hair biting

mongoose-bite  asked:

Shiro's parents are actually a bit older than everyone expects; small and white-haired. Keith was a bit worried that they'd turn out to be very traditional and dislike him for any number of reasons but they're good humoured verging on mischievous and Keith's at a loss how to react when they tease him but he likes them a lot. (And he wonders how they ended up with such a serious son.)

aww i really like this!! i have my doubts about it in cannon, but i like the idea that shiro isn’t distant from his family or something, that he had really supportive parents and a good childhood. 

and his parents being funny and teasing, lmao i hope so. shiro has this kind of deadpan gallows humor, it’d be funny if his parents were like more peppy and upbeat and trying to get him to relax more. and keith can be v serious too, so i can imagine them basically treating him the same 

PSA if your family member/someone very close to you bites their lips/nails/fingers or picks at their skin or pulls their hair DO NOT draw attention to it or confront them about it in public, it feels absolutely horrible especially when done by someone you love and trust. thank you.


If you see someone with
•Acne scars
•Bald/shorter hair areas
•Many skin spots/pimples/zits etc.
•Generally scars
•Bitten-to-the-flesh fingernails

Please don’t make any comments. It can be uncomfortable and unsettling. Not everyone is open to talk about it, for some it’s a very sensitive topic.