hair barrels

all of these broadway actors are chopping off their hair and moving on meanwhile robin de jesus is still kickin it in backwards snapbacks bless up

High-Waisted, Short-Tempered - h.s.

My friend went to a disaster of a family reunion and my other friend went to a concert and wore uncomfortable shorts to look nice and for some reason those two things got stuck in my head during my flight and so therefore I wrote a blurb about it while I have time and I think this is probably how my writing will go on from now on instead of seven part series so yay here we go! 



You hadn’t talked for almost an hour, and though many would have figured you were asleep, Harry knew better than to think so. He’d been working with you for almost two years now and that meant spending every single day with you 365 days give or take a couple. And he could tell when you were really sleeping … because it was absolutely adorable.

He knew he shouldn’t have asked to come with you. He knew that even though you were in good standings with your grandparents, it was the cousins that always got you agitated. But he couldn’t help himself when you’d talked about the initiation to the family reunion and how your older cousin now married, Tiff, had told you to, “Bring a friend!”

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Anonymous requested –> Favorite ‘Final Lair’ Kisses

(Okay this is more like “favorite stuff that happens between or after the kisses”.)

  1. Colm Wilkinson and Patti Cohenour (chest leaning!)
  2. Ian Jon Bourg and Colby Thomas (fierce kisses!)
  3. Sandor Sasvari and Andrea Maho (tenderness to passion!)
  4. Earl Carpenter and Rachel Barrell (hair touching!)
  5. John Cudia and Jennifer Hope Wills (E/C extreme makeout version!)
  6. Ramin Karimloo and Leila Benn Harris (handholding!)
  7. David Shannon and Gina Beck (lip touching!)
  8. Hugh Panaro and Trista Moldovan (head cradling!)
  9. Ivan Ozhogin and Tamara Kotova (desperate shirt clutching!)
  10. Mathias Edenborn and Daniela Braun (”I’m dragging him down with me”)

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43) things you said in our vows

The golden band around Viktor’s finger glinted, reflecting the morning sun as it rose across the water, casting the world into shades of orange and gold. The breeze danced across his outstretched hand and the taste of salt was sharp on his tongue as the sea rose and fell beneath him.

It was a familiar scene, something he had done many times before and would do many times again. Standing by the seashore, gazing at the ring that Yuuri had lovingly slipped onto his hand. Different with each lifetime, the lives Yuuri lived creating unique circumstances that still always ended up with a band around Viktor’s finger. Gold, silver, platinum, iron, once just a piece of string in a life where Yuuri was far too poor to afford anything else and Viktor loved him anyway.

Viktor had hundreds of rings stored away in his home, memories of hundreds of lives lived but the one glinting on his finger was his favourite. The ring Yuuri had given to him in his last lifetime, offered on the church steps with a smile as he slid it onto Viktor’s finger. The ring Viktor had been wearing for the past sixty years as Yuuri had grown old before his eyes, while Viktor had loved him until Yuuri’s last breath and beyond.

It was his curse, as much as it was his gift, Viktor knew. To never wither, to never age or die as the world spun on and the years flowed past him like a rushing stream, ever moving and ever changing. To watch and love and live his life with Yuuri by his side until the passage of time pulled Yuuri away from him again. To wait the agonising drawn out wait of the years between until Yuuri would return to him once more, new and young again and completely unknowing of what had come before. 

When Yuuri had passed from the world the last time, Viktor had waited, as he always did. Had stared at the pictures of them together, the photographs, the painting, the drawings. Had trailed his hands over the hundreds of rings and remembered the hundreds of lifetimes he had spent with the one who held his heart and waited for his return. And he was still waiting.

Footsteps from behind broke Viktor out of his trance, the patter of dog paws the only warning he got before a small shape collided with his body, barking excitedly. A worried shout of ‘Vicchan’ was quick to follow as a dark-haired figure barrelled around the corner, diving for the leash trailing from the dog’s collar as he skidded to a stop.

Viktor’s heart stopped. Warm brown eyes stared up at him as the figure looked up, familiar eyes that had followed him throughout his entire immortal life. The man stood, pink cheeks flushed from running and black hair ruffled messily from the run, still grasping the dog’s leash in his hand.

“Sorry,” the man panted, pushing his hair out of his eyes as he looked accusingly down at the dog sitting happily by his feet. “Vicchan doesn’t usually run off like that. I don’t know what came over him.”

“It’s alright,” Viktor replied, voice steady despite the emotions roiling inside him. He stretched out a hand, impressed with himself when it remained completely steady. “I’m Viktor by the way.”

“I’m Yuuri,” Yuuri replied with a small smile, reaching out to take the hand. His skin was soft in Viktor’s palm, warming the cool metal circling his finger as Viktor’s heart soared. Yuuri was here. Yuuri had returned to him once again.

‘Until death do us part,’ Yuuri had sworn to him once, many lifetimes ago.

‘Until death do us part. And then even longer,’ Viktor couldn’t help but think as he looked at Yuuri, finally by his side once more.