hailey is confused

Conversation with my nonboyfriend. Subtitle: What are we doing!?
  • Me: Sometimes it really seems like no one lasts.
  • Him: Yeah... it's kinda hard to believe in that. But I know people can do it. I dunno. It's pretty confusing.
  • Me: I don't know if I know that anymore. Like, I dunno if everyone can. I don't know.
  • Him: Yeah, it's such a complicated thing. I used to think it was a lot more simple. I think everyone can make it last... But I dunno. Gah.
  • Me: I don't know. Haha. I just don't. Growing up sucks.
  • Him: Seriously. I feel the same way.
  • Me: I think everything takes a lot more work than people think... And everyone is scared to do the work.
  • Him: Yeah, I guess so.