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Hi there~ I'm just curious as to what's your favorite hairstyle/color on Youngjae?

Hi dear, 

I would say my answer is bias since Choi Youngjae is my favorite…so everything about Choi Youngjae I would love including his hairstyle or hair color …kekeke 

Well, these are some of my favorite hairstyles as well as hair color that I like on him. ^^ 

p/s: I don’t know so much about hairstyle or color so the way I will describe about his hairstyle might be odd…don’t blame me^^ 

First, I’ll start with this one since this photo right here made me attracted to Choi Youngjae for the very first time when I saw his debut teaser. Not only he colored his hair with my favorite color which is blue but I really think this hairstyle was really suited to his face. Plus, he has a very charming smile which I still fall in love until today ^^ 

I don’t really care much about what kind of hairstyle he has as long as he looks good with it and of course the main reason is because he is Choi Youngjae  (◕‿◕)

So whether it is slightly messy but still look smart like this 

or simply just let it be or like a mushroom style with bang like these… still Choi Youngjae looked beautiful in those hairstyles ^^ 

I also like when Youngjae’s hair was parted at the side or combed to one side with slightly layered bang…he looked handsome and elegant especially when he was in suit 

Oh I also like his hairstyle when he was in Dream Knight. It was slick back and it was very neat. In fact I love it so much. I hope the coordi noona would style his hair like that again one of these days. 

and of course my recent favorite hairstyle of Choi Youngjae for 2016 definitely would be the shaves side which he did during FLY in Bangkok. Damn he was so sexy. 

Well, in terms of hair color  I love all of his hair colors he used before but I would say my favorite would be gray, blue and blonde on Youngjae. He looked really stunning and amazing in those colors. I can say his appearance totally stand out and surprisingly those colors really matched well with the shape of his face and his skin. 

I was really happy that he dyed his hair blue during his graduation because that is my favorite color and he just look so gorgeous in that hair and complete with such a charming smile which can melt your heart.  ❤

I can say that all colors that he had so far are really matched well with his skin complexion and his face which is why we always think he looked good in all those hairstyles and colors. Choi Youngjae is indeed born naturally beautiful and still look so good in any types of hairstyles and hair colors he sport on.

Two tone colors 

Brown black

Ginger or light brown 

Shiny Black 

I also love the way Youngjae wear his snapback which he let some of his bang out from the cap which I think totally adorable. 

or even with tengkolok…look so freaking adorable  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)