and you’re done:)


This got pretty long but I hope this what helpful!

Listen at this point im practically a hair dye expert so heres some advice (feel free to reblog and add on)

·If youve never dyed your hair before, start small. Dont go from blond to dark brown or black to bleached, etc. Your hair will not take kindly to that, and neither will you (youre going to hate it, i promise). Try going to a slightly lighter or darker shade than your natural color.

·Dont bother splurging on expensive dyes unless theyre an unnatural color. You can find a dye for $3 at a drugstore that will give you the same color quality as the “professional salon colors!” that cost $14.

·If your hair is past your armpits, youre probably gonna want to buy 2 boxes of dye just to make sure you get a good coverage.

·Wear clothes you dont mind getting messy when dying

·Start applying at the roots, not the tips. Do all the roots first, then spread to the ends of the hair.

·When going from light to dark, make sure you keep the dye in for at least the set amount of time, if not slightly longer, otherwise youll end up with light patches in your hair. (same principle from dark to light.)

·You CAN use petroleum jelly along the hairline to keep dye off of your skin, but if you dont like the way it feels or are allergic to it, dye will come off of your skin with a wet piece of toilet paper.

·You dont have to use the packet of conditioner that comes with the dye. Normal conditioner will do just fine. But make sure you condition afterwards! Dye is very harsh on your hair, and conditioner will help it stay soft and healthy

·If you arent happy with your color result, wait a few days and wash your hair everyday. Chances are that color will fade into something else that is less harsh and dyed-looking/more natural.

Im probably forgetting some stuff but yeah be smart when dying your hair kids!!


spectacledchic’s hair collection(part 1): Short Hair

Yes, hair collection. :)

===== MUST READ =====

First of all, my hair cc mostly are under retexture. We all know there are so many simblrs doing hair retexture. Everyone have different tastes when comes to hair texture, some like smoother, some prefer hair with more highlight etc. For me, I want my sims hair to look smoother and natural so I will find those who do this kind of hair retexture.


This collection mainly show what hairs I own for my sims. If you want a hair from this collection and it was a retexture but you don’t like the texture that I have, be free to find your preferred hair retexturer or original creator . : )

I use same hair color for this hair collection but not sure why some hair are lighter some are darker (I’m not familiar with hair.) If you are curious about what hair color I used…

Hair color channel

1) 180, 164, 155

2) 180, 164, 155

3) 143, 131, 118

4) 204, 186, 176



1) GogumaYang Edit #20 (Newsea) retexture by M1ssduo

2) Alesso Sweet Escape retexture+edit by JEB

3) Newsea hair edit 06 retexture by Esen

4) Newsea hair edit 04 retexture by Esen

5) NewSea Hair J165 Edit retexture by sims3-dh

6) Rose 058 retexture by Frey *

7) Gogumayang Newsea Edit 09 retexture by Neiuro

8) Skysims 248 short edit A by 2sanghaec

9) Skysims 248 short edit B by 2sanghaec

10) S-club MK N2 Female Hair convert by Vittle Universe

11) Raon 06 Alpha edit retexture by Neiuro

12) Skysims 255 + Chopped retexture by Neiuro

13) Newsea Amor (Lowered) retexture by Neiuro

14) Nightcrawler Violet (Simpliciaty’s edit) retexture by Billsims(Simsway)

15) Skysims 242 retexture by Xil

16) Skysims 248 midi edit A by 2sanghaec

17) Skysims 248 midi edit B by 2sanghaec

18) Raon 38 retexture by Neiuro

* Original link is not available anymore, I use reblog post link.

The War Of Beacon Hills: Mermaid Hair Meanings


Blond: Often when younger Mer!Folk are excited or near water. They do have limited control over the the colour change but once submerged it often changes from a lighter colour to blond

Red: Darker shades of red are often because a Mer! is away from the water and has retained their natural colour. Mostly it indicates a Mer!Folk with a strong affinity for heat, fire, or illumination.

Pink: Young Mer!Folk have long pink hair when they are playing in the water, different shades mean different moods

Earthy Colors / Natural:  Mer!Folk retain their natural hair colour while away from the water

Purple: Very powerful Mer!Folks hair changes to purple when they use magic underwater

Black: Dark magic causes a permanent blue / black sheen, while underwater there is a faint blue under-glow

Silver: Mer!Folk over the age of one hundred become very powerful and their hair stays a light silver

Blue: When Mer!Folk are shy or nervous their hair tints blue (Occasionally under water it turns a dark teal)

Pearls Fanfic: To Heal a Scar

Fandom: Steven Universe 

Characters: Pearl, Yellow Pearl, Blue Pearl 

Pairings: well imagine pearlrose and yellowXblue but it’s not actually present here 

Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort

Summary: Homeworld is still buried in their hearts, with all the fear and pain it brings along. 

Notes: literally a lot of angst down here. Mention of abuse. Homeworld sucks. Protect the pearls at all costs.

Read on Ao3: (I’ve written this as a piece for a serie but actually it stands perfectly fine by itself) 

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So in 7x11 promo around 0:21 we get someone in the Black Hoodie. If you watch it in HD you can clearly see that this person has longer hair sticking out of the actual hood. Possibly blonde (I’m not 100% sure about that though, it might be some darker color but the lighting made it look lighter?) and curly (and that’s why they’re sticking out in this particular way).

And it made me pretty scared and I really, really do hope that I’m wrong or this is not Uber A, buuuut it gives me serious CeCe Drake vibes.

Please don’t make a person who has been on like 5 episodes and who has been shady from the very beginning the master mind of a 7 year mystery. (or at least make her Bethany Young or something…)

anonymous asked:

hi kappa! i'm going to ask for a big favor so it's okay if you dont wanna answer ;; could you give me a step by step/tutorial on how you color your hairs?? because your yoongis hair look so fluffy i NEVER SUCCEED in making him fluffy sobs.

ok! this is going to be more of a process/how i color hair thing than a tutorial ^^ i’m sure there’s plenty more methods to color hair that are a lot better/faster but this is how i do things~ i’m going to be using fluffy pink-haired yoongi as an example: 

also, i really apologize for taking so long to finally make this;; ..aaand as a warning, this is my first time explaining how i do things like this, so i’m pretty much just learning everything along the way and things may be bit rough aha;; 

that said, let’s begin under the cut~ 

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