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the Problem Corner has been vanquished 👌🏼 i’ve lived here for almost a year now and this always ended up being the corner i threw laundry in or stuff i didn’t know what to do with lol. here’s to keeping it clean so it doesn’t make my stomach drop every time i walk in my room 😖
also excuse my naked bed lol i’m being efficient and doing laundry while i work on this!! ✨💃🏽

Hailey X Bendy(no regrets)

Hailey had just locked up the bakery for the night, and was heading home. But something, no, someone caught her eye. They looked male, but seemed a little short. They were crying, black liquid dripping down there face. Hailey ran to them, quickly recondising the person as her old pal Bendy.

“B-Bendy! Hang in there! W-where’s Boris?! ”

Bendy didn’t answer, instead, the ink seemed to block his eye sight. He let out a giggle. It wasn’t… Normal. It was deep, menesing. Hailey backed away slowly, as Bendy stood, ink still dripping from his head and body.

“B-Bendy? What’s wrong?”

No response. Bendy took a step forward, as Hailey backed away.

“Bendy, answer me! Damn it snap out of it! ”

All she got was a quick grunt of pain, then Bendy, stepped forward “Hailey…. R-run… ”

And she did just that. Lunging for the street and turning into a few alleyways, hearing footsteps close behind her. She turned again, only to find herself in a dead end. The monster, that thing possessing Bendy, turned the corner, Smiling. Tears flowed down its face. It was mumbling something.

Hailey was in shock, frozen in utter fear. The beast got closer, pinning Hailey to the wall. She stood up, not wanting to attack what she knew was her friend.

The beast spoke up “Sheep Sheep Sheep, its time for sleep. He’s waiting for you. He’s waiting for you. ”

Hailey caught on quick. She stepped forward, the beast smiling at her, assuming her submission. Stepping forward, ready to tear her apart, it froze, as something soft was gently pressed against its mouth. The ink faded, only to reveal the tear filled eyes of Bendy. She pulled away, holding Bendy in her arms as he cried.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry! ”

Hailey shushed him. “Shhh…. It wasn’t you. It’s okay. I’m okay.”

Bendy pulled out of the hug, kissing Hailey once more, before smiling.

“Thank you Hailey…. You saved me. ”


Dammit, it was coot! XD Nicely written bud! Gosh you’re evil, but I’m too flustered to be mad at you XD

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Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then tag ten people if you want! (positivity is cool~) 🌈🌈

a little late but thanks for tagging me @bio-punk 🌟🙌🏼

  1. i’m very hardy and i gotta lot of perseverance and sometimes i’m my own inspiration in that regard
  2. i got good legs…lov my legs
  3. i got cute freckles too! i love the ones on my shoulders
  4. i’m very creative!! i get a lot of joy from creating things! i think i’m destined to be an art/creative director someday…who knows 💃🏽
  5. i’m a very quick learner! i pick up on new things really easily and can incorporate them into my workflow pretty quickly 👍🏼

thank u for the tag! this lifted my spirits a little!! i tag @celestial-mango @smokcyquartz @starfoozle @emsloe @suzirya @tetsuoirl @josukestar @lovedeluxe @ellinys @spacecritters and anyone else who wants to! just say i tagged ya lol

hey i’m back 👋🏼 hawaii kicked ass and my procedure went well! i probably won’t be posting as often as i used to but i’ll queue some stuff up and get some of my hawaii pics edited and posted!

i keep coming here to make text posts about how everything has worked out and i’m really happy but usually before i finish i end up finding something wrong and i have to go and make phone calls and fix everything because this piece of garbage college is screwing everything up and they’re determined to not get me into this class but i keep coming back and fixing everything so they can suck it