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Yeah you can see a pattern in the phone backgrounds about the stuff I like….and yes I did the purple picture with shiro myself and I liked it

And Outro:Wings has been the song I listened to almost 24/7 lately bc its just so damn inspiring to work hard (like almost every song by BTS)

The selfie is from last summer and with mY LITTLE BROTHER LOOK AT HOW CUTE HE IS HE WANTED US TO DO THE PEACE SIGN AND TRIED SO HARD TO COPY ME AND CHECK IF HE IS DOING IT RIGHT I just have a lot of emotions about this picture

Melting With You

A numbered prompt drabble, requested by @shultzygirl,  @dumbdogsss @starbuck1013 @vickiweis44 @markwatneyandensemble and @medicaldoctordana

She’d left her shoes in the car, pulled his jacket over her head like a tarp, and clutched her bag to her chest, and on the count of three, they’d made a run for it — but even the twenty yards from the parking area to the bungalow porch was enough, very likely, to ruin the skirt of her suit.

Dammit — why do I ever bother to buy dry-clean only? She thinks, trying to finger-comb her damp, rain-blown hair back into place and wishing she’d followed the train of thought that had them still in the car, steaming up the windows, making streaky handprints on the glass as they …

He’s next to her, shaking out his soaked hair like the world’s largest puppy. He sees her irritated expression and smiles that smile — the placating one that somehow manages to hint at things he won’t say, for instance that he wouldn’t have minded the staying-in-the-car scenario either.

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Until the End of the Line (Fred Weasley x Reader)

              Word Count: 1,000

a/n i suck so bad i’m sorry i’m a terrible person for 

          You and Fred were watching the battle rage on, and you looked at each other, smiles on your faces. There was nothing you’d rather be doing than protecting your home, and you knew that you would never make it out alive. At least you would spend the last time with Fred. “Hey Freddie.” You reached over and gave his hand a light squeeze, “you know I love you, right?”

               “I know.” He whispered, looking over at you. It was dark in the castle, and you both could hear the silence that came before a war. The tension was in the air, and the adrenaline was running through your veins.

               “What if we don’t make it?” You whispered, and he shook his head, looking forward again at the scene in front of him. Voldemort’s army was crashing through the barrier, and you could hear the faint shouting of soldiers from below.

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I Think I Like This Song

Title: I Think I Like This Song

An X-men fanfiction series

Pairing: Peter Maxomoff x reader (who is kind of a scene/alt/emo girl?)

Fandom: X-Men

Characters: Peter Maximoff x reader, Charles Xavier, Jean Grey

Warnings: Mentions self-harm (no graphic), depression, a little bit of swearing, FLUFF TO COME

Summary: One day the reader meets Peter at the CD store she works at, and he steals her Walkman, along with a CD in it. A few years later, something happens (which remains a mystery for the plot, because I like a good cliffhanger. Fight me.) and she is thrown in jail. Charles manages to get her out, but she falls into a depression. She won’t speak, so Charles is the only one she talks to, and very little. When school starts, Charles makes Jean her roommate since she’s a telepath.

Notes: Okay so I’m planning on this to turn out fluffy and really cute, so if you like that keep reading the next parts ;) (spoiler alert: Peter Maximoff fluff) The prologue happens before Apocalypse, and the Part 1 after it. The Prologue is not my favorite, but important for the plot, so bear with me. It takes a sudden dark turn in Part 1.

Originally posted by sassy-peter-maximoff


She stared out the big front window, watching the clouds break loose all hell from their hold. The rain pounded a rhythm above her, and the irregularity of it was both soothing and nerve-racking. She sat behind a counter, curled up on a swivel chair that hadn’t been changed since the stone age, bits and pieces of the padding inside hanging by a string. She fiddled with the chain hanging from her belt as she inspected the empty shop: rows of shelves, stacked CDs, even a few records in a box in the corner.  The shop was still stocked to the brim, like usual. Not many came through the door, just the occasional passing punk or the rare confused mother looking for a last- minute present for their son’s birthday.

A loud thunderclap cracked in the sky, illuminating her face in an eery glow, before fading back into the relentless downpour. She propped her elbow on the arms of the chair, resting her head on her gloved hand. Her black nails combed through her locks, dyed an autumn red, as she felt herself slip to daydream. She decided to get some music: she was no use anyways. Throwing her black boots on the floor, she paced down the aisle, her footsteps slightly loud against the muted patter. She ran her fingers over the CDs, not sure what she was looking for. She stopped on a mustard yellow one, the title in a typewriter font. She smirked: “Sweet Dreams are made of this”.  Backtracking, she jumped over the counter and slid into the chair again, propping her feet on the desk. She slipped it into the Walkman in front of her, plugging in her black earphones. Placing them in her ears, she laid back in her chair and let the music wash over her. She succumbed to the beat of the drums and the bass of the guitar: Synthpop wasn’t her favorite genre, but she would make do.

Suddenly, she felt a gust of cold air wash over her face, sending chills up her spine. Slightly disconnected from the real world by the music, she jumped when she realized the door was swinging wide open, banging on the wall in the wind. She reluctantly paused her music and lifted herself of her bottom to battle the storm. Once the door had clicked, she halfheartedly turned the Open sign that had flipped over. Oh, how she wished it was closed already. But she still had two shifts left.

She whirled around to see, much to her surprise, a teenage boy sitting behind the desk. “What the f-” she stopped mid-sentence when she realized he didn’t hear her. He was listening to the music, wearing HER headphones. He was obviously “in the zone,” so she stomped up to the boy, yanked the headphones out of his ears, and proceeded to ask him, quite madly, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

Much to her surprise, he wasn’t the least bit ruffled. He gave her a cocky smile, slapped a pair of steam punk goggles from over his eyes onto his silvery hair,  then, leaning on the desk between them, in a singsong mono toned voice, answered,

“Hello, miss, do you need help finding a particular band?” He batted his thick eyelashes and tilted his head sweetly, looking for a reaction. At this point, she was done: this man did not have the right to touch her personal possessions. She could barely contain herself. Walking up slowly, she slammed her hands on the old desk and leaned over it, until she was barely centimeters away from him. Looking him straight in the eyes, she lifted a provoking eyebrow. “I don’t know, you tell me.” She said vehemently, and he held her gaze without blinking. His lopsided grin widened and he sat back, setting his Nike’s on the desk on front of her face. “Come on,” he slid his hands behind his head, balancing the chair precariously, “I’m not doing anything wrong!” Her face was now set in a permanent scowl, but he remained unfazed. He brushed off some dust from his silver leather jacket, and as he did she couldn’t help but glance at the cash register: it would not have been the fist time she had to fight of a greedy hooligan. He followed her eyes and scoffed. “Please, I just wanted to get out of the rain.”

“In case you haven’t noticed, this is the cashier’s chair. And if memory serves, you don’t work here.” The sarcasm in her voice didn’t really surprise her: it happened so often she sometimes couldn’t make out if she was being sarcastic or not. Suddenly, another flash of lightning lit up the sky, blinding her for a split second. When she opened her eyes he was there, standing in front of her, so close she could feel his vanilla ice cream scented breath on her face, holding the earphones to his ears with  her Walkman in his hand. “Yeah, I’m never getting a job!” He chuckled, his dark eyes glinting. He looked somewhat childlike, and the light from the storm created a ghostly halo on top of his messy, blown back hair. “You know what?” He said, mimicking a pensive expression, “I think I like this song.”

It all happened in a blur: she felt the wind rush over her, her hair whipping her face. The loud boom of thunder covered up the sound of the door slamming, and posters went flying all over the room. Dumbfounded, she stared at the shop in shock. She hadn’t even seen him leave. It was like he had just disappeared, leaving a mess like a tornado hit. It was still raining, so she couldn’t imagine why he had sped off, not that it mattered to her, but even the reason why he had come in was a mystery. And she just couldn’t fathom how he got out so fast, dragging everything in the shop a few centimeters closer to the door with the pull. She headed back to pick up the posters, stacking them in a neat pile on the desk, pretty much ready to sit back and be bored out of her mind for the next couple of hours, cleaning the rows of CDs that had been shoved off the shelves.

And then, it dawned on her: he had left with her Walkman.

Part 1

Three years later, the incident happened. She was lost: she didn’t know what to do. All she remembered where the metal bar doors slamming hard in front of her nose, the cold damp stone against her palms as she was thrown on the floor. She still had her own clothes, but a black and white jumpsuit was folded on the cot beside her, like a vile rag. She curled up in a ball, her back against the wall, staring blindly at the seeping darkness in front of her, not daring to speak, lest to be in deeper trouble, as the lights slowly flickered off, leaving her in the dark.

The same was for her trial. She didn’t defend herself; just stared at the ground, while the lawyer slowly bashed her down, pushing her deeper into an abyss of self-hatred. Her parents didn’t want her anymore: she was a demon spawn. They had kicked her out of the house, and didn’t even show up to her trial. It wasn’t much trouble for the police to pick her up. She had stayed in for nearly a month; became used to people boring holes into her back as they stared, to the signs they made at her approach. She looked down at her chipped nails covered in grime as stray locks slipped from behind her her ears, refusing to speak. Her voice, her cursed voice, had started this. The cuffs at her wrists were dragging her down, and she knew it was hopeless: what she had done was too horrible. She remembered single tear threatening to slip past her defenses, but she repeated the words in her mind, the lyrics that had kept her going all this time.

Suddenly, the court doors flew open. She hadn’t turned around: it didn’t matter to her. Little did she know, it would change her life. A bald man rolled in on a wheelchair, and somehow, he got her out. To this day it remains a blur in her mind, but she was out.

He called himself Charles Xavier, Professor X. He brought her to his school, promising he could help, took her in. Charles Xavier’s school for Gifted Youngsters. It was summer at the time, and not many students or professors were around, except for Hank, but he spent his time in the lab. Charles attempted in vain to heal her, but the depression had taken over: she started wearing big bracelets to cover the cuts on her wrists, stopped eating, but Charles wouldn’t have it. He set things in her mind that made it impossible for her to pick up a razor with the intention to hurt herself, but she just tore her nails up on her sore skin. She stayed inside with the windows closed, the satin curtains pulled shut. No light touched her skin for days, weeks, and she grew pale. Her hair was longer now, the red dye only creeping up halfway up the length. Charles, on one mind-search, found she liked music. Thinking it harmless, he got her a stereo. She drank up the song like it was a drug. The lyrics went deeper than the thrum of her eardrums; it spoke to her soul, buried deep inside her closed-off heart. Charles only could speak to her, with his thoughts, and as much as she didn’t like it, I felt good. He came very often: tried to get her to talk, to get her to eat. But she wouldn’t.

Soon, summer was over. The Professor forced her to go to class; he knew he wouldn’t be able to take care of her as much, so instead of leaving her in her misery he decided to entrust her to his teachers. This resulted in a heated mind- discussion, but she couldn’t argue: he had all the right reasons.

A week before school started, her roommate came. It was Charles’ idea: “she can help you”, he had said, “she’s a telepath, just like I am, and she’s been here for a while now.” It was no use fighting him; he only wanted to help. She was sitting on the floor in the dark when she came. Slowly, she pushed herself up and cracked open the door. She was greeted by a warm smile. Hello, a singsong voice echoed in her mind, my name is Jean. She didn’t say anything, just shoved her hands in the pocket of her worn hoodie. How are you? The older girl asked. She would continue to repeat that every time she saw her, despite the unchanging answer. I’m fine. She finally answered, looking down at her feet. Her shoulders were caved in, her eyes were down, Jean could see her self-esteem was somewhere deep. Jean couldn’t help it: she took her in her arms, silently prying at her thoughts. Yes, she had been through a lot. Jean saw some thoughts that scared her more than she would like to admit it, and she couldn’t stop the tear running down her cheek. She promised to herself she would help her, no matter the cost, and hugged her tighter. Rubbing her shoulders, she let go and headed to the window. Suddenly, the younger girl grabbed her arm. It’s okay, she reassured, then continued. She pulled back the curtains, the sunlight seeping in for the first time in a while. It played games on Jean’s head of red hair, made her gray eyes shine and sparkle. The other girl flinched slightly at the light; her eyes weren’t used to it anymore. Slowly, watching the girl’s thoughts, she opened the window. A gust of air ruffled through her hair, fresh and soothing. A thought came from the girl, about the height of the drop between the sill and the concrete underneath, that, quite to Jean’s surprise, she tried to stomp down with the lyrics of a song. Jean decided she would ask the Professor about what this meant, but for now she had to get her ready to meet new people, and she only had a week to do so. She faced her with a welcoming grin. Isn’t it beautiful? She gestured to the breathtaking view. The girl tentatively stepped closer, and Jean grabbed her by the shoulders comfortingly. What’s your name?She asked confidently. After a short moment, she heard a delicate reply: 


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Hi! Could you write a Meliodas x Reader please ? I don't have any ideas in mind so I hope it's ok

Hmm…Meliodas. I think I can write him decently. It’s fine that you don’t have any ideas, I have a couple. I think this came out kinda cute.

Originally posted by clark-bot

You watched as Elizabeth got groped by Meliodas for the millionth time. Your grip tightened on your tray as you looked away and smiled at your customers. It annoyed you how he did it without any restrictions to the princess, and it was even more annoying when she didn’t do anything about it.

You forced it into the back of your mind before nodding at their order and heading to the bar, shouting the order to Ban before heading out the back door for a minute. “Finally, fresh air.” Although the bar had just opened, it was almost packed and people were already getting drunk.

“(Y/N), you alright?” You looked up, coming face to face with Diane.

“Yeah. Just Meliodas,” you muttered, looking off. “And the bar was getting stuffy.” She nodded, noticing how fidgety you were. “I better get back in. Your break’s over in ten, by the way.”

“Got it. Good luck.” You stepped back in, grabbing the food Ban handed you and hurrying over to the customers you had talked to moments before.

“Sorry for the wait~” you hummed, bending over slightly as you set their food down. You floated around, picking up orders and money as people came and went. The princess did the same, although she ended up distracted with the captain again. You huffed, a stray piece of hair being blown back into place and you hushed around, picking up where she left off. “Less playing around, more work,” you muttered as you passed, irritated. The blonde blinked before letting go of Elizabeth, who returned to working.

“The captain is fond of (Y/N), isn’t he?” Gowther asked, watching you flit between tables with a smile on your face.

“What makes you say that?” King replied, looking at him curiously.

“(Y/N) became visibly irritated with him and when she said something, he stopped touching Elizabeth,” he explained, making your cheeks flush a light pink when you heard him. Ignoring him completely, you focused on your work. You got more tips when you flirted with the customers, so you tended to go a little overboard to bring in more money for yourself.

“What, are you nervous? I can taste it first, if you want~” you hummed, leaning towards the young male you were serving. His face flushed and he nodded, making you giggle. Taking a piece of meat from the plate, you looked him dead in the eye and took a bite, humming and licking your fingers when you were done. “Delicious~ Want me to feed you a bite?” Again, he nodded. If his face was any redder, you could’ve sworn he would explode. You grabbed his fork and scooped some food onto it, smiling. “Say ah~” After you fed him, you grabbed his hand and placed the fork in it, blowing a kiss his way before bouncing off to serve others.

“Hey (Y/N), can I talk to you outside for a minute?” You blinked, turning to Meliodas before nodding.

“I’ll be right back, loves~” You winked, following him out the door. “What’s up?”

“What’s with all the flirting recently?” he asked, crossing his arms in front of him. You bent over, looking him right in the eye (bc he’s like 4′9″) and glaring at him.

“Why the hell do you care, Captain?” you growled, more irritated than you probably should have been. “I’m bringing in more money, since the princess is obviously too busy to work.” You went to straighten back up when he grabbed your purple scarf and pressed his lips to yours. A surprised sound emerged and you tried pulling away, only to have the grip on your scarf tighten and you pulled closer. After a moment, he pulled away, letting go of it and letting you stand up. You loosened the scarf and coughed, rubbing your neck lightly. “What the hell-”

“If you didn’t like me doing that to Elizabeth, maybe I’ll do it to you instead,” he said nonchalantly, walking back in. Your cheeks turned pink and you followed him in, rolling your eyes.

“At least tell me next time. You almost choked me.”

“I’ll be more gentle next time~”


Bus Rides- Chapter 18

Chapter 1

Chapter 17 

Word Count: 1623 (wow that’s long for me okay)

Days turned to weeks and weeks to months. Soon, Phil was out of his wheelchair and completely the end of the school year was approaching. Kids were stressing over exams and anxiously awaiting the summer break. Dan and Phil, however, were savoring each last bit of the school year. When summer would roll around, they wouldn’t be seeing each other for months. 

They each muddled through their standardized tests and found themselves in the last week of school: exam week. As they’d each only missed a few days of school and gotten decent grades, they were both exempt from their exams. Basically, for Dan and Phil, school was over. However, they still came in every day simply to soak up every second together they had left. 

“Hey, Dan. You wanna skip class today?” Phil asked as they ate breakfast Friday morning. They had been sitting through busywork for the last four days and were quite frankly sick of it.

“We can do that?” 

“Yeah. They stopped counting absences Tuesday. And it is the last day of school, after all.” 

Dan rolled his eyes. “Do they even expect us to be here? Let’s go.” They finished their breakfast and hopped in Phil’s car. A thought suddenly hit Dan. “Phil?” 


“Where are we going?” 

Phil thought on this for a moment before smirking. “How much money do you have on you?” 

Dan was confused. “None? Why would I bring money with me to school?” 

Phil checked his wallet. “I’ve got about 150 dollars. Do you have around 75 dollars at home?” 

Confused, Dan responded slowly. “Yeah… Why?” 

“You can pay me back later. We’re going to Thrillpark.” Thrillpark was an amusement park a few hours away. As the name stated, there were over a dozen thrill rides. “Tell your mom we’re hanging out tonight and I’ll drop you off at your house around 7. Then we’ll have about 6 hours at the park.” 

Dan checked his calculations and agreed, texting his mom. “Let’s go!”

After paying admission and entering the park, they reached a fork in the path. “Where are we going first?” 

Phil glanced around, realizing neither of them had grabbed a park map. “We can go on that.” He pointed at a slowly spinning tower that overlooked the whole park. “Then we’ll be able to see the rest of the park and know what we should ride.” Dan agreed and they headed to the tower. When they reached the top, they looked out over the park and the mountains surrounding it. Smiling, Dan took Phil’s hand as they admired the view. 

“Look at that one!” Dan pointed to the drop tower, where people fell from as high up as they were.

“And look at that one!” Phil pointed at the tallest coaster in the park. It was even higher up than they were.

“Look over there!” As the tower began its descent, they saw a roller coaster right near them. Its riders were suspended on their backs, so they were experiencing the rush of flying backwards. “I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to fly.” Dan looked at Phil, suggesting simply with his stare that they should ride it. 

The tower reached the ground and its doors opened. “Okay…” 

Dan raced over to the coaster, Phil far behind him. Phil stopped in front of the coaster, staring at a group of riders whizzing through a loop. “Phil?” He turns his head to see Dan looking at him with a concerned expression. “Are you okay?” 

“Yeah… I’ve just never been on this one before.” 

“Don’t tell me you’re scared.” 

“No, no…” Phil blushed. “Let’s go.” The park was just opening as they arrived, so there wasn’t a line for the ride. They hopped on the front cart, buckling in. Phil looked at Dan nervously. Dan extended him a hand, which he took and squeezed harder than Dan thought necessary. 

“Don’t worry. It’ll be fun.” Dan smiled, and with that, they were off. They rotated over onto their harnesses, and Dan reached his free hand out into the sky. He screamed as the wind blew through his curly hair. “Woohoo! I’m flying! Phil, we’re flying!” As his head was locked into place, he couldn’t look at Phil. All he knew was Phil was grasping his hand for dear life. 

Dan beamed through the rest of the ride, cheering every time they hit a loop. As the ride came to a stop, Dan unbuckled his harness and climbed out, his hair tousled from the wind. Phil emerged with his hair blown back into a charming ebony quiff. “See, that wasn’t too bad, was it?” Dan kissed Phil for only a second before he pulled back, leaning over a trash can and vomiting. Dan frowned. “Okay, maybe it was.” 

“Can’t do coasters lying down.” Phil stood up, making his way to a bench and sitting down.

Dan took a seat beside him. “I’ll let you rest awhile. Do you want some water?” 

“Yeah, that would be nice.” Phil handed Dan a five dollar bill and Dan left for a few minutes, returning with a bottled water. 

“Better drink it all. The thing cost four dollars.” 

“Ah, the wonders of amusement park food.” Phil downed half the bottle, regaining his composure and standing up. “Why don’t we try something easier?” 

They ended up at the typical “hop in this cart and shoot things to win points and beat your friends” ride. The uncoordinated Dan quickly found that Phil had regained enough balance to obliterate him at the game. “You win this round, Lester. But I’ll strike back at the carnival.” 

And so they ate lunch, then maneuvered over to the carnival-themed section of the park. Finding a balloon-popping game, Phil pulled Dan over. “Oh, come on!” Dan whined. “You know I have no coordination. We’ve already been over this. There’s no way I can aim at and hit a balloon.” 

“Try anyway!” Phil gave the carny two dollars and he gave each of the boys three darts. Dan hit one baloon, and Phil hit three. The carny gave Dan a glow stick, and Phil a huge teddy bear. Dan moped towards the bumper cars, but he was stopped by Phil. “Maybe I have more coordination than you do, but you’re the real prize.” He handed Dan the gigantic bear, and Dan’s frown immediately turned upside down. “Happy now, Bear?” 


“Take that!” Dan rammed into the side of Phil’s bumper car, laughing. 

“You know I find this very traumatic!” Phil yelled, getting jolted around the track. 

“Oh gosh, now I do too! Thanks a lot!” Both their faces turned to dread for a moment, but then Phil bumped Dan with his car. 


“Oh, get back here, you little…” Dan sped towards Phil, the front of his car but a few inches from Phil’s. The ride suddenly stopped, Phil laughing evilly. “I’ve really run out of chances to get you, haven’t I?” 

Phil nodded, checking his phone. “Especially since we have to leave in half an hour.” 

“Really? This has been so great.” 

“Yeah. One last ride?”  

“Totally. Which one?” 

Phil looked up at the tallest coaster in the park. “That one.” 

“You sure you’ll be okay?” 

“Yeah.” Phil smiled as they waited in line for the only coaster they’d ride all day other than the one that made Phil sick. But hours had passed and Phil was convinced he’d be fine. Dan decided to trust him simply because he wanted to go on the roller coaster. This time they were seated near the middle of the train, and Dan took Phil’s hand again. “We’re sitting down safely in a cart now. I’ll be fine.” 

The car jolted to a start, pushing them up the first hill. as they reached the top, the train just stopped. “It’s like Final Destination 3!” someone screamed. Dan and Phil clutched each other’s hands, holding on as if they were keeping each other together. Because they were. 

An announcement came over the coaster’s loudspeaker. “The ride has obviously shut down, but workers will arrive to get you off the train as soon as possible.” 

Dan looked at Phil, still gripping his hand. “Are we okay?”

“You’re okay. We’re okay.” 

After about ten minutes, workers appeared on a platform near the front of the train. “We’ll be unlocking your harnesses momentarily. Then, you’ll need to climb to the front of the cart and get out onto this platform.” 

Phil looked at the frightened, pale Dan. “You’ll be okay.” 

The loudspeaker spoke again. “Remain in your seats. The ride may be restarting at any moment.” It was the same announcement that had been repeated a few times for the last ten minutes. However, it was mildly unsettling when the harnesses were released right after. 

Dan and Phil rose, not letting go of each other’s hands. They carefully made their way over the seats, hearts beating. They made it onto the platform and cautiously climbed down the steps. As soon as they hit the ground, they took each other in their arms and held on. “You’re okay.” Phil whispered. 

They regained their cheerful states on the car ride home while listening to Taylor Swift and scream-singing. When they arrived back at Dan’s house, they kissed for a moment before putting their hands together. “Band camp is next month, right?” 

Dan nodded. “I don’t know how I’m going to make it a month without you.” 

“Don’t worry, you will. And we can text. You’ll be okay.”

“Thanks. Until next month…” Dan smiled weakly, slowly sliding his hands away from Phil’s. 

Phil returned to his car, closing the door and peering his head out the window. “You’ll be okay.” And with that, he drove away, out of Dan’s life for the next month. 

Imagine being in love with your best friend, Quick Silver, Peter Maximoff.

Peter had called me, wanted me to listen to his new records he had gotten earlier that day. As I was on my way to his house, he ran past me, wind blowing passed me. “Ahhh!” I screamed as it surprised me, then noticed my bag was missing. “Peter!” I yelled. He didn’t respond to me “Peter! Give me my bag!” I yelled again, stomping my foot. He ran up to me, his hair blown back. “Why? It doesn’t have anything useful?” He said looking through it, his grey jacket making scuffling noises as he moved his arms. He was wearing his Rush shirt, and he gave me a bratty smile as he looked up at me and held it up above my head “Shorty!” He teased. “Peter!” I said in frustration and folded my arms. “Okay, okay, okay, calm down killer. I hate when you give me that look.” He handed the bag to me, and continued with me to his house. We entered his basement, and he put on a Blue Oyster Cult record, spinning it between his fingers while he whistled, before putting it in turning it up. “Yes! So good.” He said with a huge smile. “What is wrong?” He asked as he noticed I was still pouty from the bag stealing incident. He sped up around me. Stoping to tickle me, as he kept speeding up around me, causing me to jump. I could hear his sweet laughter. He was trying so hard to get me to smile. Then he stopped from behind me, and leaned over, kissing me on the cheek. My heart pounded, I got light headed, as my cheeks turned red. He laughed “So, that’s what it will take?” I feel like Peter always got the feeling I liked him, and he liked me too. It was more so a nervousness to explain it to eachother. He suddenly sped again, and kept kissing my check as he sped passed me. I felt like I was going to faint. That’s when he put both hands onto my shoulder and pushed me back onto the wall with a loud thud. He smiled at me at looked my face over, “Will this make you smile?” He leaned in, and pressed his lips onto mine. I felt like I was floating as all the blood rushed to my head. His lips moving with mine, and he lifted my arms around his neck. He put his hands on the back of my thighs, and lifted me up, wrapping my legs around me as he kept kissing me. He moved me to his couch beside us, and laid me down. Climbing onto me. He pulled away from and looked at my face. “Now are you feeling better?” I laughed and nodded. “Good, I don’t wanna stop kissing you now though, sorry about that.” He said continuing to kiss me “I think it’s okay to say I have a huge heaping crush on you. I got the hots for you, whoops.” He said shrugging. “The feeling is mutual,” I laughed “Oh thank god, I thought so, but in the small chance you didn’t, this would have been way awkward.” He said smiling, and pressed his lips on mine again. His tongue traced my bottom lip, and I allowed him access to my mouth, he moved his tongue against mine, eagerly snaking his hand up my shirt, and grabbing my chest. “Is this okay?” He asked I nodded, pulling the collar of his shirt and pulling his lips back on mine. He let out a small moan as I did, and moved his hand under my bra. With his free hand, he grabbed my hand and pressed it against the buldge that had built up. I rubbed my hand up and down on the outside of the crotch of his pants, causing it to get harder. He pushed his hips against mine, grinding on my hand. In a fast movement he removed my shirt and was back on my lips. “Holy shit that was weird,” I said as he laughed “I’ll show you something else then,” in a quick motion my pants and bra were off. “Oh my god!” I said covering my bare chest. He was then back on me, now shirtless, his body very built. He smiled at me and leaned down to keep kissing me, I held his face in my hands and he starting to press his hips into mine. I could feel how hard he was as he pressed his length against the outside of my underwear. A light groan escaped his lips as I pushed up against him. He moved his hand down the front of my underwear slowly, as he moved his finger on my slit. He then found my center, and began to rub it slowly, before pressing 2 fingers into me. “Whoa, you’re like, way wet.” He said as he raised his eyebrows with a cocky smile. I unbuttoned his jeans and slipped my hand into his boxers. He exhaled sharply and gave me a surprised look. I laughed, then gripped around his length, moving my hand up and down his shaft, he moaned into the kiss, and pushed his fingers into me me deeper, and faster while I stroked him faster. He pulled his pants down and his boxers, then removed my panties in a faster motion, then before I knew anything he was lined up with my opening. He looked into my eyes, before he pushed himself inside of me. Both of us moaning loadly with the first thrust. “I need to stop for a sec so I don’t go too fast.” He laughed and continued to thrust inside me, harder, and harder. Picking up pace with each one until he was going on the bring of too fast. He wrapped his arms around me, pushing me down deeper onto his length, going further inside of me, scratching his fingers down my back; I pushed him down, stopping him from speeding up, keeping me on top of him. I rolled my hips back and forth, feeling every inch of him in me. He pushed up into me harder and harder. Then grabbing me and flipping on my stomach and taking me from behind, I inhaled sharple surpised at how fast he was at everything. Keeping things interesting. He grabbed my hips and pushed into me faster faster, until I was on the brink of climaxing. He then lifted me up and pushed me into the wall so fast I hardly realized what happened I moaned loadly, as he kept thrusting into me, biting down on my neck, that’s when I couldn’t take it anymore as I hit my peak with him deep inside me. As I tightened around him, he finished as well. As quick as he were on the wall, he laid me down with him and wrapped a blanket around us, in my arms. “Yeah, just because I am quick, doesn’t mean I finish quick,” He said with a laugh. “This means you’re girlfriend now, okay?” He said with a smile. “Okay, I am fine with that.”

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Looking forward to this!!

At first glance you couldn’t tell.

You have to look closer to really see how beautiful she really is. Her long light blonde hair was mixed in with a sample of pastel colors, periwinkle, pale green, and possibly a soft baby blue. Her lips were full and heart-shaped, spreading into the brightest and most sincere smile when something was amusing or uplifting. She wore red rimmed sunglasses to protect her gorgeous almond shaped eyes from the stinging rays of sunlight. She was stunning to say the least. Her hair was slightly blown back by the wind coming from the vents blowing out the cool refreshing air conditioner while she sat comfortably in the car. If I hadn’t seen her with my own two eyes I would have believed she was made up; purely a fictional image from someone elses mind. But there she sat, scrolling through her phone aimlessly looking for any entertainment it could provide her. My heart nearly stopped once her head raised and looked my way; I had been caught admiring a complete stranger. She didn’t say a word to me despite the fact she obviously knew I was staring, showing how kind she really was. At least I knew now that not only is she kind of the eyes, she’s also kind to others as well



I have seen them riding seaward on the waves
Combing the white hair of the waves blown back
When the wind blows the water white and black.

We have lingered in the chambers of the sea
By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown
Till human voices wake us, and we drown.

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Can you write something summery with Gansey and Blue in the camaro~ pretty please~~

You got it, love!

Blue and Gansey. Gansey and Blue.

It sounded so simple, and yet it wasn’t.

The Pig rumbled appreciatively as Blue shifted gears more smoothly this time. Dirt billowed out behind the camaro as it shouted down a deserted lane in some mountain somewhere. It was hard to remember exactly where in this world she was; except that she was in the Pig, and it was a sultry summer day, and the windows were down (mostly because the a.c. was busted), and hot, humid air was blasting her choppy mane into a thousand, soon to be regretted tangles, and most of all because Gansey was laughing like this.

Blue chanced a glance at the boy beside her. His head was close to entirely out of the window, his polo shirt open at the collar, usually pristine hair blown back, and his face in such a state of unconcerned repose like she’d never seen before.

The kind of unconcerned repose that resulted less from economic and familial certainty and more from achieving a state of adolescent innocence never yet experienced.

Blue wasn’t psychic, and couldn’t tell you what Gansey would do or say next, but she could read people exceptionally well. And when Gansey turned his cloudless summer grin on her, and placed his hand on the one she held the stick shift with, Blue read true, unfiltered happiness.

Time brought dark, and without the sun, the usual doubts crept back. Blue parked the Pig at a little lookout station, and the two of them got out.

They hadn’t spoken much all day, but now the lack of words weighed on Blue, mixing with the heat so it was no longer something to blaze through, but to simmer in.

Gansey got up on the hood of the car, and gestured at her to join him. Careful to keep her crocheted skirt from catching, Blue slid up next to him, and they laid out against the windshield.

The heat stayed with the arrival of the stars and the moon, big and solid enough to cast a haze in the sky.

Side by side with Gansey, Blue knew that they made a rather strange picture. She could imagine seeing herself from above, and nearly laughed at the contradictions.

Her and him. Him and her.

Raven Boy and non-psychic psychic’s daughter.

Aglionby and public school.

Clean, posh clothing and handmade things.

Simple labels creating not so simple contradictions. Gansey and Blue.

Gansey shifted his arm, and their knuckles brushed. While all the facts screamed at her to move her hand away, Blue decidely left it stay where it was.

Wrong. Wrong. Not right. Not fair.

Gansey moved again, and it took Blue a moment to realize that he was drawing something in the film of dirt between them. She rose up on one elbow to see, and smiled at the entwined G and J in the middle of the windshield.

It was neither carved in stone or even in bark, nor could it ever be. The dusty letters were exactly what they should be:



A piece of glass between them.

It would be gone by the time they got home, or at least by the next rain storm.

Suddenly, Blue couldn’t look at the initials, or at boy who’d written them. The starlight wavered in the sky as she strangled the tears threatening to escape. Gansey said nothing, but his fingers wound around her’s.

At some point near midnight, Blue had the closest thing to a vision she’d had since the corpse road.

It wasn’t a premonition, but an epiphany she clung to tightly.

The stars and the sky were so huge. The world all encompassing. It did not care about any one or two people. It was beyond all imagining.

So this little thing between the boy and girl on the orange camaro and the summer air became simultaneously unimportant and infinitely important.

Pressing against Gansey’s side, Blue closed her eyes and read her own happiness in this little thing.

This little thing of Gansey and Blue.


Request: Can you do one where Gerard is away on tour so him and y/n sext and maybe it leads to like Skype sex or something

Skype. Now. I smirked as I read the text, replying with a kiss emoji before setting down my phone to get my computer. Ever since we started dating, Gerard and I have always been infatuated with teasing each other at the most inappropriate times. Most of them have been risky, from him fingering me at my birthday dinner or me blowing me behind the curtain minutes before his show that night. Today was another one of those days. Gerard told me him and the guys were doing a livestream this morning and asked me to tune in. He made the mistake of having his phone with him during the stream. I sent him multiple sexts, watching his eyes widened and him shift in his seat as he checked his phone. I clicked accept once I heard the Skype ringtone go off. I smirked once the screen lit up, revealing a very pissed looking Gerard. “Hey baby, how’s the steam going?”

“God dammit Y/n, 32 texts. 32.” He growled.

“And? You didn’t like them?”

’I’m touching myself while thinking about you’,’I miss your cock so much baby’, ‘I want you to fuck me hard’,”Gerard read the messages off his pone. “Do I have to go on?”

“I just missed you Gee, don’t you miss me?” I teased, faking a pout.

“Of course I do, and since you caused this, you’re gonna help me finish it. Strip.” He commanded, staring intently into the camera. I slowly pulled my shirt over my head, going at an agonizingly slow pace. Gerard watched in fascination, eyes dark with want. This isn’t the first time we’ve done this. When Gerard’s on tour for months, you have to get created with intimacy.

  “Lose the shirt Way” I said smirking at the camera. His eyes widened for a second before he smirked back at me. He slipped the shirt over his head exposing his pale, lightly toned chest. 

 “Is that new?” he asked referring to the red lace bra. 

“Maybe,” I said smirking. 

“I think it would look better on the floor,” he said being his cheeky grin. 

“Oh would it now?” I questioned slipping one of the straps down. His eyes widened slightly and I pulled it back up. 

“What do I get in return?” I asked running my hand teasingly down my torso.

“How about when I get back it will be all about you, I’ll give you a massage and do what ever you want me to,” he said bargaining. I pretended to think about it for a second. 

“Deal,” I said smiling at him. I picked up the laptop deciding I was bored with sitting in the chair. I placed it on the bed and got on my knees infront of it. I reached around and unhooked my bra but held it to myself. His eyes watched intently waiting for it to fall I slipped my arms out of the straps still holding it against myself. I pulled it away slowly throwing it over the side of the bed. I ran my hand down my torso and back up before playing with my breasts. I breathed heavily imagining the way his hands felt on my body. The way his mouth would dance over my skin to mark it and tease it. 

“Fuck,” I heard him curse. His hand was hidden but I knew he was palming himself. 

“I want to see you, all of you,” I said waiting for him. He did as I said moving back so I could see his hand rub against his tight boxers. “Strip.” I growled, hoping he could hear me despite how low my voice was. He slipped his boxers down his legs and his erection sprang free. I watched him pump himself slowly and my hand slipped down my body pulling at the fabric of my panties letting it rub against my center. I slipped them down and moved to position the laptop between my legs. 

“Shit,” he cursed his eyes back on me. “Your dripping,” he said throwing his head back. His head came back up and he spoke, “Get the vibrator.” I reached for the night stand on his side of the bed and found a pink vibrator. “I want to see you play with yourself,” I was so horny right now I could feel myself throbbing. I switched it on and Gerard groaned with desire, fidgeting with anticipation. I could honestly say I had never heard anything as hot as his moans.  I slipped the vibrator over my body bringing it to my lips. I kissed the tip of it the way I would do to him. I slipped it past my lips humming against it. I slipped it back out and brought it to my center I pressed it to myself moaning at the feeling of it against my clit. His eyes were trained on the screen and his hand worked against himself. With my free hand I spread my folds to slip the vibrator into me. I felt it stretch me almost the same way he did. I haven’t had anything in me bigger than two of my fingers so this was both painful and pleasurable. I let out a moan bucking my hips up closer to the camera. “Fuck Y/n,” he moaned. “What are you thinking about?” he asked his hand working his length. 

“Y-you,” I moaned not being able to say more.

 “What am I doing to you?” he asked his hand moving in sync with the vibrator. I felt a prick of annoyance at myself for becoming so weak to him, but I was in such a thick cloud of lust I craved his dominant side.

 “You’re fucking me, hard and slow, j-just like you did before you left,” I said feeling myself pull closer to the edge. I propped myself up a little to watch him. His eyes were clamped shut and he gripped himself tightly. His shaggy black hair was blown back, a few strands sticking to his sweaty forehead. He suddenly let out a raspy groan and came. He stroked himself through his release his hand becoming covered in his cum. I pushed the vibrator into me fast and hard moaning out his name, “Holy shit Gee,” I cried out as I hit my own climax. I pulled it out and sat up finding his eyes on me.

 “I want you to lick it clean,” he said smirking at me. I did as he said and pushed it past my lips licking it clean the way I wished I could do to him. I pulled it out of my mouth and shut it off. “Fuck that’s so hot…I miss you so much baby. Not just the sex of course, but just being with you,” he gushed, fixing his hair.

“I miss you too Gee. Only one more month babe,” I reminded him.

“One more month. At least I have your pictures until then,” he winked. “I have to go back before the guys start wondering what’s taking me so long.” My heart dropped and I nodded sadly. this was the worst part about Skype calls, it was so hard to leave once I was able to see him face-to-face again. He slipped his boxers back on and picked up his laptop, “I love you,” he said smiling at me. 

“I love you too,” I smiled brightly, tracing his pixel-ed face with my finger.

“I’ll call you after the stream, okay?”

“Okay, bye Gerard.”

“Bye sweetie.” the screen went black, a small pop up appearing on the screen to let me know the call ended. I sighed and got up, going into the bathroom and turning on the shower. It wouldn’t be for another month till I saw him but I was looking forward to that massage.

Shall I part my hair behind? Do I dare to eat a peach?  
I shall wear white flannel trousers, and walk upon the beach.  
I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each.  
I do not think that they will sing to me.       
I have seen them riding seaward on the waves  
Combing the white hair of the waves blown back  
When the wind blows the water white and black.  
We have lingered in the chambers of the sea  
By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown         
Till human voices wake us, and we drown.
—  The ending of The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot

Sooo yesterday wed may 24 2017 I had “the talk” With my mom and I have to say it took me three hours of being there just to work up the nerve to start the conversation, I simply told her that my friend Brian came out to me one week away from his wedding as being bi and I simply said it was the same game for me . After about an hour of talking I asked her if she was ready to have her hair blown back and she said that was impossible right then I sent a text to her phone of a picture of me , just then she said “Well?” And I said just answer your phone then we’ll talk , she grabbed it and looked at the picture all while quickly rummaging through her robe pockets to get her glasses , quickly put them on looking at the picture of me closer then farther and closer again and said “she’s pretty who’s that your new girlfriend?” Looking at me I said no mom she said well then who and I said mom look at the earrings so she did putting her hand over her mouth , I could tell she was almost crying and historically speaking if I see my mother cry I’m crying too but she looked up at me and said “your beautiful why did you wait so long to tell me ” And after a few more hours of answering questions she says well at least we can go shopping together like when you were little lol then insisted on putting together all the cloths that don’t fit or she doesn’t wear anymore , I politely passed but she was insistent so next time I see her I will have boxes to go through lol … What a great day I am so relieved slightly sad and also happy wrapped up in a big ball of emotions 😊 this makes the long road ahead look straight and flat 😊😊😊 I love you mom thank you for being amazing 😢