So, since I made this blog around 4 years ago I never thought I’d meet such wonderful people and discover so many things as I have but here I am…

Forgot about this blog for 2 years and started using it when I went to Uni as a resource for finding new material for the things I fangirled about but was never active in any fandom whatsoever until this year.

Here are some amazing blogs you guys need to check out (bolded ones are people I talk to occasionally/friends). Keep in mind that because of the years owning this blog I follow 270 blogs and you’re all worth following, if I forgot someone I’m sorry!


aprilsplaza  amenalcohol  allweknowitsbrandnew  alisonniehaus  alanadanielleestehaim  a-film  bluemavor  baelor  bluewavves burnourhouses    cool-npc  craibea   c-mplexes daysare-gone  daysarehaim dyellllas  diarycrux  daeneryus dairbaratheon esthtehaim  elephant-art erebores dhydratedforhaim  fantasmapurpura


gin-givenchy-gastronomy gayforhaim hotformeh  hoparamore  haimpireweekend  haimallthetime  haimsbians  haphazardinfinie htadojeremy  htadotaylor      handsomeponytail infinitelysaved  imtheevilstoplaughing istillloveparamore  i-effed-it-all-up  julesvonbronx jonarya jennyleelindberg  jamescook lesbianghouls  letmehaim  lazarusgirl


ms-ale-db   moobjob  mourningslide  monigaa  martindoherty   mariagiorgimiserydesigns  meh-kenna misfitsinwonderland  naomilys nothinggoodingoodbye  olivetreeeeeeee   paralol prime-haim  punkrockgay  rhyleej  rockinhaim  rhaenystargaryen  rlupin  


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Special Mention to:

yelyahwilliams  haimlovesyou  babyxhaim lynngvnn