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What does Hailstorm do for a living? Does she have any dreams or goals?

Hailstorm does a lot with her spare time! Her main job is as a squad leader for Equestria’s pegasus weather service. (In my AU I see the weather-running as a job organized with something similar to military ranks. Each team covers a different area of Equestria, and she leads one!)

On the side, she does missions for the princesses in which she deals with deemed “harmless” monsters/rare creatures that either need help or rehoming. She was given a small secluded cottage to host them until they find out where they’re going! This is mainly where Kirin stays, and Hailstorm met her on one if these missions.

She attends the Wonderbolt Academy, previously to achieve her dream of being a Wonderbolt but recently she’s been more interested in her other work. She still attends because of her love of flying, and where else can she get a better training regimen? She’s close with Spitfire, and has been talking to her about switching to assisting with coaching instead of Wonderbolt training.

In pretty much the rest of her spare time she’s with her cousin, Electric Lime, either goofing off, on some adventure, or being a speed demon in the clouds.

Never settles, this one! She has an itch to stay busy and everyone wonders how she manages to be all over the place!