hair and outfit is so on point

screen portrayals of jo march ranked by butchness

I’ve never seen any of these but does jo even cut her hair off in any of them? has anyone even read the book?

katharine hepburn (1933)

sorry katharine, but there’s just nothing redeeming here. I guess she’s leaning against the mantel? that’s a little butch.

1980 anime christmas special

pretty bad. the mom wears some kind of waistcoat thing in this so I don’t know why they put jo in this weird ruffled dress with that ugly brooch

susan day (1978)

wrong hair color, but they still got her mostly right. the plaid on plaid makes up for the bow. (she marries william shatner in this movie)

june allyson (1949)

this is a butch outfit. the colors are really masculine and I like the collar and that weird square pattern. they could have taken it a lot further, but a really good effort. also the first google image result was from afterellen, so I’m giving her points for that. I would probably marry this woman.

winona ryder (1994)


Jongup in “Skydive” totally threw me. His styling is so on point: the hair color and style, the outfits, the tattoos (well, the idea of them…not the slur they used). His dancing is amazing as always, plus he sings well and has some great lines. And acting-wise, he nailed it. Totally bought the bad boy act. I normally don’t change my bias once I’ve picked them, but I think he’s my first official bias wrecker.

There weren’t any good points where you could see Carnelian’s full design, so here’s a collection of images that should be good enough to use as a drawing reference. I believe the closest thing to the “day” pallet (that is, the canon colors when not affected by excess light or shadow) is the colors she had in the halls and at the door to the ship bay, seen in the three images bordering the top left. Other images are necessary for her outfit, hair, facial features, and body shape.

The image with all the other quartzes is so the color of the diamond is clearly visible; they all appear to wear the exact same color, and Carnelian’s chest is always obscured in those scenes.

Sadly, there were few parts where her eye color was clear enough to be eyedropped in her day pallet; the exact color is probably somewhere in the middle left image where she’s surrounded by the other quartzes in the doorway.

Click or open in new tab for full size.


You may want to skip on by because this is PURE SALT. But I’m thinking I’m not alone. As we know from X-Files fandom, you’re never the only one.

Am I the only one who can’t watch those TFA behind the scenes GIFs or footage? Because I just…can’t.

I don’t want to think about what was done to those characters. I don’t want to think that Han and Leia were ripped up for a plot point, that Luke was destroyed for a plot point. That Han was slaughtered for a plot point. That someone thought this was a GOOD IDEA.

That those three characters and actors never got to be together again. Because we have to have our emo prince and our new fancy fascists. So hey, just destroy the olds. No one cares about them. We won’t comb their hair or give them an attractive outfit or hairstyle. They can look like crap for all we care (but Maker forbid Hamill or Fisher be heavy - go lose weight!)

Everyone who thinks they’re going to treat Leia well now…I point you to what they did to Han. So hey, why not recast? It’s just a comic book character like any other - we’re already seeing that with Young Han.

I don’t want to read meta about how wonderful it is that Leia endures her husband and brother leaving and her dark son. Or how wonderful she’s a general and whatever. It’s an insult to the character - she already was at general level. She was a PRINCESS. I honestly thought they’d taken that away from her because she was old but now I see it’s because she isn’t animated. So…

She sends out the troops on Hoth. She takes her power and privilege and position and leverages it to save the galaxy. 

But hey, why not destroy all that? We need a conflict! Her son will be dark! So Luke’s daughter can be light and they can kill each other! Won’t that be fun to watch?

No, fuck no, it won’t. 


i just wanted to say that every single one of you reading this are beautiful. no matter what society says, no matter what the kids at school say, no matter what your siblings say, no matter what your parents or grandparents say. you are beautiful. inside and out and hopefully you see that and if you don’t, i hope one day you do. you are not fat. your hair looks amazing. your eyebrows are on point. your outfit is perfect. look in the mirror and tell yourself “i’m beautiful” and smile at yourself and i promise you, it’ll make your day so much better. you are amazing. you are beautiful. you are worth it. and above all you are loved. i love you. your parents love you. your family loves you. your idol loves you. please, never let anyone tell you who to be. you do you. you are your own person and what others say, it doesn’t matter at all. what you think of yourself, is the only opinion that matters. if any of you ever feel sad, lost, lonely or just want a friend, i’m always here to chat just message me! i love you, you’re beautiful. stay strong, stay alive. 🖤

Relationships are probably so difficult for Queenie. Growing up was probably difficult enough too. Imagine at what point in life Queenie learned to ignore every opinion she overheard about herself and confidently do her own thing. But imagine those opinions coming from even her own sister, catching people she loves and respects in all kinds of lies about what they think of her outfit, hair, a talent, etc. She could have taken things very personally but at some point in her life learned how to shrug it off. And back to dating, at what point did she learn how to allow people the right to a wrong first impression? Like imagine being on a date and liking someone but knowing that they are already thinking to themselves that you’re not a good match or that you’re not their type? She’d have to learn how to decide when to not waste her time or to give people a chance to change their opinion of her. And while it’s great to know right away if people have ulterior motives I think the most frustrating thing would be actually developing a real relationship with someone she really liked and then learning how to have a level head about things because she’d always know if the other person is lying, when they’re exaggerating, how they feel about the relationship. So even though she’s now a very calm, genuine, and reasonable adult that’s even more of a reason to warn Jacob how tricky this can be. He sits with her and talks about an honesty pack, and tells her that she has to participate in it as well to be fair. All truth all the time, they tell each other everything. She’s not totally sure if it’ll work as well or be the easy solution Jacob seems to think it will be but she agrees because she can actually tell that even though it’s a very difficult promise to keep that Jacob isn’t just trying to make her feel better. She sees that he means it and fully intends on trying his hardest.

Just Little Enjolras Things

- FtM
- Pretends he doesn’t care that he looks like a seventeen year old girl when he’s literally in his mid twenties
- Refuses to cut his hair even if it makes him look feminine
- Usually chill except when Feuilly gets insulted
- When Feuilly gets insulted he will go on for paragraphs
- Wears gaudy red-and-yellow outfits and still manages to look en pointe
- Has probably proposed platonic marriage to Combeferre on more than one occasion
- Cannot cook for the life of him
- Volunteers at soup kitchens but is not allowed to cook the soup
- Always needs more coffee
- Regularly falls asleep while writing because coffee only does so much
- Matter-of-factly tells his friends how great they are and why
- Subconscious hand-holding
- Would literally die for any Ami de l’ABC
- Also, FtM

shit guys like I’m so tired but someone in my ask box pointed out tht sombras hair is kind of the colors of the ace flag and like combined with her Outfit,,,I can’t believe sombra is an ace bi trans woman

Can we all talk about how Yuri chose to wear one of Viktor’s costumes- one used to express both feminine and masculine undertones and then he is shown to PREFER to be the woman seducing the playboy?! I wanna think he instinctual picked the costume without thinking realizing Eros to him was not being a heartthrobbing man, but rather a woman everyone stops and stares at. Silently captivating all those who gaze upon them.

And fuck, throughout the entire anime Viktor is known as the playboy and justdf sadfasdf HE WHISTLES AT YURI. The show isn’t even subtle. Or maybe Yuri always knew what he wanted. And donning the costume and skating to the song (plus some viktor) brought it out of it in a more obvious way.

I mean come on. There are multiple flashbacks of Viktor with long hair going through Yuri’s head during all the episodes, And he just so happens to choose that very same outfit with the hair being more of a focal point?

Yuri likes the idea of being feminine and isn’t ashamed to show it. And he wants to make the playboy chase him.

Can we just take a minute to appreciate Magnus’s jewelry this episode? I mean, it just looks really cool! I’m loving those beaded bracelets, and that funky looking ring on on his left ring finger. You’ve got to give a hand to the wardrobe team for working so hard to make Magnus look aestheticly pleasing each episode, from his hair style to the tiniest details, like his jewelry. It’s amazing really. I’m suprised no one has pointed this out yet.


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I’m a total Halloween failure. I nailed it as a kid: Pippy Longstockings (with the red hair, I was a shoe-in), a punk rocker (replete with spray-on neon hair color), disco Dorothy, and the list goes on. At some point, I think during college, though, Halloween started to feel like a stressful contest to see who could creatively rig the sexiest slash most ironic alas most ironically sexy outfit. Anxiety! I was neither interested in being the sexiest nor the most ironic person on campus (well, maybe, secretly). And so, gradually, I stopped doing Halloween.

The last time I dressed up, I found myself walking around the beach town of Paia (on my home island of Maui) in tears, stalking my ex-boyfriend as he cuddled with some girl dressed like a gypsy. DRAMA. I decided to swear off Halloween for good.

But every now and then, I see people taking costumes seriously, and I get a twinge of dress-up desire. My friend Suzanne and her boyfriend Henderson went to a Halloween party as wife-and-husband artist team Lee Krasner and Jackson Pollock, and I felt a renewed tingle of interest. If I could dress up as a favorite artist, or writer, or, um, Beyoncé (?!?! what), perhaps I could be sold.

Read more and get the recipe here.

Far From Innocent

A Dylan Sprayberry Imagine


A/N: I LOVED this prompt so different and fun. Leave feedback if you liked it, Sorry it took so long to post!

Warning: Cursing, Smut.

     Pursuing a career in acting was the main goal but working on the set of your favorite MTV show wasn’t a bad second choice. Sometimes you had to take what you could get and move up from there. The first day of your new job was now here, nervous doesn’t eve begin to describe your current state as you pull into the parking lot of the set. With your outfit completely on point, hair fixed and make up looking great you smiled in the mirror then exited your car. Upon walking towards the main entrance where the crew was supposed to meet at 9 you noticed you were about 40 minutes early. So exploring around sounded like a good plan. A security guard gave you a suspicious glare but noticed your name badge and simply smiled. Wow that felt amazing, you felt kind of powerful knowing you had complete access to pretty much anything. After rounding a corner you noticed Dylan O’ Brien standing by a snack table looking at his phone. Butterflies filled your stomach and your throat instantly, his character Stiles was your favorite on the show. Calm down Y/N you mentally whispered to yourself. Dylan’s gaze went from his phone to you once he heard your foot steps. “Morning!’ He said with a friendly smile. You grinned back and managed to form a normal response. “Good morning Mr. O’Brien how are you?” You stopped in front of him in hopes he was up for some conversation even though you felt like just a nobody crew member. “Ha you definitely don’t have to call me Mr. O’Brien, Dylan is fine. I take it you’re new….Y/N?” He asks while reading your name badge. “Dylan it is then and yeah is it that noticeable?” You responded while blushing. “Just a lot. But it’s cool despite the storyline on the show we don’t bite here at the Teen Wolf set. You’re among friends.” Dylan’s word made you feel a lot more at ease and he seemed so nice. Not cocky and above everyone else like you assumed a famous actor would. “Well it was nice meeting you Y/N but I have to run and get my face and hair did for filming. See ya around and don’t be nervous!” He waved you off and you said your goodbye. Now onto find more people, you still had 35 minutes until the meeting.

   Walking down the corridor you heard music coming from a room farther down, it was acoustic guitars and someone singing. Picking up the pace you were getting closer and your ears picked up on Posey’s voice singing with the dual guitars. You stopped for a second outside the door listening for a little longer. Deciding to just step in since you heard some laughter over the music your eyes found Tyler Posey and Dylan Sprayberry sitting on a couch having a casual jam session. Their eyes shot up to meet your you smiled and gave them a small applause. “Wow that was amazing, you are both very talented!” You said making the boys before you blush and grin. “Why thank you kind miss. That means a lot music is a huge passion of ours.” Posey responded while sitting his guitar down. He approached you with an out stretched hand. “I’m Tyler nice to meet you.” You shook his hand and replied “I’m Y/N. And I am obviously the new crew member. Just trying to get more familiar with the set and the people” Tyler gave you a nod. “That is a good idea, this place is big and takes a while to navigate. Oh this is my co-star Dylan.” He motioned to the young boy still sitting on the couch. He looked a bit shy but gave you a smile and wave. “Nice to meet you Mr. Sprayberry.” You said with a sweet smile. You noticed a blush on his cheeks. “No one ever calls me that, makes me feel older.” He replied. “Well since there are 2 Dylans on set I think last names would be easier so there aren’t any mix ups.” Both boys agreed that was a good idea, especially since you were new. Music started blaring from Tyler’s pocket, he retrieved his phone and answered it. He put a finger up to excuse himself and exited the room. You looked at your phone and noticed you still had some time and decided to be social and talk to Sprayberry a bit. “So you guys play music a lot on set?” You asked the boy who was staring at you but quickly looked down when you turned towards him. “Uhh yeah mostly just Tyler and me but sometimes other people join in.” He said while putting the  guitar down and standing up. “Sounds like a lot of fun, I’ll really enjoy hearing it you guys are awesome. I wish I could play.” You said while eyeing the instrument. “I can show you sometime when we aren’t busy. I am a good teacher, or so I’ve been told.” Dylan stated proudly with a cheeky grin. “I think I’ll be the judge of that I am literally unteachable. I had piano lessons as a kid and sucked so bad.” Blushing at your own confession. “Trust me I know I can teach you, I bet you will be a pro with just one lesson.” He walked closer to you. This made your heart rate speed up a bit. “Well I am definitely going to take you up on that offer then Mr. Sprayberry.” You spoke low and gave him a smirk. “How about we start right now? We have the whole room to ourselves?” Dylan was now inches away from you, his breath fanned over your lips. The realization that he was no longer talking about guitar lessons but something else made you grin. “I had no idea you were so bold. I always thought you were more innocent like your character. Liam is just so sweet and adorable, but you. This is a whole new ball park.” He laughed lightly at your comment. “Sweetheart I am far from innocent. In fact you could say I’m Liam’s evil twin.” Your cheeks were blazing by this time but you had to keep your wits about you. After all he is 3 years younger so you had the upper hand. Biting your lip you watched his eyes locked on your mouth, his tongue grazed over his lips and you didn’t back away when he leaned in for a kiss. Feeling his hands pull your face closer you hummed into the kiss. “Eager are we Mr. Sprayberry?” You cooed. “Keep calling me that it’s so fucking hot.” He responded crashing his mouth back onto yours. The feeling of his warm plump lips you took note how skilled he was with his mouth, you thought about how good he would be in other places.

   Dylan backed you into the door, you felt his hand move to the handle and you noticed he locked it. “This way we don’t have any interruptions.” He said with a cute grin. “Wouldn’t that be a shame?” You said sarcastically “Of course it would, but its also so no one can hear you scream. You had me going the minute you walked through that door.” His words made you ache between your legs. Grinding yourself on his leg and taking him back in for another kiss you felt yourself being picked up. He wrapped your legs around his waist and carried you over to the couch. Laying you down gently he knelt down and began to unbutton your pants removing them along with your underwear. You mentally laughed, he must have been a mind reader you just thought about this scenario earlier. Kisses were being peppered between your thighs and love bites were being left in the wake. You didn’t care if there were bruises for weeks he felt perfect between your legs. Holding back a moan when he licked a rough strip up your center was impossible. “Fuck that feels amazing” You said while throwing your head back. He smiled and went back to his work. His tongue was massaging your clit, his mouth was hot and you could feel his kissing between licks. His lips wrapping around your sensitive bud. Controlling the sounds escaping your mouth was hard but you tried when you realized where you were but the euphoric feeling building up in your stomach made you go blank, all you could focus on was the orgasm that was close. “I’m gonna cum I can’t hold it back.” You screamed. Dylan’s hand left your thigh, crept up your shirt and bra then went to tease your nipple, this sent you straight over the edge. Your hips bucked up to get more friction. Shaking and riding our your high he hummed in satisfaction feeling you close in on his face. When your body went still he knew you were finished. He pulled away but gave your heat a quick kiss before pulling his shirt over his head. Raising up a bit to take in the view you admired his perfectly sculpted body. To be so young he was beyond fit. He wiped your juices from his face. “My Mr. Sprayberry what a gentleman you are, letting me cum first and all.” You said with a wink. He gave you a cocky smirk. “I am wise beyond my years Y/N. You couldn’t argue with that. He certainly did not act like most 17 year olds. “With that being said would you mind turning over for me. I really wanna take you from behind. I promise you will enjoy it as much as me.” Not being able to form proper words at this request you nodded and turned your body over giving him complete access. His hands rubbed over your ass then he gave it a sharp smack, then began rubbing the sting away. Still being soaked from the previous encounter Dylan wasted no time lining himself up at your entrance. The feeling of his head at your center made you bite your lip, you hadn’t realized how bad you also wanted him. Suddenly his length was fully in your core. “God damn you feel just as good as I thought. You are perfect Y/N.” His words made you smile. Your hands found their way to the couch cushion holding on for dear life as he picked up the pace. His size was very impressive. Heavy breathing turned into moans within a few thrusts. “Fuck I’m not going to last long you have me so worked up.” He said in a desperate raspy voice. “Then cum for me.” You replied. He began thrusting you harder going so deep you thought he was going to break you in half, but you couldn’t complain the spot he was hitting made you feel amazing. A loud gasp left his mouth and you felt his hot release fill you up. He let his head fall to your neck. His hot breath in your ear was beyond satisfying, knowing you put him in this state. Dylan pulled out of you and went for a towel that was in the bathroom. You tried to take the towel from him but he refused, He insisted on cleaning you up. “I’m the one that made the mess, the least I could do is help you clean up.” You laughed but loved how sweet he was. “Maybe you aren’t so “bad” after all?” You asked. “Hey I said I’m not innocent that doesn’t make me an asshole.” Dylan replied while chuckling. You couldn’t argue he had a point. “I will never underestimate someone ever again. I learned my lesson today.” Quickly looking down at your phone you noticed you had 3 minutes to get to your meeting. “Oh shit I am going to be late. I hate to fuck and run but I have a meeting at 8.” You finished adjusting your clothes and ran towards the door. “How about I come with you that way you won’t get in any trouble? I can bail you out.” Dylan proposed. “Good idea, no one can resist those adorable puppy dog eyes. Let’s go!” He growled at your reply. “I’m not adorable, I’m hot!” He yelled as you both jogged down the hallway.