hair brained schemes

Fuck cheap baby boomers

I work at a small family owned animal hospital and let me tell ya some of our clients are the worst kinds of people. Almost all of them are extremely cheap and rude when you don’t capitulate to their ludicrous demands. Anyways story time, there’s a new allergy medication (it’s been out for three years) and it’s wonderful, the only drawback being it’s cost. Yes I understand not everyone can afford the newest, biggest, and best thing around, I know I can’t. So yesterday this older guy (maybe in his 50’s) comes into pick up this medication for his dog, all is going as normal except he has this hair brained scheme of how he’s gonna be cheap about it. He thinks of he gives the next size up and gives half the pill he’ll be kosher. So I’m standing there for half a fucking hour, with other people waiting for me to help them, trying to explain that 10.2 mg =/= 8 mg and we can’t give out misdosed prescriptions. So he storms out and leaves his card on the counter and he comes back THREE whole hours later to pick it up and cusses me out because it wasn’t sitting directly where he left it three hours ago (we put cards that people left into a locked drawer. Thank god my boss had my back and refused to give into this cheapskates idea.


It had been some time since that fateful encounter with Zoe Qin where Blue had spilled his guts and let it be known that he was in truth a total idiot. And since then, the young trainer had found himself wishing to talk to her again, to be acknowledged by her and hear that ever delightful voice.
His obsession had been so much that he had found himself in Sinnoh’s Sunnyshore City, just waiting to get a glimpse and even exchange a few words with her once more.

But he also knew she hated him…so he began to fret. Like a lot. He had come all this way and he was probably in for another harsh encounter, so he had come up with a hair brained scheme.

Putting his hair down and donning shades, Blue found himself outside the NT building, watching Zoe as she moved exquisitely, bossing around children. Oh boy did he have it bad.

He had been here for hours already, waiting for her to be finished.

“Hi” he said in his head over and over again as he waited for that moment to come.