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For a fic prompt. Fluffy spa day with Lance and Allura.

Give me the fluff!!!!!!!! I am not all that knowledgeable about spa days or treatments, but I’ll do my best!

“Lance? Are you sure that this is okay to put on our faces?” Allura looks at the goop in the bowl, eyeing it suspiciously.

“Yes Allura, I will have you know this is my own special blend, and yes it is safe to use.” Lance boasts, taking back the bowl and a scooping out some of the contents and spreading it against her cheek.

Much to Allura’s surprise, it was cold to the touch and felt as if her pores were being frozen yet oddly clearing. “Aaah! It’s frigid! What is it doing?!”

Lance chuckles, continuing to apply the home made face mask “don’t worry Allura, it’s mint.”

“And what does that mean exactly?”

“It means that it’s very strong and if it feels like your pores are breathing in cold are for the first time, it’s doing it’s job. Trust me a little will ya?” Lance laughs out, giving Allura a reassuring smile. Allura merely nods and allows Lance to continue.

Allura tries to sit still as Lance applies the rest of the face mask, opting for looking at some of the Altean hair care bottles to help busy her mind busy from the bursts of intense freshness.

Once Lance was done applying his face mask on Allura he sits in front of her and lets Allura pick up her own concoction of a face mask and apply it to his face. He can’t help but giggle at the tickling feeling that follows every swipe of Allura’s face mask.

“Why does it tickle so much! Hahahahaha!”

Allura smiles at Lance’s unabashed laughter “it’s called staberily; it’s much like your ‘mint’, the more it tickles, the more it’s doing it’s job.”


Once both masks were applied and timer was set and running, Lance let’s Allura pick out one of the bottles of hair treatments that she had in her bathroom.
Gently, Allura kneads the Altean hair strengthening liquid into Lance’s hair, scratching gently against his scalp, getting a pleased sound from Lance. She applies the treatment liberally, making sure that his hair was fully coated in it. She wraps a towel around his hair to let the treatment set in and get to work.

“Do you want me to do your hair as well?”

“No, it’s quite alright. I use it much more often than you. But thank you.” Allura declines, but easily shifts the conversation to the nail care kit on the counter. “But I’d love to see you ‘mani pedi skills’ I said that right, right?”

Lance chuckles and gladly starts working on Allura’s nails, buffing and filing them to a smooth finish. Proud of his work, Lance happily picks up his collection of nail polish and lays them out before Allura.

“Pick a color! Any color!”

Allura debates with herself for a few seconds before her eyes seem to settle on a particularly bright pink that Lance was proud that he had accomplished making.

“That one! It looks just like a juniberry’s petals!”

Lance gladly grabs it, and then getting a great idea, he also grabs a darker blue as well, much to Allura’s confusion.

“You trust me, right?”

“Yeeeeeesssss? What exactly am I trusting you with?”

“It’s a surprise, just trust me and don’t look down until I’m done, ok?”

Allura looks into Lance’s eyes and all she can see is his determination to do whatever it was he planned. She gives him a curt nod and closes her eyes, offering up her hand to him.

While she can’t see what’s really going on, she can tell that Whatever he’s doing, it has his full concentration, not even saying a peep as he works on her nails. After the first hand, he takes her other hand and apply the same level of concentration on it like the one before. As soon as he was done with that hand he switches back to the first, and lastly goes back to the other.

Allura patiently waits for Lance to tell her to look, a bit anxious about what it was he was working on.

“Okay, you can look!”

Allura opens her eyes and looks down to see that on her nails, against a dark blue background, small little juniberry flowers decorate her nails. so small yet so precise, she’s amazed at the detail in them. She could almost smell them just by looking at them.

“Allura? Are you ok? Do you not like them?”

Allura looks up from her nails and looks at Lance for the first time since he said she could look.

“Yes, I’m alright.”

“It’s just that….you’re crying.”

Allura attempts to touch her cheeks, but immediately stops midway, scared of messing up the beautiful designs Lance worked so hard on. She lowers her hand, and gives him a watery smile.

“Yes. Yes I’m fine. They’re happy tears. These are beautiful Lance, absolutely extraordinary. I love them.”

Lance gives her a warm smile, one unlike the one he would give her at first. Before, they were boisterous and fake; but this one is full of familial love and kindness and happiness.

Just then the timer goes off for their masks and breaking the touching moment. Both laugh off any tension left as they move over back to the tub to wash off their masks and Lance’s hair treatment.


Both of them are sitting on the couch, Allura still admiring her nails as Lance plays with her hair, weaving braids through her hair. Each enjoying the silence that they sit in.

It was Allura that finally broke the silence, “how did you learn how to do this Lance? It’s spectacular.”

“My sister, Maria, she’s a nail artist. She makes crazy and amazing art on her nails that would put my work to shame. god, you should see some of the stuff she’s created on her nails. She once made the most bejeweled nails I’ve ever seen anyone work such dazzling nails! Anyways, she would teach me how to do some of the more simpler stuff because all of our younger sisters wanted that kind of stuff on their nails too. And I just got really good at it.”

Allura hums in agreement, still looking at her nails in the low lighting.

“I think your sisters would be very proud of you. Thank you Lance.”

Lance smiles and continues to braid Allura’s hair, glad that they could enjoy themselves today.

Ta da! There you go! I hope you like!


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Madam C.J. Walker’s “Wonderful Hair Grower”

Photo:  This tin for Madam C. J. Walker’s “Wonderful Hair Grower” was a product of entrepreneur Madame C. J. Walker’s hair care line. Gift from Dawn Simon Spears and Alvin Spears, Sr., Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Hair care entrepreneur Madam C.J. Walker was first exposed to the hair care business in the late 1880s when she moved to St. Louis, Missouri. She worked for Annie Turnbo Malone, an African American hair care entrepreneur and owner of the Poro Company, selling her hair care products for about a year and a half in the city. 

After experimenting with her own ingredients, she began marketing her products across the country. Her philosophy of “hair culture” grew to high demand among African Americans.  

In 1911, she incorporated the Madam C.J. Walker Manufacturing Company and began recruiting sales agents in major cities across the nation. Her efforts led to the creation of both the Madam C.J. Walker Hair Culturists Union of America and the National Negro Cosmetics Manufacturers Association in 1917. Walker’s efforts provided African American women steady employment as well as a career they and their communities could find pride in.


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