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Dating Yoongi 😴

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Dating Yoongi would be like 😌:


-everything will start off slow

-don’t expect him to confess to you in a big ok drama scene. It ain’t happening

-he’ll sit down with you and just be honest

-Yoongi is soft no matter what anyone says

-if you do something cute or that he thinks is funny

-he’ll try to hide it.

-he’ll say “what was that”

-but he’ll end up smiling like a fool cuz he actually liked it a lot

-if he doesn’t like something he’ll stare at you and tell you he didn’t like it.

-he’s honest with you.

-he says he can’t be sweet to someone but he has his own way that’s even sweeter

-he’ll take care of you

-“did you eat today? Let’s go eat. ”

-“wear a coat the whether is cold today.”

-he’ll notice small things too

-“are you drinking enough water ?”

-“you look tired let’s take a nap.”

-if you’re sick Yoongi will be so cute

-“I can’t get sick so I can’t take care of you”

-calls every 5 mins to check on you

-the one time you don’t pick up he runs over cuz Hoseok kept telling him you passed

-he tries to play it off but he’s obviously worried

-he puts on his mask and lays down with you for a nap

-you : “you don’t need a mask it’s just s cold”

“You’re just trying to get me sick. ”

-he’d like napping during the day

-he’d love playing in your hair

-he’d actually try to help you with it

-he’d get frustrated and quit

-but after a while he’ll get the hang of it.

-“hey baby I read on the internet you should use coconut oil, but why? ”

You: “why are you searching products for my hair care?”

“Mind your own business”


-arguments with Yoongi would be hella frustrating

-he’d be so passive aggressive

-and sarcastic as all get out

-you’ll forget what you were arguing about and just remember all he did during it.

-he’d probably be stubborn to apologize

-it would probably take him more time and thought to realize if he was wrong

-he wouldn’t be able to work cuz all he would think about is the argument

-he’d probably replay it over and over in his head trying to figure out your side of things

-when he did realize he was at fault he’d have to apologize right then.

-he’d expect you to do so if you were wrong

-and honestly he would forgive you right away depending on the situation

-he isn’t the kind to argue for hours

-after a while he’d just walk away from you.


-sorry but Yoongi wouldn’t remember

-he’s not thoughtless

-but it isn’t something he’ll remember

-he’ll feel bad for forgetting

-but he’ll just want to plan a make up date for later.

-of course it’s special to him

-but he can’t keep track

-if he remembers prepared to be spoiled

-he won’t make a romantic dinner

-but be prepared for an amazing gift and a night out

-maybe to see a movie

-or go for a drive

☺️dating Yoongi would be more good than bad. He’d be honest and caring. He has his own way of doing things. They may seem cold to others but you should know it’s from his heart ☺️

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Madam C.J. Walker’s “Wonderful Hair Grower”

Photo:  This tin for Madam C. J. Walker’s “Wonderful Hair Grower” was a product of entrepreneur Madame C. J. Walker’s hair care line. Gift from Dawn Simon Spears and Alvin Spears, Sr., Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Hair care entrepreneur Madam C.J. Walker was first exposed to the hair care business in the late 1880s when she moved to St. Louis, Missouri. She worked for Annie Turnbo Malone, an African American hair care entrepreneur and owner of the Poro Company, selling her hair care products for about a year and a half in the city. 

After experimenting with her own ingredients, she began marketing her products across the country. Her philosophy of “hair culture” grew to high demand among African Americans.  

In 1911, she incorporated the Madam C.J. Walker Manufacturing Company and began recruiting sales agents in major cities across the nation. Her efforts led to the creation of both the Madam C.J. Walker Hair Culturists Union of America and the National Negro Cosmetics Manufacturers Association in 1917. Walker’s efforts provided African American women steady employment as well as a career they and their communities could find pride in.


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