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Space Nerd Ellen Ryder got pregnant with twins, she saw her time to shine and named them Luke and Leia.

Leia doesn’t like her dad, she’s a biotic with a huge love for coffee and artifacts of any kind. Wants to punch villians, presses flowers between the pages of a book her mom once gave her. Her advice on how to care for your hair? Shave it off. Likes doing her make up, had an emo phase when she was 13 and unironically listens to that He-Man parodie of “What’s up”. Huge Bisexual, as always.

a real ass guide to life

there’s a lot of shit on here about lighting candles and waking up early to see the sunset and if we are being hella honest, no one actually does that. u probably don’t own candles or if u do there in a closet and the only time you wake up early all year round is never. so here’s a guide to actual human beings.

-wake up when you need to. don’t wake up at 5 to “journal” and “meditate.” sleep is more important. if you have a class at 9, wake up at 8. it’s simple.
- eat something. it doesn’t have to be avocado toast. just have a bagel or a bowl of cocoa puffs.
- have ur meds if u take any
- attempt to look nice. at least brush your hair and your teeth. but honestly no one cares how u dress. if you wanna dress like a stripper, then dress like a goddamn stripper. honestly no one cares. (but if ur in hs try to follow the dress code a little bit?)
- wear makeup if u want, or if you don’t then don’t.
- ur probably not gonna exercise or stretch. who cares. i dont. your friends don’t. if ur feeling up to it then go jog 4 miles, but if ur not then don’t.
- actually try to have a plan of what ur doing for that day. attend ur classes, and do ur work. ur education is hella important. FUCKING DO IT. kill those grades, murder everyone else in that class, impress and surprise ur teacher, parents, and everyone else who thought u couldn’t do it
- attempt to be social. make plans with friends and try to go. it can be lowkey and only like an hr. eat pizza or go to a bar. just have fun.
- eat healthy. eat a hamburger when u really want a hamburger and eat a large pizza when u really want a large pizza but try ur hardest to eat healthyish.
- watch ya shows. who doesn’t love some amazing netflix binges? watch it. do it.
- actually read. books are honestly the best. at least try to pick up the first harry potter.
- go to sleep before 2AM!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ sleep is hella important.
- shower. you don’t need to buy expensive bath bombs or candles and have a fancy bath and coat ur skin in so much lotion that you are a walking wet rag, but try to smell somewhat pleasant.
- do what u want. just make sure it’s legal. have sex, travel, learn how to code, be with ur family, have a family, marry someone nice, build an empire, be fierce, be strong, but most of all: be happy. you live once on this planet. live it to the fullest. and don’t let ANYONE bring you down. not a girl, not a guy, not a parent, or a so called friend. keep your standards high, and heels higher.


suddenly, hogwarts AU and everyone is babies??! idk it’s out of my system now don’t tell me to draw anyone else or argue with me about house choices it’s done i’m going to bed now!!!!


Overwatch Festive Icons: Tank Edition!

I felt like making a bunch of icons. Feel free to use! (Just give credit please!)

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Young Victor Headcanons

- Over-dramatic as fuck, telling Yakov he’s going to literally die if he can’t land his quads. When he can’t land a jump he just lays on the ice like he’s dying and is ready to accept sweet death until Yakov yells at him to quit it.

- Wears his hair in different hairstyles during practice, usually defaults to ponytail for competition because he likes to show off how well he cares for his hair. 

- Ignores Yakov…. a lot. Literally will disappear and be late for practice and not give two fucks as he’s being yelled at. Only shows up on time when he feels like it.

Stop comparing yourself to others; it’s toxic.

No one is thinking about what you’re wearing, the pimple on your chin, or how messy your hair is. No one cares.

Things happen at a different pace for everyone and that’s okay.

Stop looking at your old conversations with them. Stop checking their social media. Stop checking up on them. Stop.

Abstain from living by all these unspoken rules. Talk to that cute girl at the coffee shop. Ask more questions. Demand to be heard.

Have respect for yourself because you deserve it.

Ask for help if you need it, there is absolutely no shame in needing help.

Sometimes you’re not going to feel okay, sometimes you won’t feel okay for a long time, and that is okay.

You are more than all of this.

You shouldn’t be ashamed of the things that you enjoy. 

Not everyone is going to stay and you have to learn to be alright with this, grieve, and move on.

Learn to be kind with yourself. 

You shouldn’t waste time trying to live up to someone else’s ideal version of you. 

It’s normal to be scared, everyone’s scared sometimes, and that’s quite alright. 

Don’t let anybody else tell you how to live.

All that matters is that at the end of the day you feel accomplished. That you feel proud of who you are and how you’re living your life. What others are thinking does not and will not ever matter.

—  Things I’ve Learned Since Graduating High School

How To Girl: Highlighting and Contouring #HowToGirlNyc

Its finally here, this is a gift from me to you. I hope you enjoy and i hope it helps in your Journey. :)

Taking care of your hair:                           

Natural Hair Care

Hair Tips

Hair Health 

Scalp Health 


Hair porosity 

Hair color

Method on how to take care of your hair.


LOC method

Max Hydration method 

Indian Oiling Method

Tension method

Instructions on taking care of your natural hair:

DIY hair

How to

Hair tutorials 

Styling your hair:

Natural hairstyles 


wash n go


Braid styles

Box braids


twist, flat twist, twistout, etc…



Faux locs


Natural hair accessories



Those wash days

Wash day





In the news


Cultural appropriation




The Good and bad

I love my hair

Hair growth


Natural hair problems

Hair breakage

The Ingredients

Natural hair products 

Hair oils

Coconut oil

Aloe vera

Apple cider vinegar

Castor oil

Shea butter

Natural Hair Recipes

Hair recipes

Your curl pattern


Hair type

3b/3c hair

4a hair

4c hair

The Kids

Natural hair kids

The Male Version

Natural hair men


Older and wiser

Mature naturals

Buy Black

Black owned businesses


Miscellaneous Things

Natural hair quotes

Natural hair gifs


Natural love

Natural celebrities






Black art


My Artistic Side

Eprahs Designs



How to be more confident! 9 ways & tips!

1. stop comparing yourself to others - What you see isn’t always real.
you are beautiful and unique in your own way!
Making comparisons is damaging and not necessary.

2. get rid of anything that make you feel bad about yourself - these might be negative thoughts, clothing that no longer fits or even mean friends that are bringing you down.

3. Identify your talents - everyone is good at something, so discover the things at which you excel, and then focus on your talents.                                Give yourself permission to take pride in them. Express yourself, whether it’s through art, music, writing, or dance.

4. Put care into your appearance and take care of yourself - take a shower on daily basis, brush your teeth, wash your face and brush your hair, you’re worth caring about!

5.  Dress for confidence - How we dress affects both how we feel about ourselves and the way others perceive us.
Don’t be afraid of some color! the color red will make you stand out and the color yellow will make you feel happy and shiny!

6. Learn - The more knowledge you acquire, the more confident you will be. Knowledge is power, and the more powerful you feel, the higher your confidence will be.

7. Take risks - great achievments involve great risks.
try to push yourself by doing risky things, go out from your shell, from the place you feel safe.                                                                                                       you will get no where if you will always be in the same place.

8. instant ways to boost your confident! - 

Stand up as tall as you can, like you’re a puppet and somebody just pulled the string that’s attached to the top of your noggin. 

Pull your shoulder blades down and back as far as possible. 

Pick your chin up and look straight ahead - stop looking down while         walking around, there’s a whole world out there for you to see.

9. Look in the mirror and smile - by looking in the mirror and smiling every day, you might feel happier with yourself and more confident in the long run. This will also help you feel happier about your appearance, and to accept the way you look.


hello it is i, ash, embracing my shitty black and white aesthetic and my natural hair


✯ ✰ ★ How to flirt with your crush 101 ✯ ✰ ★
                 Even Bech Næsheim style

1. Appear out of nowhere like a ninja
2. Suggest to go to some party together
3. And then also suggest to ditch the party together
4. Cycle down until you see a random house with a random pool from a random mate back in elementary
5. Break in to the pool because why not
6. Tease them about how they care about their hair and wait for them to push you in
7. Propose a challenge underwater but play cheat and fake strangle them
8. THEN, plant a kiss on their lips 
9. Rematch AGAIN and wait for them to plant a kiss back
10. Dramatically float up and kiss the shit out of each other

↬ remember to: ooze charms while doing steps 1-10

(gifs: skamyou, trans: shametv)

 how to flirt with your crush manual   |   how to impress your crush manual