haim interview

so you fell in love with danielle haim

maybe you saw her slay on the grammys red carpet in a flawless white suit

or you got a glimpse of her shredding the guitar

maybe a gif of her dancing caught your eye

or you heard that voice of hers

and you could tell that despite all her confidence on stage

she’s actually really shy

and a huge nerd

and so you found yourself head over heels in love.

shh it’s ok. don’t fight it. just let it happen

we’re in this together.


HAIM’s Red Carpet interview on the grammy.com stream

I just meet people and I’m like ‘I want to go on your shoulders now’. When I turned up on the Thursday last time, I wasn’t even playing, this was in the year I had off. I was like, I’ll get there on the Thursday, and all of a sudden it was Friday morning and my sister was having to hold me back because I was trying to dive-bomb Haim in their interviews for the BBC. My sister was grabbing me by my legs and pulling me back, like, ‘You are not even here to play! Get back!’ And then I learned Arctic Monkeys were playing and we were trying to get onto the stage but we went through the wrong door and ended up in the front of the crowd in the moshpit.

Florence about her last Glastonbury experience.

Imagine her taking the RIGHT DOOR DURING THE ARCTIC MONKEYS GIG?? Oh, the things we missed…

"Her Fans call it her Bass Face"

That CBS interview was weird.

I want them to become more famous and win everything they’re nominated for.

On the other hand I want them to stay the same level of famous so they don’t get a stupid amount of fans that it’s impossible to get to one of their gigs.

I sound like a stalker.

Leave HAIM ALONE *said in the classic “leave Britney alone” cry*