Steve Rogers Imagine; Baby’s coming.

This is my second imagine with Steve, I have been reading Steve’s imagine all day just to get a glimpse. Anyway, if you’d like more imagine with some other characters then don’t forget to send me your request in the ask section! It’ll make me happy.

And if I haven’t answered to your request, i’m so sorry :( i’m trying my best! 

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Angst.

Word Count: Lots.

Request: Hi! I saw you were taking requests and I was wondering if you could please write one where Steve and a heavily pregnant reader are both avengers and one day Steve gets seriously hurt on a mission and the stress causes the reader to go into labor so the team is there for her? Lot of fluff/angst and maybe a happy ending? Thanks soooo much! 😊

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“Please be safe, I want you back in one piece.” you said to Steve as he rolled his eyes playfully at you, adjusting the strap of his mask before walking towards you.

“I promise i’ll try.” he chuckled and pecked your lips before lowering himself and giving your swollen belly a kiss, muttering some words as he then stood up and grabbed his shield, he gave you a wink before speaking up. “Okay, everybody. Let’s go, I want to be back early so me and my wife can enjoy some alone time.” the rest of the Avengers chuckled as they finished equipping themselves, you just sighed.

You sat down in the seat in front of the handles of the quinjet, strapping yourself before making it land securely on the floor as the Avengers got out with their guns on their hands and all, you earlier had hacked the security system of the place they were currently breaking in, so you were able to watch through the security cameras of the building as the guys attacked the officers and all. 

Your hand instinctively went to your belly, caressing it softly as you felt a strong kick. “I know, baby. Daddy’s just working.” you said to the baby, neither you or Steve knew the sex of the baby and you both wanted to remain in that way until he or she was born, you were dying to know if you’ll be having a little boy or a little girl, luckily the birth was only weeks away. 

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Marvel: Captain America agent of Hydra.

Fandom: What

Chris Evans: What

Planet: What

Aliens: What

Universe: What


Sebastian Stan Imagine; Not like the rest.

Back with another one! I’m trying to upload one each day but it’s getting hard due to school, i’ll still do my best! 

Pairing; Sebastian Stan x Reader.

Warnings; Fluff!, Cute Seb.

Word Count: Lots.

Request: hiiii! I have a request! sebastian x reader (who is plus size) the other parts depends on you! THANKS ♥

You were sitting down in front of you vanity mirror, applying he last touch-ups of your makeup, once you were doing cleaning up your eyeliner, you stood up and grabbed the dress that was hanging from the closet door.

You walked towards the bathroom and changed there, putting on the dress on your body. The lilac dress felt soft against your body, it was pretty nice and decent for the wedding you two were going to attend.

Sebastian came strolling out of the bathroom, tying his tie with a hard look on his face, he couldn’t do the last knot. She chuckled at his face, his brows furrowed and he was biting down on his lips due to the concentration. She walked towards him, barefooted before she went in front of him and took his hands out of the tie. “Let me help you, I don’t want you getting a stroke from all that concentration.” She said between giggles, before he left his hands fell at the sides of his body, his eyes then just checked her out.

She is beautiful, he thought once he saw how the long dress fell along her figure, she wasn’t like the rest of the girls, those girls who barely eat and their bones are sticking out of their body. No, she had some meat in her and he licked that, he liked to be able to grab onto something when they’re making love, he loved her in every single way and he didn’t care about anything else besides the fact that she made him happy, happy than ever. “You look absolutely stunning.” He said, those were the only words he could say due to his eyes staring deeply into her face, the freckles against her cheeks and nose and those long lashes of hers.

She smiled widely at him before finishing up the tie. “Thank you, baby. You’re as handsome as always.” She kissed his lips softly before walking towards the closet and grabbing her heels, once she put them on she looked at herself in the mirror, she wasn’t happy nor she wasn’t unhappy while looking at her body, she didn’t really care about it. People loved her how she is and that’s something she appreciated.

“Ready to go, love? We don’t want to arrive late to your cousin’s wedding.” Sebastian asked from the bed, he was tying his shoes before he stood up and glanced at her with a smile, his girl is stunning.

“Yeah, all ready.” She replied before grabbing her clutch and phone, walking out their apartment with his arm wrapped around her.


Once they arrived to the wedding, she gasped at the decorations around the place. It was beautiful, they decorated it like a palace, flowers around and the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, everything looked perfect. Sebastian smiled at the look on his girlfriend’s face, he chuckled before walking with her towards the seats they had gotten.

 “Our wedding will be more beautiful than this one..” Sebastian said, making her smile before shaking her head and leaning it down his shoulder. “I told you, I don’t want to get engaged just yet.” She replied with a roll of her eyes.

He chuckled and rolled his eyes as well. “I’m not asking you to marry me, I was just saying.” He replied.

She just nodded before the band started to play the “Here comes the bride” song, they all stood up as she watched her cousin walk down the aisle, the dress she was wearing was absolutely beautiful. Then everyone sat down and started to listen while the priest talked about the wedding ceremony.

After the ceremony ended and the bride and groom had said their “i do’s” all of the guests went towards the seats on the different chairs for the reception, the band was playing a soft music as Sebastian stood up and brought his hand out for her, she smiled before taking it and walking with him towards the dance floor, his arms around her waist and hers around his neck as they danced slowly to the music. 

“Have I told you how beautiful you look tonight?” he asked while they both swayed in the dance floor, she grinned before nodding. 

“Yes, you have Sebastian. This is the second time, actually.” she chuckled, placing a kiss on his lips softly.

“I know, I just wanted to say it again.” he gave her a cheeky smile before they kept dancing on the dance floor.

Three songs later and they were back on their table, her feet ached due to the high heels she was wearing. She then heard a familiar voice in the crowd, she looked up to find her least favourite cousin coming towards her, with a fake smile plastered on her face.

“Oh! Y/n! I didn’t know you’ll be here.” she said with the fake smile still on her face, her name was Claude and everyone’s least favourite cousin. In conclusion she’s a selfish bitch with spoilt attitude that thinks that everyone else is below her.

“Well, surprise!” Y/n rolled her eyes before giving her a small smile, that didn’t quite reach her eyes. 

“Oh! Who’s this?” Claude asked, looking at Sebastian with lustful eyes. She was also the cousin who’d try to steal anything that was yours, just to mess up with people. “I’m Claude.” she introduced herself seductively, she didn’t have any shame.

“I’m Sebastian, Y/n ‘s boyfriend.” he said, holding Y/n ‘s hand as he replied, she smiled and squeezed his hand before looking at him and then at her cousin, who had a surprised look on her face.

“I can’t actually believe you have a boyfriend, Y/n.” Claude said with a smug look on her face. “Is this actually real?” she smirked as she looked at both of them, Y/n knew she would pull something like this but luckily Sebastian came to the rescue.

“Yes, this is real and please could you go away? You’re interfering my way, and just for you to know, Y/n ‘s a beautiful woman and any man would be lucky to have her, now if you’d so gently go away.” he said smiling sarcastically to her, Claude stood there with her eyes wide open, before she stormed off.

Y/n laughed before looking back at his boyfriend who had smirk on his face, she smiled widely. “Can’t believe you just said that, I love you so much.” she said before kissing his lips, she felt her heart stirr at his words, and before she knew it some words escaped her lips. “I think marrying you won’t be so bad after all, huh? What do you think, big guy? You still wanna marry me?” she said with a wink towards him.

·”God, you’re perfect.” he kissed her lips with a big smile plastered on his lips.

Hail Hydra? Coffee Grounds?
  • Steve: Hey Buck?
  • Bucky: Yeah?
  • Steve: Remember how I went through a lot of crap just to get you out of Hydra's grasp?
  • Bucky: Yeah, I nearly tried to kill you many times
  • Steve: And I nearly killed Tony for you...
  • Bucky: Yeah and?
  • Steve: Well... I um think that I've killed more innocent people than I've helped, by accident of course.
  • Bucky: That's not true, but what does that have to do with Hydra? It's not like you're under their control or anything.
  • Steve: ...
  • Bucky: ... Steve?
  • Steve: *leaves quickly, cheeks turning red from embarrassment*
  • Rhodey: Chill Mr. Stank
  • Peter: Sir, Mr. Stark I-I'm too young to be drinking-
  • Tony: *burns daggers through Vision*
  • Vision: Sir with all due respect I am not capable of-
  • Tony: *goes to room and cries quietly*
  • Rhodey: *mischievously manages to spill more coffee grounds into disposal*
Bucky Barnes; Captive.

Pairing; Bucky Barnes x Reader

Characters: Bucky Barnes, The Winter Soldier. 

Word Count: Lots of them. 

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You’ve been HYDRA’s prisioner for almost a week.

Your name: submit What is this?

Your legs and arms hurt hell, your right arm must be broken by now. Your ribs bruised or broken as well, your eyes so swollen you could barely see the sunlight peering through the small window in front of you. Your lips chapped and busted, you haven’t had a drop of water in hours or days, you couldn’t remember. You missed Bucky, you missed your team. 

It’s been hell once Hydra kidnapped you, but you couldn’t do anything. As much as you wanted to get off this pole you were strapped to, you couldn’t. The floor was filled with water and the water was electrified thanks to a cable being loose on the floor. You didn’t know what was worse, keep your possibly broken arm hurting more or just give up and fall to the floor, having a painful death. 

By this moment you just prayed, prayed for your team to find you, prayed so you could see Bucky once again, kiss him, tell him how much you love him. You felt yourself leaving each time, drifting away due to the pain in your body, you were starting to feel numb. That’s when you heard a commotion outside the door, your head lifted slowly as you tried to open your eyes but you couldn’t, it was too swollen. 

 Then you heard when someone broke the door, barging inside with their heavy footsteps. 

“(Y/n)? Is that you?” you recognised that voice, it was Bucky. 

“Bucky.. Don’t come any closer, the water is electrified.“ you warned him, your voice sounded so.. weak.

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