rising signs + hair ♡

aries asc: every aries rising ive met dyes their hair red or black so, thats that i guess (blame mars for that). they love having hair that sets them apart from a crowd, usually bold and fun hair colors. 

taurus asc: usually long and straight. SURPRISINGLY they love dying their hair crazy colors like blue or purple. natural hair is mostly really dark

gemini asc: their hair is usually light and thin but they pull it off really well.  they pull ANYTHING really well tbh like ..green hair on me? derivative. on them? wow innovative queen, truly changing the game for everyone else

cancer asc: have probably cut their hair really short one time and regretted it for years (is that too specific uh probably) they dont strike me as the person to love dying their hair tbh

leo asc: thick hair. natural hair color changes a lot throughout childhood. “big hair” you know, sometimes curly and really in your face about it. their hair grows low and thick on the neck, resembling a lion’s mane. cares about their hair than you tbh.

virgo asc: they loooove natural hair colors + always look good as blondes?? in a way they remind of those pretty but haunted dolls people sell on ebay 

libra asc: really well kept and pretty and i would kill to have a libra risings hair thats it

scorpio asc: their hair fits them so well?? sort of like a helmet but in a good way lmfao. probably only dye their hair black (if not then u should tbh)

sagittarius asc: their hair is dark in youth but impressively white in later years? queens and kings of changing hair colors. for some reason they’re always playing with hair without noticing? casually tossing their head to sweep it back? leave ur hair alone karen!

capricorn asc: have a lot of hair but its usually really thin. they look so good w jet black hair for some reason GOD i wish that were me. also their hair is always straight for some reason? how? hmu with some tips. 

aquarius asc: has probably died their hair every color imaginable (they really dont care what other people think tbh)

pisces asc: their hair always looks messy for some reason but they pull it off so well. they remind me of that tough to achieve natural effortless beauty? usually very long hair as well

Ted the Animator: “Ok, so, The Creeper’s hair is usually purple… which is an odd stylistic decision for a generic monster, if you ask me.”

Carl the Animator: “Don’t be insensitive, it’s how he expresses himself. Generic monsters are individuals too, you know.”

Ted the Animator: “But… when he jumps off the roof, it turns red.”

Ted the Animator: “Like, in mid-air.

Carl the Animator: “Well, *I* say he has every right to bend the laws of physics to be the monster he wants to be.”