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I don’t know if it’s the lighting, or if it’s actually happening, or if it’s symbolic, but I REALLY REALLY like how gray Noct’s hair looks

in this scene

idk why I keep thinking about it, it was just a really cool detail for me

at first I thought it was my tv because I turned the brightness up REALLY far one day because I couldn’t fucking see anything in a dungeon and never changed it back, but evidently it looked this way for everyone so

Edit: I just like that it LOOKS gray, guys and gals

Coffee Shop Bodhicassian AU based on a headcanon sent to rookandor, but I don’t feel like sifting through her blog to find it and link it because i’m lazy.

Anyway, I took a break from the angst and suffering that I noramally write and present you with *drum roll* FLUFF.

“Hi, my name’s Bodhi, would you like to get coffee sometime?” Bodhi paused in his pacing and shook his head. “No. Bodhi, no. He works in a coffee shop, he probably hates coffee by now.”

Bodhi took a deep breath and ran his fingers through his loose hair. He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and peered into the screen, trying to see if his hair looked okay. “Okay. Okay. You got this, Bodhi. Just go in there… and ask him to a movie. It’s not hard.”

Bodhi nodded his head and rocked on the ball of his feet a little bit to hype himself before walking into the café. He could do this. He could do this. He was feeling confident. He would finally ask that cute barista out on a date. Easy.

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anonymous asked:

What diseases are there that could cause a characters hair to be/turn almost completely bright white? Eyebrows/eyelashes too, and would eye color or skin tone be affected?

………The things this blog helps me learn. Thank you for this ask, anon. I actually learned a lot reading this.

Oculocutaneous (eye and skin) albinism is really the only one that affects everything. It’s a genetic condition, and it’s present from birth; patients with this type of albinism will never produce dark hair. (ocular albinism only affects the eyes, not the skin.) However, it also causes the skin itself to be white, as seen in this African American child (courtesy of Wikipedia):

Albinism affects melanin production. Eyes will also be a very pale blue, and will often show up as redeye in film.

In terms of a character’s hair turning white, stress and old age are both known to accomplish this, but typically not involving every hair producing cell in the body, and it’s a gradual process.

Patches of hair turning, or simply growing in from birth, white, is called poliosis. It might look something like this:

Vitiligo, like what you see here, causes melanocytes (cells that produce melanin, which dictate skin color) to die, which causes white skin, but if that patch of skin happens to have hair on it, the hair

in that affected area

will turn white. (Iris color is not, to my knowledge, affected by vitiligo.) However, vitiligo that is


to hair-producing cells is not, to my knowledge, possible. (It can, however, affect eyelashes and eyebrows; it just also usually affects the skin around those areas, too.)

Piebaldism can cause


of white hair, but not

every hair including eyebrows and eyelashes


Oh, and severe allopecia can cause literally every hair on your body to fall out, which would lead to a lack of hair, body hair, pubic hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, etc.

I hope this was what you were looking for! Humans are so diverse and amazing. I love them as a species. (I usually dislike the individuals, but what a fascinating species!)

Anyway, I hope you learned as much as I did! Thanks for the ask!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Sooooooo……. I have fallen seriously in love with @abz-j-harding Doctor Strange. Help me. I have even writing a little (LONG) fanfic to go with this drawing. It was not meant to be this long but well I don`t know what happened so enjoy…..

“How do you know it will come?”

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ISFJ: (Looking at her hair). Hair is weird.

INFJ: (Starts looking at her own hair). It’s just dead skin cells

ISFJ: But we both just have dead skin cells hanging from our head yet our hair looks nothing alike!?!?

INFJ: And like people love the dead skin cells that are just growing from our heads. There is even a competition. People are all “who has the best looking dead skin cells?!?

Both: (looking at hair again while pondering). Hair is weird 


Here’s some stunning video of your immune cells doing their thing. 

Every so often, your body’s own cells become dangerous to you. When that happens, cytotoxic T cells (also known as T killer cells) are your immune system’s way of dealing with the threat. 

More often than not, they succeed in vanquishing cells that have become infected with viruses or mutated to the point of becoming cancerous before they can cause further trouble. 

To accomplish this, they’re armed with a battery of chemical weapons and enzymes that they can use to cause target cells to burst open in the event known as lysis. 

Examine the image captions for some more information on what you’re looking at in each one. 

I produced these gifs from some of the latest microscope footage to come out of the National Institutes of Health. Check out the source of this post for some more detailed information and video. It’s pretty amazing how small these things are; ten of them could fit end-to-end across the tip of a human hair.