hair across face

Fuck it, Nesta thought, as she tossed aside the cup she’d been drinking wine from and brought the bottle to her lips. She took a long sip.

She sat alone on the roof of her building atop a thick blanket in the dark. She curled her knees to her chest, wrapping her arms around them as she took another sip of wine.

She looked up at the sky. It would be starting soon.

A chilly, light breeze blew a strand of golden brown hair across her face. She tucked it behind her ear. She wore an oversized sweater and a pair of dark leggings. She wrinkled her bare toes into the blanket, maybe she should have worn socks.

She took another sip, thinking about the party in the House of Wind she was missing. She’d not wanted to get all dressed up just to stand on a balcony filled mostly with strangers. And she didn’t want to deal with her everyone playing buffer between her and Cassian. It was better this way. No one would have fun if she were there, and maybe this way he’d at least have fun.

Maybe he’d find someone to talk to, a female maybe—she took another swig of wine.

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The Inner Monologue of Captain America

Steve’s POV
Words: 574
Warnings: nervous Steve, sarcasm

I walk into her office, hoping I look cooler than I feel. Why is it so hot in here? Her eyes meet mine over the computer screen, her hair falls across her face and she raises her hand to sweep it back behind her ear. I love that movement, it’s one of my favorites thus far. I want to get my hands into her hair and feel the silky strands slip through my fingers. But I didn’t come here for hair, I have important business with her today. Very important indeed. Real business. But looking into her eyes, I get a little lost and forget what I came to say.

“Can I help you, Captain Rogers?” She spoke. I should answer. I clear my throat. I sound like an old man, ugh.

“Um, yes, Y/N. I need those files Fury asked for yesterday. He’s ready to review with the rest of the team.”

“Certainly, Captain Rogers, I have them right here for you.” She hands me the folders and I let my fingers brush gently against hers. Gently? Lightning bolts were more gentle than that. I need to be careful with her, I don’t want to hurt her before I get more than 22 words out. But does “um” count as a word? Probably not. Brilliant, Rogers. So articulate. Blow her away why don’tcha?

“Thank you very much, Y/N. We appreciate all you do for the team.” Really Steve? Bucky would be kicking me at this point. Ask her. Just ask her out. It’s not that difficult, just open your mouth and speak. Remember how Bucky used to be so smooth, you can do it!

“Of course, Captain. I’m happy to help any way that I can. Let me know if the team needs anything else.” She’s smiling. It’s amazing! The most beautiful lips spread across her amazing face, her hand going back to up to push her hair out of the way. Why did she do that? Why doesn’t she just pin it back? No! Leave it down, let the movement happen! I clear my throat again.

“Was there something else I can help you with, Captain?”

“Call me Steve?” Weak, Steve, weak.

“Okay, Steve.” The smile again. I’m in trouble. My heart is pounding in my chest. Super Soldier style. Can she hear it from there?

“Steve? Are you okay?” She looks concerned. The most beautiful eyes I have ever seen hold concern for me. Shit. I’m still staring at her. And am I actually sweating? This was just embarrassing.

“Listen, Capt- Steve, would you be interested in getting a cup of coffee after your meeting today?” She asked me for coffee! She asked because I forgot how to form words.

“Yes.” She jumped. Too loud Rogers, don’t yell! “Um, yes, Y/N, that would be nice.” Oh my god. Coffee. I hope I remember how to drink and not make an even bigger fool of myself.

“Great! Why don’t you just come find me here whenever you are ready to go?” She even had a plan. She was wonderful!

“Okay, sure! See you in a while!”

Turn and leave now, Steve. Be careful to not knock anything off of her desk because I’m a spaz apparently. Shit. There’s Bucky. He saw it all. Aaaaand he’s laughing.Yep. No way around it. I’m going to have to kill him. It’s a shame. I used to like that guy.

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“I know you’re there,” Cassian said. He stood before a white stone monument, in the middle of a garden on the west end of Velaris atop the sea cliffs. Another smaller white stone monument sat to its right, and to the left, a modest plaque with no name, but etched with a picture of wings had been placed into the ground.

The sea breeze rustled his black hair, carrying it across his face. He took a deep breath and stilled as he heard Nesta approach. He’d seen her in the weeks since he’d chased her through the House, but he’d barely spoken to her. Barely looked at her. Most of the time, he wasn’t quite sure where she was, only that she was watching him. Sometimes he felt her when he was training with Az, sometimes he felt her when he was working with Rhys, and other times he knew she was close because he could feel that uncertain space between them.

The want and the sadness and the anger.

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Grab her waist as she walks away and pull her into you. Look into her eyes and lock lips with her as you run your fingers through her hair and across her face before grasping the back of her neck as your kiss intensifies. Slip your tongue over hers and bite her lip as you run your hand down the side of her body and over her thigh. Leave her breathless and wanting more at the very thought of your touch. Kiss her the way every woman deserves to be kissed.
—  Glisteningmidnight/Emily Parr
He tilted my chin up and kissed my nose, smiling.

I took him by the ears and adjusted his aim downward. 

It lasted long enough for our temperatures to have equalized by the time he released me, and the warm blood sang in my ears as I leaned back, balancing on the fence rail. The breeze blew from behind me, fluttering strands of hair across my face. He brushed them off my shoulders, spreading the ruffled locks out with his fingers, so the setting sun shone through the strands. 

“You look like you’ve a halo, with the light behind ye that way,” he said, softly. “An angel crowned with gold.” 

“And you,” I answered softly, tracing the edge of his jaw where the amber light sparked from his sprouting beard. “Why didn’t you tell me before?” 

He knew what I meant. One eyebrow went up, and he smiled, half his face lit by the glowing sun, the other half in shadow. 

“Well, I knew ye didna want to wed me. I’d no wish to burden you or make myself foolish by telling you then, when it was plain you’d lie with me only to honor vows you’d rather not have made.” He grinned, teeth white in the shadow, forestalling my protest. “The first time, at least. I’ve my pride, woman.” 

I reached out and drew him to me, pulling him close, so that he stood between my legs as I sat on the fence. Feeling the faint chill of his skin, I wrapped my legs around his hips and enfolded him with the wings of my cloak. Under the sheltering fabric, his arms came tight around me, pressing my cheek against the smudged cambric of his shirt. 

“My love,” he whispered. “Oh, my love. I do want ye so.” 

“Not the same thing, is it?” I said. “Loving and wanting, I mean.” 

He laughed, a little huskily. “Damn close, Sassenach, for me, at least.” I could feel the strength of his wanting, hard and urgent. He stepped back suddenly, and stooping, lifted me from the fence. 

“Where are we going?” We were headed away from the house, toward the cluster of sheds in the shadow of the elm grove. 

“To find a haystack.”



“― you giant, stubborn, righteous idiot.”

the glorious hug scene from chapter 8 of @dracze​’s fanfic half way across. my mind went to a line from tkj that goes something like “he’s afraid of falling” and it makes my heart feel heavy

EDIT: i darkened the background bc dramatic :D

Deja Vu

Leopold Fitz is the f*cking shit and he knows it.

That is, until he meets a woman at a party and starts having flashes to a life, a person, a relationship he’s never known – but which feels more real than the one he has now.

*Framework fic. Fitz remembers Jemma.*

First chapter T, second M

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A woman stands out on the balcony in a thin-strapped navy blue dress sewn with beads that catch the light from the hall. She is dazzling, even from behind, her hair swept into a bun that cascades into curls. He has seen her around the department but always walking away, leaving a room, ending a conversation; she barely glances at him, shows none of the interest most people (of any gender, orientation, or relationship status) usually reveal around him.

“Aren’t you cold?” he calls from the doorway.

She turns to him, loose strands of hair blowing across her face in the breeze and her eyes red-rimmed as if she’s come out here to have a cry, and it hits Fitz in the gut.

She is standing before him in a sweater and jeans, paler, hair wilder, defeated and desperate. She is buffeted by the wind as she stands at the edge of the ramp, but she seems to be telling him something. He needs to get to her, he knows that, but he doesn’t know how, and he is screaming, he is screaming her name

Fitz has to catch himself on the doorframe as the force of the image hits him. What the hell was that?

Ghost Story [Pt 3]

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: You were designed to disappear. What happens when you’re caught?

Warnings: Language, panic, kinda angsty

Word Count: 2250

A/N: Were you taken by Hydra? Are you with the Avengers? What exactly are your powers anyway? Time to find out! This part is long but I’m quite pleased with it. PS sorry for the delay, family things happened and then writers block paid me a visit. Thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoy! Feedback is always appreciated :)

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5

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Your head lolled to the side, hair draping lazily across you face and softening the brightness of the light that was filtering through your eyelids. You sighed and let your head sink deeper into the pillow. A pillow?

Gunshots. Cold concrete. White van. Agents coming. Man running.

Where were you?

You kept your eyes closed and breathed in through your nose. The air smelled of antiseptic and air freshener. A hospital, probably. Hopefully. The faint beeping of a heart monitor caught your attention and you wiggled your fingers. Your third finger felt heavy - that must be your heartbeat. You were definitely alive then.

Was that a good thing though? You still felt sore and battered, although it was no worse than you remembered feeling after being drugged and collapsing on the street. You tried to gently move your wrists and ankles, but you couldn’t. Shit.

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You + Me Part 3

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Thank you all for your patience, I’m sorry I’m not posting much. This is the final part of this series, i hope you all like it.

Please note that I do not condone cheating in any situation.

Contains SMUT

PART ONE              PART TWO

The warm breeze blew your hair across your face gently and you brushed it out of the way.
The Teller-Morrow lot was crowded with people as everyone waited to send off the club.
They had received the signal they had been waiting for and were about to head out to deal with the situation.
You felt sick with nerves and you dug your fingernails into your palms anxiously.
You had known being a part of SAMCRO was dangerous, especially for Jax, but you hadn’t really realised the way it made you feel til now.
He had always kept you seperate from club business. Most of the time he just turned up at your house in the middle of the night. Hell, you’d only just met the Club and this was the very first time you’d been to the clubhouse.
And suddenly the severity of the situation dawned on you; Jax might not come back.
You’d cleaned blood off his clothes many times, and you’d seen the scars on his body, but the risks that came with this life had always been a distant thought for you.
But now, as you stood in the lot surrounded by the friends and family of SAMCRO those distant thoughts became a reality.
Opie stood next to you and he nudged you gently, noticing the change in your stance.
“You alright?” He asked quietly.
You covered your eyes from the sun and looked up at him.
“Make sure he comes home?” 
Your voice was quiet and he could hear the fear and the worry.
He wrapped an arm over your shoulder and squeezed you tightly.
You both knew he couldn’t make that promise.
Jax walked out of the clubhouse with Abel in his arms and your eyes followed him as he moved across the lot.
All you wanted to do was run to him and wrap your arms around him, kiss his lips and tell him you loved him.
But you knew you couldn’t and so you watched as his wife walked to meet him and jealousy flowed through your veins.
You couldn’t help but notice his cold eyes as he looked at his wife and passed her their son.
That didn’t stop her, though, and she quickly crashed her lips against his.
Opie squeezed you tighter and you smiled up at him before turning to watch Jax again.
His mother was next and she hugged him tightly before he moved on.
Tara scowled as Jax walked towards you and you fought the urge to run to him.
He exchanged a nod with Opie as he neared before his eyes met yours.
He stopped a couple of feet in front of you and his eyes never left your face.
“This will all be over soon babe, I promise.” He said solemnly.
You smiled warmly at him, your eyes sparkling with love.
“Just come home, Jax.” You said and he nodded.
Opie squeezed you gently before moving forward and slapping Jax lightly on the chest before heading to his bike.
“I love you.” You said, more confident now that you were alone.
Jax smiled at you and nodded.
“I love you too, (y/n).”

It had been just over two hours since you had watched Jax pull out of the lot, the trail of bikes following behind him.
‘Worried sick’ had never had more meaning, and you had spent the first hour curled up on the bed, your mind going into overdrive with all the possibilities and outcomes of the situation.
But you had quickly come to realise that there was nothing you could do, and sitting around worrying about Jax wasn’t going to help anyone.
After checking with Gemma that she didn’t need any help you had dug out the pile of homework from your bag that needed grading.
It was a task you always seemed to put off til the last minute and you knew it would be a good distraction.
You had gotten through a decent stack of maths papers, now filled with dozens red marks from your pen, when a knock on the door caught your attention.
You frowned slightly before dropping the paper in your hand to the bed and getting to your feet.
It took only a few strides to cross the room and you swung the door open widely.
Almost instantly your face fell as you looked at Tara, smug smile on her face and her arms crossed over her chest.
You cleared your throat awkwardly before speaking.
“Tara, hey, whats up?” 
She looked you up and down before stepping past you and entering Opies dorm, where you were staying.
You watched her closely as she moved around the room, her eyes searching for something.
“So, (y/n), tell me how you know Opie.” Tara said, her back still facing you as she scanned the papers on the bed.
You shrugged, even though she wasn’t watching you.
“His kids go to my school, I’m a teacher.” You said casually, unsure of where this was heading.
Tara turned to you, a coy smile on her face and her brown eyes watched you closely.
“What is a teacher doing hanging around with a criminal?” She asked you.
You could sense the bitter tone in her voice and immediately your guard was up.
Everything Jax had told you about Tara played through your mind, and although he never spoke badly of her you knew that she hurt him more than either of them realised.
“I dunno,” You shrugged. “Whats a doctor doing, married to a criminal?” 
She raised her eyebrows at your words and the corners of her mouth turned up into a wicked smirk.
“Thats just it, isn’t it (y/n), we’re married.”
She stepped closer to you and you looked at her coldly.
“I’m his wife. And you..” She looked you up and down again. “Your just a distraction.”
You raised an eyebrow and smirked.
So she knew. Or maybe she just thought she did. Either way, you were tired of this bitch.
She spoke before you could and she stepped closer again, almost closing the gap between you.
“He doesn’t need you drooling after him. Your no one, (y/n). Stay away from my husband.”
You laughed bitterly before glaring at her.
“Oh honey, he cant stay away from me even if he tried.” You said before shrugging and moving closer.
“But I’ll keep that in mind, when he’s fucking me tonight.”
Her eyes burnt with anger and her fists clenched but before she could swing her fist a small voice called out.
“Mommy?” She turned to see Abel standing in the doorway, watching you both with a scared expression.
She glared at you coldly.
“Stay away from Jax.” She warned before pushing past you and taking the boy into the hallway.
Your eyes burnt as you diced the onion, the strong sting making your eyes water.
But you pushed through it, slicing the onion rapidly.
“What did that onion ever do to you?”
You turned, still wielding the knife in your hand and saw Gemma leaning against the wall with a smirk across her face.
“Something wrong, sweetheart?”She asked you.
You smiled and shook your head.
Her eyes burnt into you, studying your face closely.
“You know, theres someone else here tonight that doesn’t seem too happy.” 
You turned back to the board and continued to hack at the onion, ignoring Gemmas comment.
She walked further into the kitchen and leant against the bench next to you.
“You have anything to do with that?” She asked you.
You shrugged. 
“Its okay, (y/n), i never liked the bitch anyway.” She whispered.
You looked at her, disbelief on your face, before you both broke into wide grins and you laughed lightly.
She turned to face the bench and grabbed a knife and a chopping board, and reached for another onion.
And so the both of you stood, smirks on your faces, eyes burning, and cutting onions.

It was almost midnight and there was still no sign of the boys coming home tongiht. Your gut was twisted with worry and you had almost chewed off your lip.
You had barely eaten your dinner, despite all the time you and Gemma had spent making it, swapping recipes and tips in the kitchen, while Tara glared from the clubroom.
And after sitting with the family, the friends, the crow eaters, you had finally managed to escape to your room.
You had taken a hot shower, attempting to let the hot water wash away your fears.
But now you were tucked into bed, wearing only an old SAMCRO shirt and still, the worry was pitted in your stomach.
Your eyes stared at the ceiling. The room was dimly lit from the lamp on the nightstand and your hair was splayed out around your head.
The faint music could be heard, playing loud at the bar but you were glad you had some sort of peaceful place amongst this chaos.
At some point you must have fallen to sleep, and it was when the door opened that you sat up suddenly, your eyes wide.
Jax stood in the doorway, his white shirt stained with blood and his kutte held tightly in one hand.
He met your eye and you both froze for a moment, staring at each other before you threw the covers back and leapt out of bed.
Jax closed the door and locked it before moving towards you and you practically ran across the room.
His hands wrapped around your waist and he lifted your body off the ground.
Your legs wrapped around his waist and you ran your hands through his hair before his lips crashed down on yours.
His kiss was desperate, hungry, and his lips moved in harmony with yours.
A soft moan left your lips and he pushed you against the wall.
Your hands roamed to the hem of his shirt and you tugged it up, parting his lips to lift it over his head.
The blood on the shirt caught your eye and you paused, looking at the shirt and back at Jax, your eyes suddenly wide with worry.
“Its not mine, babe.” Jax told you, knowing what you were thinking and you kissed his lips once more before tossing the shirt to the floor.
“I was so worried, Jax.” You whispered against his ear.
His lips trailed down your neck, sucking at your skin hungrily.
His teeth grazed against you and you moaned and pushed your hips against him, desperate for more friction.
Jax growled and moved you away from the wall.
He carried you across the room and laid you down on the bed.
You blushed as he stood at the edge of the bed, his eyes taking in every inch of you.
The shirt you were wearing had moved up your body slightly and you smirked and sat up. You lifted the shirt over your head and tossed it across the room, enjoying the way his eyes studied your bare chest hungrily.
“I love you.” He said quietly.
You smiled at him and moved to sit on the edge of the bed, right in front of him.
You turned your head to look up at him and you reached out to unbuckle his belt and you tugged his pants and his boxers down his legs, letting them drop to the floor.
His member stood proudly and you licked your lips as you wrapped your hand around the base.
“I love you too, Jackson.” You whispered.
Your tongue flicked out and you ran it along his length, from the base to the tip.
He groaned softly at your touch and you smirked before taking him in your mouth.
You moved your hand with your lips as you pumped him, your tongue running along the underside of his length.
He leant over you, watching your lips move around him and you glanced up, meeting his gaze as you sucked him off, taking more of him into your mouth.
His hand reached into your hair and he pulled it into a makeshift ponytail with his hands as he watched you.
You bobbed your head up and down his length, and the further you took him into your mouth the more he began to unwind.
“Fuck, babe.” Jax moaned as you sucked around him.
His tip brushed against the back of your throats and your eyes watered as you took him.
His hand gripped your hair tighter as the sensations shook through him and you sucked harder in response.
Your eyes met his as you moved your lips, your cheeks hallowing as you pulled away.
All you could hear was his soft moans and his heavy breathing and you began to move faster, desperate to taste him.
“Oh god, (y/n),” he moaned and you would have smirked if your mouth wasn’t so full.
You wrapped your hand around his base and squeezed gently, moving your hand with your lips as you pumped your mouth up and down his length.
You could tell he was close and his hands gripped your hair tightly, and his eyes were locked on your face.
You met his eye and when he brushed the back of your throats once more he moaned as he released inside your mouth.
You sat still as his body shuddered and your mouth filled before you moved your lips away slowly.
Jax watched you and you met his eye as you swallowed, licking your lips and his fingers were still in your hair.
“God I love you.” Jax said and you beamed up at him before leaning back on the bed.
His eyes ran over your bare body, moving hungrily across your skin.
Jax spread your legs and licked his lips as he looked at your bare core.
“Your so beautiful. Do you know that?”
You didn’t answer him and he didn’t wait for one, he knelt on the floor in front of you and smirked as he met your eye.
His fingers moved to spread your lower lips and you moaned softly at the touch.
You were already wet from anticipation and you shuddered as he blew gently against your clit.
You reached down and grabbed his wrist and tried to pull him up, you needed him, now, but Jax didn’t budge.
“So impatient, babe.” He smirked and he ran a finger through the wetness of your folds, making you gasp.
“You wanna cum, baby girl?”
You moaned in response and Jax reached to lift your wrist to your core.
“Make yourself cum, babe.” He whispered.
You bit your lip as you glanced down at him.
Of course you’d gotten yourself off before, but never with someone watching you so intensely.
But you loved Jax, and god you were so turned on.
You moved your hand to your folds and spread them, dipping a finger in to your wetness and spreading it to your clit.
Jax licked his lips as he watched you work, rubbing your clit gently in circles.
It didn’t take long to being yourself to the edge and you moaned softly as your fingers moved against yourself.
“Not yet.” Jax ordered and you whimpered softly.
Slowly, you felt his fingers on you and he slid one inside of you while you rubbed yourself and you moaned at his touch.
He slid it in and out of you expertly and eventually added a second finger, thrusting them in and out of you.
“Does that feel good?”
You moaned in response and he smirked, his fingers fucking you rapidly.
Your fingers began to slow as you neared orgasm and you arched your back.
Jax moved your hand away and leant down. His lips wrapped around you and his tongue flicked around your clit softly.
You moaned and he moved faster, his tongue running circles and his fingers thrusting.
You couldn’t hold on much longer and you moaned out loudly as you reached orgasm.
Your body trembled as it ripped through you and his tongue lapped at your juices.
Jax stood, licking his lips and he was hard once more.
Your eyes found his and you both smirked at each other as he knelt on the bed between your legs.
He hovered over you and you grabbed his face gently and pulled his lips to yours.
You parted lips and his eyes locked with yours and you felt his length rub against you, running through your folds.
You bit your lip as he stared into your eyes and he pushed himself inside of you, making you gasp.
Jax groaned softly as he entered you and he slid out slowly before pushing back in slowly.
“I love you.” You moaned and Jax kissed you hungrily as his thrusts deepened.
“I love you too, (y/n).” He whispered.
Your legs wrapped around him, pulling him in deeper.
His thrusts became faster and you moaned, dragging your nails down his back tattoo as he pounded inside of you.
“Fuck!” You moaned as he entered you, the sound of his skin slapping against you filling the room.
His lips sucked at your neck, leaving a trail of bruises down to your breasts as he pounded into you mercilessly.
“Jax! Fuck!” You moaned.
It didn’t take long for you both to reach orgasm and you you both released at the same time.
Jax rode out your orgasms as your body shook around him, waves of pleasure rolling through you.
Both of you were gasping for breath, sweat coating your skin and he rolled off you, both of you staring at the ceiling.
“Not bad, Teller.” You sighed and Jax laughed loudly.
He rolled onto his side and kissed you deeply before leaning back, his fingers stroking the side of your face.
“It’s over now babe, lockdowns lifted.”
You nodded, smiling gently.
“You okay, Jax?” You asked.
He smiled at you and nodded.
“Never better.” He said and pecked your lips.
A knock on the door made both your heads turn and you looked at each other, puzzled.
Jax stood and pulled on his boxers before tossing you your shirt from across the room.
You pulled it over your head quickly as he crossed the room and opened the door.
Tara practically had smoke coming out of her ears and the moment she laid eyes on Jax she raised her hand and slapped him across the cheek.
You stood, the shirt falling down over you and walked across the room, anger shooting through you.
“Fuck you, Jackson!” Tara seethed, her finger prodding him in his chest.
His face was cold, his soft lips curled up into a snarl as he glared at his wife.
“Go home, Tara. It’s over.”
Tara scoffed and pushed past him and turned towards you.
“He doesn’t love you, whore.” She snarled at you.
You laughed and crossed your arms over your chest.
“If you’d come ten minutes earlier you woulda heard him telling me he loves me while I was sucking his dick.”
Tara fumed and marched towards you, raising her hand.
You dodged her fist and swung your own, your knuckles cracking against her jaw.
She gasped and clutched her cheek and Jax watched with raised eyebrows as you stepped closer to her.
“He’s mine now, bitch.” You snarled.
Tara stared at you before turning to Jax.
“I’m taking the boys with me.” She muttered and began to push past him.
Jax grabbed her arm as held her back before snarling his words to her.
“The boys stay with me.”
Tara looked between you and Jax before marching out of the room and down the hallway.
Silence fell between you as you and Jax looked at each other.
Slowly, he stepped closer to you, his arms reaching out and holding your sides gently.
“It’s all over, (y/n). It’s just you and me now.”
You smiled up at him and draped your arms over his bare shoulders.
“You and me.” You repeated and pressed your lips to his.

I Wouldn’t Trade You

In case you haven’t noticed, Bokuakakuroken is my ultimate OT4 and I am trash. 

There was a reason he didn’t like being left alone. Talking to strangers always made his palms sweat and no one ever followed the hints that he didn’t want to talk and he hated it. It was infinitely worse when he was being hit on. It wasn’t that he didn’t know how to say no, it was that he was never sure if they were going to get angry, never sure of the possibility of being harmed.

It was the reason he hated being left alone in public, but Kuroo and Bokuto had run off to order food and Akaashi needed to use the restroom. So, Kenma was left waiting at their table outside on his own. With the wind blowing his hair across his face, he didn’t see the man until he had his palms pressed to the tabletop, leaning far too close for comfort.

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i am listening
to the steady
in and out
of your breathing
as you sleep and
dream of the things
that make you happy

i am feeling
the warmth of your knees
tucked into my side
moving, twitching
every once in a while
as you sleep and
dream of the things
that make you happy

i am seeing
the rise and fall
of your chest,
the curve of your neck
and the curl of hair
across your face
as you sleep and
dream of the things
that make you happy

i am feeling
so completely in love
with every one of my senses
so long as you fill them
because when i
dream of the things
that make me happy
i’m usually
dreaming of

Because @makariaartsabout reminded me how unfairly attractive Otabek is. 

When Yuri wakes before Otabek, it’s a treat. It’s also a frustration. 

Yuri knows that when he wakes up his hair is a ball of tangles and it’s a bitch to try to brush that shit out. He won’t admit he’s keeping it because a certain someone sleeping so peacefully continuously reminds him that loves it. Yuri can’t possibly make sleep, or waking up, look good.

But Otabek barely looks ruffled. His hair falls perfectly across his face. He doesn’t have any sleep in the corners of his eyes. Yuri’s lips always feel chapped when he wakes up and Otabek’s lips look so…

Yuri leans in, bracing a hand against the pillow beside Otabek’s head, nearly hovering over him. When Otabek shifts, Yuri freezes. 

“I can hear you breathing, Yura,” Otabek says, the deep rasp of his morning voice sounding stupidly attractive It makes a shiver run down Yuri’s spine. 

“Sorry I have to fucking breathe to stay alive,” Yuri grumbles, pushing himself away. 

Otabek’s eyes open, settling on Yuri for a moment before they squeeze shut with a yawn. The covers fall off his upper body and Yuri can see that his shirt has ridden up his stomach in his sleep. It only rides up further when Otabek reaches his arms over his head to stretch, exposing even more of the tight skin of his perfectly toned abdomen. 

Yuri’s mouth goes dry. He knows he’s staring, but fuck it. He’s allowed to stare. 

Otabek runs his fungers through his hair as he brings his arms back down. The hair falls perfect across his face, looking at though it were professionally styled, giving new meaning to “I woke up like this”. He looks so good with the morning glow lighting up his face that it makes Yuri’s body ache in ways it definitely shouldn’t so early in the morning. 

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Yuri growls, glaring at Otabek. Otabek stares at him in return and cocks his head to the side. “Look at you! Just~~” Yuri gestures wildly to all of Otabek and sputters, “How fucking dare you!”

Otabek’s lips twitch. He slips a hand up the front of his shirt, rubbing his fingers across his stomach. It exposes even more skin that Yuri thinks his mind can handle seeing right now. 

“Tch. “ Yuri scowls and flashes a single finger at Otabek. “Now you’re just doing it on purpose.” 

Don’t Deserve You

Fandom: Harry Potter (marauders era)

Pairing: Teen!Remus Lupin x reader

Request: “Could you maybe do a Young!Remus one shot based on song “Don’t deserve you” (as in Remus thinks that he doesn’t deserve reader because of his furry problem)

A/N: @skymundane477​ thank you so much for this request, I really like this and I hope you do too! Just wondering, would you like me to start tagging you whenever I post Remus fics?

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(I swear to Durin I’m marrying this gif. Sadly I don’t own it, credit to owner)

You’re the first face that I see
And the last thing I think about
You’re the reason that I’m alive
You’re what I can’t live without

Remus blinked groggily as he woke up in the uncomfortable hospital bed. There were two things that he noticed immediately; the pain slowly spreading to every part of his body, and the girl asleep in the chair by his bed. Her hair fell across her face, but he could still see the worried expression she wore even as she slept. She had a loose grip on his hand, a grip he knew would be vice-like as soon as she woke.
“Hey,” he croaked, squeezing your hand weakly. Your eyes fluttered open, and you nearly fell out of the chair as you tried to get your blood circulating again. Your eyes landed on your boyfriend, lying in the hospital bed covered in blankets and scars and bruises. Your grip on his hand tightened as he smiled weakly at you.
“How’re you feeling?” you asked worriedly, running a hand through his messy light brown hair. It was just one of the perks of having a werewolf boyfriend, having to wait and worry every full moon about him. You knew, however, that you couldn’t love anyone else more than you loved Remus.
“Bit sore,” he mumbled. “You know what would help? A kiss,” he said, grinning cheekily. You rolled your eyes, pressing a gentle kiss to his chapped lips anyway.

You never give up when I’m falling apart
Your arms are always open wide
And you’re quick to forgive when I make a mistake
You love me in the blink of an eye

“I could have hurt you, (Y/N)! Hell, I could have killed you!”
Tears stung at the backs of your eyes, threatening to spill as you helplessly watched your boyfriend pace back and forth in front of the fireplace. It had all been a simple miscalculation; you’d all thought the full moon was due in two days’ time, meaning it was alright for you and Remus to take a walk outside alone the night before. You’d both gotten a nasty shock when he started to transform, and you an even nastier one when he’d lashed out at you. You didn’t have it in you to tell him that he’d left a deep gash on your arm, he was beating himself up enough as it was.
“Remus, it wasn’t your fault!” you told him. “Neither of us knew that was going to happen!”
He stopped his frantic pacing to turn and stare at you, tears flowing thick and fast down his scarred cheeks. “I’m a monster,” he whispered. You got to your feet, standing directly in front of him and holding his face so he had to look into your eyes.
“Say that again, Remus John Lupin, and I’ll show you which one of us is the monster,” you threatened. “Anyone who ever dares to even think that you’re a monster is signing a contract to get cursed into next week by me, and that includes you.”
He smiled slightly at your fierce loyalty to him. “(Y/N), I’m not safe to be around,” he said sadly. “You saw how bad I got.”
“Yes, I did see that, and yes, it did get bad,” you replied. “But you know what I see now? I see a boy who regrets everything that happened, who would never hurt anyone. That’s the boy I fell in love with, Remus.”
You wrapped your arms tightly around him, smiling softly as he rested his chin on top of your head and held your waist gently. “And that’s the boy I’m sticking with,” you whispered softly.

I don’t deserve your love but you give it to me anyway
Can’t get enough
You’re everything I need
And when I walk away
You take off running and come right after me
It’s what you do
And I don’t deserve you

The Marauders’ Christmas party was always brilliant, but tonight there was something missing, you thought. Looking around, you saw James and Lily slow dancing, Peter by the snack table, and Sirius trying to get Marlene McKinnon under the mistletoe. But no Remus.
Leaving your goblet by your chair, you quietly left the classroom your friends had “borrowed” for the night. Your feet made little to no noise as you crept through the draughty corridors, reaching a small spiral staircase that you’d never seen before. The sunset shone through a beautiful stained glass window, your boyfriend’s silhouette visible halfway up the stairs.
Wordlessly, you sat down beside him and took his hand in yours, watching the sunset while you waited for him to speak.
“Why aren’t you with the others?” he asked eventually.
“I could ask you the same thing,” you replied. He sighed wearily.
“I just spoil their fun. It’s better if I’m not there.”
You nudged his shoulder gently. “It’s not better for me. You really think I want to watch Marlene turn down Sirius without you there laughing beside me?”
He shifted his gaze to where his fingers were intertwined with yours, brushing his thumb over your knuckles gently. “I don’t understand why you want me there,” he murmured. You lifted the hand you weren’t clasping his with, turning his face so that he would look at you.
“Because you’re not just my boyfriend, you’re my best friend,” you whispered. “And I love you more than anything in the world.”
He raised his eyebrows. “Even more than chocolate?”
“Hey, one step at a time,” you joked, smiling when he laughed. “See? There’s that smile I love. Now c’mon, we’re going back to the common room and making a pillow fort.”
Remus smiled to himself as you ran on ahead, in awe at the way you could make him this happy so easily. Not even his best friends could do that, and yet one lame joke from you would have him in fits of laughter. You just had that effect on him.

Your heart is gold
And how am I the one that you’ve chosen to love?
I still can’t believe that you’re right next to me
After all that I’ve done

Remus smiled down at your sleeping figure, curled into his side on the sofa by the fireplace, both of your Charms essays lying unfinished and forgotten about on the table. A few loose tendrils of your hair tickled his arm, but he didn’t ever want to move you. He shifted carefully so that his legs were up on the sofa too, your head resting over his heart. He placed a gentle kiss on your forehead, rubbing your back soothingly. He chuckled when you mumbled something incomprehensible in your sleep, moving even closer to his warm figure.
It still amazed him that he never woke up in the morning to find out it had all been a dream. He was clever, but he could barely get his head around the fact that you’d chosen to love him, and more importantly that you’d never changed your mind about him. Right now, with your sleepy breathing tickling his neck and your head over his heart, he found he was starting to believe in it. He was starting to believe in you.
“Hey sleepyhead,” he teased as you stirred slightly, your eyes opening slowly. You wrapped your arms more securely around him, burying your face in the crook of his neck sleepily.
“Hey yourself,” you tried to retort, a loud yawn slightly ruining the effect. Remus chuckled, kissing your forehead again.
“You’re adorable when you’re sleepy,” he told you, grinning.
“Shut up, I’m wide awake,” you mumbled, your voice muffled slightly.
He smiled, massaging your scalp gently, knowing that it would send you straight to sleep within minutes. “No you’re not,” he said as another yawn escaped your lips.
“Stop doing that,” you grumbled.
“Doing what?” he asked innocently.
“Being right,” you mumbled. “It’s…annoying…” And just like that, you were sound asleep. Remus nuzzled the top of your head gently, letting his own eyes drift shut at last.


a series of unlikely crossovers

Can I get teen Steven layin around on his bed thinking about how awesome and amazing connie is and he sighs the cutest lil happy sigh while his cheeks get all pink and he gets a really goofy grin.

Then he starts thinking about how pretty she is and how her hair falls across her face and shoulders. The way her eyelids lower when she looks at him, her eyes sparkling n stuff. The way her lips curve when she laughs. All that cute stuff.

Then his cheeks turn bright red and he covers his face with a pillow thinking “WHY IS SHE SO PERFECT!!!” then groans.

Teen crushes are the best tbh.

Bonus: Sometimes the gems catch him.
Pearl always quirks an eyebrow and tries to stifle a smile. Amethyst giggles and rolls down the steps. Garnet just smiles super big and crosses her arms.