hailie steinfeld

Why does this bother me so much? Listen Melissa Leo, I know you want to win an Oscar. You’ve been here just two years ago when you were up for your fantastic performance in “Frozen River,” and I know it must have really sucked that barely anyone paid attention to you at the time. But paying for your own “For Your Consideration” ads to run in Hollywood trade ads? Last time I checked, Paramount and Relativity were running a pretty good campaign for you, putting you and Christian Bale front and center in recent marketing pushes for “The Fighter.” They even got you a plum spot on Oprah. It was on Monday, remember it?

This is tacky. Besides the heavy-handed minimalism of “Consider” and the obvious embarrassment of your weird pose, it’s hard to overlook just how unneccesary this is. In case you hadn’t noticed, you’ve won just about every pre-Oscar award there is. The race is yours to lose. It’s shocks me to say this, but you could really use to learn something from Mo'Nique of all people. If you remember, Mo'Nique stayed in Atlanta during Oscar season and chose to let her performance in “Precious” speak for itself. She won. It might not seem like the place, but a little humility in Hollywood goes a long way.

I know the Oscar game has been hard to navigate ever since the Weinsteins turned it into a bloodsport, but spare me this “I’m 50 and the media ignores me so I have to take matters into my own hands” game. Sad you can’t get on magazine covers? Look at some of your competition: Helena Bonham Carter, Hailie Steinfeld and Jacki Weaver. They don’t exactly sound like Angelina Jolie to me. So does that lead me to believe you’re talking about Amy Adams? You know, your CO-STAR. Stop now Melissa Leo. You don’t see Jacki Weaver pulling stunts like this. She’s gotten even less press than you did for “Frozen River.” I haven’t seen a single story even asking “Who’s Jacki Weaver and what’s ‘Animal Kingdom?’”

I haven’t seen any of these performances yet (I’m about to watch Animal Kingdom) but if yours really is the best of the year, I hope you win. But as it stands now, I think it’d be a lot more fun (and a lot less jaded) to see little Miss Hailie Steinfeld take home the gold. Really just a horribly stupid move that I kind of hope backfires.