hair barrels

all of these broadway actors are chopping off their hair and moving on meanwhile robin de jesus is still kickin it in backwards snapbacks bless up


Anonymous requested –> Favorite ‘Final Lair’ Kisses

(Okay this is more like “favorite stuff that happens between or after the kisses”.)

  1. Colm Wilkinson and Patti Cohenour (chest leaning!)
  2. Ian Jon Bourg and Colby Thomas (fierce kisses!)
  3. Sandor Sasvari and Andrea Maho (tenderness to passion!)
  4. Earl Carpenter and Rachel Barrell (hair touching!)
  5. John Cudia and Jennifer Hope Wills (E/C extreme makeout version!)
  6. Ramin Karimloo and Leila Benn Harris (handholding!)
  7. David Shannon and Gina Beck (lip touching!)
  8. Hugh Panaro and Trista Moldovan (head cradling!)
  9. Ivan Ozhogin and Tamara Kotova (desperate shirt clutching!)
  10. Mathias Edenborn and Daniela Braun (”I’m dragging him down with me”)

I think maybe I can draw again maybe so have this low quality and very small preview of a Tony I’ve been crying over for three days now.

watermeloneverything  asked:

Cyclonus and tailgate?


 Grumpy woman who recently moved in

hates everyone

will slam the door in your face

don’t say hi to her in the mornings

ignores everyone

will pretend you’re not there if you try and chat

won’t let you borrow a cup of sugar

first ignores her tiny neighbor Tailgate

slams the door in her face but she won’t stop knocking

starts to talk to her through the door

Tailgate is the only one who doesn’t comment on the way she dresses

Tailgate always asks to wear her glasses

Tailgate hears her singing from her own apartment

asks the next day for lessons

Eventually become happy devoted couple

don’t touch her sweet tiny girlfriend or she will stab you with the sword she has in her cupboard

she sharpens it daily

gets into fights with whirl

uses her high heels to stab whirl

bad at emotions

but loves her smol gf

speaks latin


plays the violin

ravage hates it





the cutest freckles

fluffy snow white hair!

skateboards everywhere

has barreled over so many people skateboarding

broke her arm trying to skateboard down the stair rail

wears heelies 

wears light up heelies

everything in her cupboard is white and blue

the exact same shade

has anxiety 

hides it well

cyclonus is great at calming her down when she has a panic attack tho

older than she looks

battled cancer


tiny hands

extremely strong tho

loves chocolate 

peppermint chocolate is her favourite

legs can’t reach the ground when she sits on stools

sits on Cyclonus’s lap instead

goes around and offers everyone candy on Halloween

makes Christmas cards for everyone as well 

tapes little candy canes to them


Human/lost light apartment headcanons are always open XD

ask any character whenever y’all want

The only things Pickles has ever been good at: music, listening to his body, learning to ignore his body, and living the dream.
Words That Water Flowers - Chapter 7 - DecemberCamie - Hunter X Hunter [Archive of Our Own]
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Title: Words That Water Flowers

Total word count: 12768 -> Chapter 7 word count: 3867

Chapters: 7

Chapter 7 summary:

Mamihlapinatapei (Yagan)- a wordless, yet meaningful look between two people who both desire to initiate something, but both are too scared to initiate themselves

Only five more chapters to go after this one! Can you believe we’re this far into the story already?

I wrote this whole chapter in one night so I’m sorry if its not cohesive ^^; Also, there might not be a chapter next week? Maybe? I’m not a hundred percent sure yet, it depends on what happens with my tests. If I have to push it back a week I’ll make sure to leave a note somewhere on my tumblr. Other than that, I hope you enjoy this chapter! This is the last semi-fluffy chapter for the rest of the story, by the way.

Thank you in advance for reading!

“How’s that list going?”

Gon glanced over his shoulder, brow puckering. “Huh?”

“Your list,” Killua repeated. He dug the heel of his sneaker into the dirt and pushed himself forward. “Don’t tell me you can’t remember. I know you’re forgetful, Gon, but c’mon. I’m hurt.”

Gon stuck out his tongue. “I didn’t forget! I just…”

“You just-” Killua grunted as he threw his leg over a fallen tree trunk, “- what, exactly?”

“I ran out of people to add to the list,” Gon admitted.

Killua took a second to catch his breath, looking over at his best friend. Gon’s face was a blotchy mess and shone with a layer of sweat. But the way his hair flopped over, falling into bright gold-brown eyes, was enough to make Killua’s heart lurch.

He abruptly turned away, ears burning. It should be illegal for Gon to look so damn good like that- all disheveled and hot and-

“Killua? Are you oka-”

“Fine!” Killua straightened up and started the long and laborious trek the hill again. He could feel Gon’s worried stare digging into the back of his head but he ignored it. They’d been over this on the drive here; Killua could spend one day out in the wilderness with his best friend. The marigolds inside his chest wouldn’t stop him from enjoying the first warm day of spring.

Or he hoped so, at least.

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Me, describing my horses unique personality to a trainer: he’s always got an opinion, he’s food oriented to the point of bullish, actually he’s kind of just bullish, he’s adorable and he knows it and he tries to charm his way out of work, he’s athletic but unwilling to try, he’s really sure he gets to decide when he’s done

My bf, in the car after watching me fight with my horse for an hour: why did you describe snotlout to the trainer?

Me: *softly* fuck

Watch Out Below (15)

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You sat in your cell, the dim glow of the elvish celebrations coming hazy through the bars of your door. You kept to the back of the small space, leaning against the wall heavily as your face ached. The flesh was tender to the touch and bruised, the cut healing still after it had been reopened by Thranduil’s blusterous strike. It was at this moment that you wondered what curse had brought you to this foreign land.

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