Totally wrote an essay about poop in English today.
And I almost got to read it out loud in class, but everyone decided that it would be too gross…which, ironically, is exactly what I had written the essay about: why people think that poop is gross.

It’s also funny, because it was just supposed to be a really short essay, and I made it way too long.
It’s like a full blown fricking essay.

I am so proud of it omg

mittens-romnibus-deactivated201 asked:

1 because I know why

1: Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?

Usually closed. Unless I’m too tired/lazy to close them before I go to bed.

But mostly closed.

Because I have a full-length mirror in my closet, which faces my bed, and sometimes at night I swear I look in the mirror and I see someone standing over my bed.