hair bow


Casual Fairy Kei while going out to tea with my mom, grandma and aunt for Mother Day. Part one, selfies will be in another post (I took to many good photos lol). Here’s the second post!

I’ve had this shirt for almost a year and have yet to wear it. lol I also haven’t worn proper Fairy Kei in a long time. I really love this outfit and I’m happy with how it turned out. Also it’s easier to put stuff in my short hair ;p

  • Shirt: Hot Topic
  • Skirt: Spreepicky
  • Lace komono: Ross
  • Tights: Ebay
  • Shoes: Goodwill, painted by me
  • Bag: Undertale Ita bag, bought at Sakura-con
  • Necklace: Handmade and given to me by a cosplayer at Sakura-con
  • Big fluffy hair bow: Daiso

Edit: A lovely in the Fairy Kei group on fb said this is a bit more Party Kei then Fairy Kei. I don’t know the differences (there are so many different styles), but either way this is a cute outfit.


Between moving and some vet bills for my beloved aging kitty cat, I find myself with some Expenses ™, so this is a great time to remind everyone that I Have An Etsy with Cool Science Things and Also Other Things!

Bow ties! Hair accessories! Beanies! I also have a sewing machine, crochet hooks, and a moderate amount of skill and therefore custom orders are available! If you can think of it I can at least try to make it.

Tell your friends! Help with my bills and obtain cool stuff!!!