People are gonna underestimate you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a female or a male, everyone underestimates everybody. You just gotta prove them all wrong, you know? Just do what you want to do. How? You just gotta have a lot of heart and you gotta believe in yourself, and you can’t listen to anybody else, because, you know, when The Rev was in a laundromat, and we were all living off a dollar a day, I guarantee if you went to 100% of this world, 99% of them would say that all of us would be losers the rest of our lives… ‘cause people won’t want to believe that other people have a lot of heart and can do things for themselves. So you just got to get up and do it.

Happy birthday, M. Shadows ♥

Here it is ladies and gents and everyone in between!!! After having this blog for 3 years, I’ve finally made one of these. Keep in mind not all of these blogs are A7X blogs but they are still amazing nonetheless.

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@a7x-old-stuff, @a7xing-forever, @ammaccabananescrubs, @aodeathbat, @ask-bratt, @avengedlsevenfold


@d-e-a-t-h-bat, @death-fuckin-bat, @deathbat-queen, @duckduckjimmy




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@gates-of-vengeance, @gifsbysimplysonia


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@vengeance-is-syn, @vucrew





thank you to all these people who have made my blog worth keeping activated. and thank you to all my followers who think this blog is actually great when its not. it’s very appreciated :)

Happy Holidays to everyone!!!!


The Roxy, Hollywood

Music Machine, Los Angeles


Live at CBGB’s, New York


Toledo Sports Arena, Toledo

Orange County Fairgrounds, Middletown, NY

Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan

Live at the Ritz, NY


Rock in Rio (Both Nights)

Noblesville Indiana, U.S

Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY Part 1

Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY Part 2

Live in St. Louis


Live At The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert

Live in Turin

Live in Chicago

Hippodrome De Vincennes, Paris

Live in Argentina

Live Estadio Nacional


Live in New Haven, CT USA


Rock in Rio


Live in Columbus, Ohio


RDS Arena, Dublin

Rock Am Ring

Live at Rock in Rio-Lisboa, Portugal


Live at Osaka


Rock in Rio

The Joint Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas


02 Arena London

Live in Sao Paulo


Revolver Golden Gods Awards

I got the idea for this from hailtomshadows so thank you.

So, I never actually did a decent follow forever because I am hella scared of forgetting someone and I’ll feel really bad if that happens (what’s probably gonna happen if thats u I’m so sorry i love you lots) but I felt the need to do one this time because I need to thank you all so much. I take tumblr seriously (sometimes too seriously) because this is a place where i feel like i can be myself. Also, I post so many different stuff because I was always about posting whatever I love atm and there is avenged sevenfold and 3.2 seconds later there is 5 seconds of summer so I wanna thank you all so much for staying with me and talking to me and making my experience on tumblr so great. I won 10k+ followers in six months and this is SO amazing. Thank you all so so much. I love you all a lot. These are some blogs I appreciate and sometimes I talk and they’re all lovely people and great bloggers. Thank u again guys ilysm, favs are bolded (also no alphabetical or particular order bc i’m very lazy)

glassandy jaimepreciaclo ❀ besideyu thewicked-endcarapherxelia ❀ insidesofyou ❀ darlinyoullbeookay ❀ blackvist drellabove ❀ paraxveil ❀ avengedd hailtomshadows ❀ keepinhappiness ❀ mshadowss queenforadaay ❀ ohpreciado ❀ obsynity ❀ ashfletchxr ❀ jaimespreciado ❀ breakyourvibes weirdxkids ❀ fuwentes ❀ foentes ❀ stereobouquet jaimesdimple  fratboyau ❀ bl182nk ❀ barakatjack ❀ foreverlovinga7x ❀ tonysperrys ❀ basketxcase ❀ lolgaskarth ❀ hanerka ❀ damnedafterall ❀ vics-tits ❀ fuentherapy ❀ fxrgetregret fxckpunk ❀ fronceschi paramorre ❀ nckdeeps ❀ caraphernatalia rememberingsundxy ❀ mcdougll lukehemxngs ❀ jennamcdougalls  alltimelow jbkats ❀ ohzacky ❀ synnlich ❀ eorwyn zackydaniels ❀ aevnegdsevneofld ❀ ofdropdead ❀ nevertookim ❀ alexsgaskarths

Also my best friend ever (who’s travelling and left me here yeah) behindaskyline; my sister (who never ever logged on tumblr anymore but we are having a gerat time talking about the world cup) ninja-delivery-girl; and lori (who also forgot she has a tumblr) falloutxgays love you guys.

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