haimsbians replied to your photo “just hanging out with pretzel”

I can’t believe your dog’s name is pretzel I’ll be in a corner crying of cuteness overload

lol why. it’s a a funny story, i chose pretzel as his name cause i took him to the vet when he was a month old to get vaccines and stuff, they were gonna make a card for him to keep track of his health and stuff and they asked his name and i was like uh… pretzel??? (i’d eaten chocolate covered pretzels that day)

lesbianghouls replied to your photo “just hanging out with pretzel”

pinche mion ahahahh

haha ay, no sabe interactuar con extraños :c


If I Could Change Your Mind by HAIM

The Wire in Rolling Stone's 100 Best Songs of 2013

Three California girls deliver a pop nugget that taps into the glory days of L.A. radio rock, with big drums under the sunshine-folk touches. The handclap beat is straight from the Eagles playbook, and the chorus tangos in the night with Fleetwood Mac.

Source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/lists/100-best-songs-of-2013-20131204/haim-the-wire-19691231

fill this in with stuff about you

where i’m from: Mexico City

where i would like to live: Russia/ Berlin/ Iceland.

favorite food: mmm hamburgers, pizza- “fast food”… chinese food…

religion: catholic… (?)

sexual orientation: HAIMSBIAN

single/taken: single

favorite book: I don’t have one :/

eye color: Brown

favorite movie: IDK, the hunger games trilogy, maybe

favorite tv show: I don’t have preference for any specially.

favorite band/singer: HAIM/ TheStrokes

favorite day of the year: Xmas, MAAAYBE…! I’m not sure.

favorite color: TURQUOISE, violet, pink/ magenta

if i have any pets: a dog called Yak

what i’m listening to right now: Viðrar vel til loftárása by Sigur Rós

what’s my ringtone: the guitar solo in Forever (live by Haim (Danielle)) ♥♥♥

what my name means: Leilani means: “heavenly flowers”

celebrity crush: Nick Valensi, Danielle Haim, Kristen Stewart, Emma Stone, Scarlett Johansson… among others.