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there’s something really cute about how girls have a habit of trying to make anything difficult into a pleasant experience. like my new roommates just planned to get together to discuss contracts, but immediately suggested we do it with movies and nail-painting and chocolate. my friends and i used to dress up and do fun makeup for our exams. whenever my mom took me to doctors appointments when i was a kid, she’d brush my hair and put it up with lots of cute clips. girls are always trying to make things softer, or reduce the everyday stress in life. it’s such a nice way to be.


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Phil was like ‘I want you to curl my hair with some curling irons’. Who cares? Give the people what they want. Some people were like ‘Dan, you could have done a better job’. I was so scared of actually injuring Phil. ‘Cause these things are like 300 degrees and as I said in the video, there’s so many clips on YouTube of girls curling their hair and doing a tutorial and ripping off their entire fringe. Actually think for a second if I actually ripped of AmazingPhil’s fringe. He probably has it insured. I don’t know but it’s like oh my god. So yeah, I was scared I’d burn his flesh. … I didn’t want to be the guy that melted his face on YouTube. So yeah, I hope you had fun with that.

@danielhowell​ during his live show on the 4th of July 2017

Quotes from Dan (63/?)

Phil’s commentary on Dan curling his hair

Dan being absolutely adorable and so scared of actually hurting Phil by accident.

Traiterous Heart (In A Heartbeat fanfic)

So, I’ve watched @inaheartbeat-film and holy shit, it’s so adorable, I pretty much melted into my chair. So, ofc, here’s some fanfic, and ofc it’s fucking long because I cannot, for the life of me, write short things. Enjoy :) part ii will be coming soon as well. 

None of the characters belong to me. Also, I made up background characters for storytelling purpose. 

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prompt me! my fandom list is on my blog. 


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Sherwin’s mommy wears daddy’s heart on a necklace, and his daddy wears mommy’s heart in the pocket of his shirt every day, and Sherwin thinks this is how it’s supposed to be. 


Their kindergarten teacher reads them stories about a knight and a princess falling in love, their hearts jumping out of their chests and holding hands after the knight saves his princess from the evil dragon guarding her, and Sherwin listens to their teacher explains that hearts know true love. 


When he’s in 1st grade, his auntie gets married to her boyfriend, and Sherwin is very happy when he watches her walk down the isle, her heart jumping up and down on her shoulder while her fiancé’s heart waits anxiously next to him. When they embrace at last, Sherwin sniffles and hides his face in his mommy’s skirt. She smiles down at him and pets his hair. “One day, when you’re all grown up, and your heart has picked a nice girl for you, mommy’s gonna cry at your wedding, too.”, she tells him sweetly, and for some reason, Sherwin’s chest feels a little weird. He isn’t sure why, and as soon as he’s got ice cream at the reception, he forgets about it anyway. 

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So today I went into work, took a delivery through freezing rain (as soon as i got there) and then got sent home because my shoes and socks were wet. Anyway I passed out in my work clothes for 5hrs and now im up. @the-happy-high @the-hippyhippie @black-stoners @stoned-pokemon-trainer yall tagged me to take a hit so heres a lil clip wakey bakey. @i-dont-really-mind-im-a-victim @whospilledthebongwater @plainmaryjane @heinousfagotry @sunflowerjawn @badasscannabitch tag you’re it, take a hit!