hailey is confused

A Christmas Surprise

Rosex Tentoo 


What happens when Rose Tyler takes her daughter to visit Santa 

The little blonde haired girl stood in the middle of the line, face red and started to stomp her feet.

“Come on Hailey” her mother urged, gripping her small hand.

“But I don’t want to visit Santa!” she whined.

Rose peered at her 5 year old daughter. Hailey had been looking forward to this visit at the local shopping centre. Rose was confused about her daughter’s change of behaviour.

“Why sweetheart?”

Hailey continued to stamp her feet in frustration, and scrunched her eyes closed. Rose placed her free hand on her small shoulder.

“Hailey? You need to try and calm down”

Hailey relaxed a bit from her mother’s touch.

“Oh can you move?” came an annoyed voice from behind. Rose whipped around.

“I will when my daughter settles down” she replied with a forced smile. The older women’s face fell. Rose smiled in satisfaction and turned back to her daughter, who was now crying.

“Oh, Hailey” she soothed, stooping down and wrapping her in a hug.

“I want Daddy!” she wailed. Rose sighed.

“Hailes. Daddy wishes he could have been here, but remember, he had to do something special today. But, he would really love a photo with you and Santa” Rose explained, thinking of what her husband had planned. A few ( or more) tears and a tantrum would be worth it in the end.

Hailey nodded against her mother’s shoulder and pulled away.

“Come on, can I have a smile” Rose asked, tickling Hailey on the stomach.

Hailey first pouted, then fell into a peal of giggles, her big brown eyes and freckled face still tear stained. Rose pulled out a hanky from her bag and wiped the tears away, then took Hailey’s hand again.

“Oh look sweetie, we’re getting close. Are you ready to tell Santa what you would like for Christmas?”

“Can I ask him for a pony?”

“Why do you want a pony for? We can’t keep a pony in our small backyard”

“But it can go in the TARDIS” Hailey countered.

“The TARDIS is still building. Plus, ponies are a lot of hard work.” Rose explained patiently. “I don’t even think ponies fit in Santa’s sleigh”

Hailey thought about that for a moment, her face scrunched up in concertration. She smiled brightly.

“But Daddy told me that Santa’s sleigh is bigger on the inside”

“I bet he did” Rose muttered. “Is there anything else you would like?” She asked her daughter.

Hailey started to chatter away about her Christmas list , and was listing three different dolls when the lady dressed as an elf waved them forward.

Hailey stood in front of Santa and paused.

Santa gave a grin underneath his white beard.

“Ho, Ho, Ho. Who do we have here?” He greeted, trying to keep his voice disguised as much as possible.

Rose nudged Hailey in the hip. She leant down to whisper in her ear.

“It’s okay, go and say hi to him. Remember, Daddy wants a photo”

Hailey grudgingly moved forward and Santa patted the spot on his seat next to him.

“And what’s your name?”

“Hailey Donna Tyler” she replied shyly. Santa peered at her.

“And Hailey Donna Tyler, what would you like for Christmas?”

Hailey looked at her mother, and Rose smiled back encouragingly.  

Santa listened to Hailey’s requests and when she finished, he looked back at Rose.

“Would you like a photo?”

“How does that sound Hailes? A photo with Santa for Daddy?” The small girl nodded.

“My Daddy is away, but he’s doing something special” Hailey told Santa. Santa hesitated, before whispering in Hailey’s ear.

“Look at my eyes Hailey”

Hailey appeared confused, but stared in Santa’s eyes.

Wide and brown like her own. She beamed and opened her mouth. Santa quickly hushed her by placing a finger on his lips.

“Daddy?” she asked in a hushed whisper. He nodded.

“Yep, it’s me”

“But, does this mean Santa isn’t real?” Hailey asked.

Rose and the Doctor both groaned.

They hadn’t thought about that when they arranged this surprise.

cupilblog  asked:

Are requests still open? Maybe some more of that Princess and the Frog svtfoe/starco au. With Marco being reluctant to kiss FrogStar not because she's a frog. But because her frog form looks like one of those brightly colored poison frogs. I dunno, just something goofy that came to mind. Thanks for your time.

Requests (selective but open!)

Yep, makes sense. Sorry it’s not colored but I bet Star would be a greenish-blue frog with pink hearts all over her body. It’s no surprise that Marco’s scared she’s poisonous :P

Imagine Request - Girl Crushes

Justin finds out Y/N has a huge girl crush on Hailey (or Kendall) and you can do whatever with that haha

“I just think Hailey is pretty hot.” You shrugged, laying in bed beside Justin. “If I wasn’t with you, I’d get me some of that.” You stated as you looked up at him.

“Is this your way of telling me you’re bisexual?” He chuckled as he laid next to you in bed.

“I’m not bisexual.” You shrugged, to be honest, you’d never really thought about it before.

“Babe, the other day you said you’d eat Beyoncé out like a bowl of ice cream.” He played with your fingers, as he laughed at you.

Okay, but Justin, I’m sure anyone would.” You scoffed as you rolled your eyes.

“I think you’re the only ‘straight’ girl that would.” He teased you as you assured him you were straight. “Okay, so Hailey or Beyoncé?” He smirked down at you.

“Can I have both?” You turned to look at him.

“No.” He chuckled as he shook his head and stood up. “You’ve a girl crush, baby.” He cooed jokingly.

The Next Day

Sitting down next to Hailey, you saw Justin grinning at you and raising his eyebrows continuously.

“Okay, Justin. I know you’re a weird kid but I don’t really understand your weirdness, so I’m gonna ask, why are you doing what you’re doing?” Hailey asked as she pointed out his motion towards me.

“Oh, I wasn’t looking at you, I was looking at [Y/N].” The grin reappeared on his face as his eyes turned to you again.

“Okay but that doesn’t make it less weird.” Hailey chuckled but still looked confused as she glanced between you and Justin.

You raised your arms. “Don’t look at me. You said it, the kids weird.” You shrugged as you glanced up at him to see him shaking his head at you.

“Whatever, [Y/N]. She’s not gonna tongue fuck you just because you side with her.” Justin huffed, folding his arms.

“What the fuck?” Hailey scrunched her nose up and laughed at Justin’s comment.

“Oh, yeah. Didn’t you know? [Y/N] has a crush on you.” Justin smirked. “I asked her to choose between you and Beyoncé and she said and I quote “Can’t I have both?”. Get in there, Hailey.“ Justin threw a huge grin your way as you gaped at him.

“I-It’s not a crush.” You stuttered and chuckled nervously as Hailey laughed at you. “It’s more of an admire, if you will.” You scrambled for anything to say to make it sound better.

“You’re pretty hot yourself, [Y/N].” Hailey knew it’d piss Justin off that he hadn’t completely embarrassed you.

“Ha.” You laughed in his face as his face drew blank at what was going on in front of him. “Oh, and just for that, you ain’t getting any of this tonight.” You smirked at him before going into a conversation with Hailey.


thank you to the acc that requested this for giving me more of an idea for it lol x

Goodbye. || Part 3

3 months later…

Justin’s POV:

It’s been 3 months since I’ve seen or spoken with y/n, I know we needed time apart but it feels like 3 years have gone by instead of months. I’ve been constantly texting, and calling but she never answers…I still call because just hearing her voice on the voicemail just makes my day. The hardest part is going to bed, because It’s hard waking up every morning, knowing that she won’t be there…like she use to.

I just miss her…I really do.

I know it sounds crazy but I decided to throw a party at my place, hoping y/n would make it. I know…it’s a stupid and desperate idea but I was running out of choices…I needed to see her, even if this means it’s the last time, I just need to see her once more.

Before the party decided, I invited the squad to come over to help me prepare everything, I couldn’t concentrate on getting everything ready because I was too focused on the idea of y/n coming or not… Until Kendall calls my name, snapping me out of my thoughts.

Kendall looks at me, “so you’re telling me, you did all this just to see Y/n?” She says, raising her eyebrows in confusion. As she said it…it did sound stupid but instead of admitting, I simply reply with a nod.

“That’s pathetic bro!” Za says while shaking his head chuckling. O roll my eyes, “Shut the fuck up, I had no other choice!” I say looking at him with a glare.

Hailey walks over to me and puts her hand on Za’s shoulder, “sorry biebs, but I have to agree with Za…she’s not going to come.” Everyone nods in agreement.

Wow…what nice friends I have…

“Hey, I didn’t invite you guys to be all negative and shit” I snap while glaring at them.

“Come on man, do you honestly think y/n’s gonna come, after what happened?” Khalil says as he continues, “man, I’m just saying…maybe this is for the best.”

I look down, he had a point but that didn’t matter, I wasn’t going to give up…

“I just miss her so much, and it fucking kills me that I let her go so easily” I say…as Kendall and Hailey try to comfort me, by honestly the only thing that could make me happy if y/n showed up.

Later At the party

It’s almost midnight and y/n still hasn’t arrived, I was starting to think she wasn’t gonna come, I mean…why would she?

As I was drinking, Khalil nudges me causing me to spill my drink over my shirt, “yo dude, what the fu-” but before I could continue, he cuts me off, “yooo man, y/n fucking came!” He says smiling, pointing to the entrance.

I quickly turn my attention to where Za was pointing, and s-she was here…I feel my mouth forming into a smile as I watch her greet the other guests.

S-She came?!

“Dayumm, y/n looks hella fine,” Za says smiling, “Za..shut the fuck up,” I say for the second time, rolling my eyes.

“Well what the hell are you waiting for?” Hailey says, looking at me confused.

“Go get her tiger..” Kendall says with a wink.

Just as I was about to, I quickly stop and turn around “I can’t” I say as my cheeks flush, I couldn’t do it…I don’t know what to say?

“Oh man shut the fuck up, don’t be a pussy, just go” causing me to chuckle as he was clearly mocking me for yelling at him. Before I could respond, the squad pushes me forward making me land right infront of y/n.

Y/n POV:

As I was about to go sit down, hoping not to bump into Justin, two seconds later Justin literally lands infront of me….well this is going to be fun.

“Uh hey..” He says slightly smiling, “hey,” I reply with a small smile, not wanting to make conversation with my ex-boyfriend. We stare at eachother for a while in silence, not saying a word.

Well this is really awkward…

He finally speaks up as he says, “I wasn’t sure if you were going to show up or not, but I’m really glad you did.”

“Oh yeah, it was hard for me to say no, considering ‘they’” I say pointing to the squad, “kept texting me to come” I continue smiling as the squad notices and they wave to Justim and I.

“Oh” Justin says flushed, “sorry about that,” he mumbles.

We stare at eachother in silence again…

Justin is the one to speak up again as he says “uh can we talk? Alone?” He says touching the back of his neck, with his hand.

“Uh I don’t know Justin, I don’t think it’s a good idea” I say looking at him, unsure.

“10 minutes…that’s all I ask” he pleads, looking at me in the eyes.

How bad can 10 minutes be?

“Fine..” I sigh, “10 minutes only” I say with a stern voice.

He smiles widely and says thank you as he leads me to a different room, so we can talk in private.

He starts of by saying “You look beautiful…” As he looks at me from head to toe

I try not to blush as I reply, “Justin…Remember only 10 minutes.”

“I know, I just thought you should know” he says, mumbling the last part but loud enough for me to hear.

“I just want you to know the real reason I threw this party, it was really just an excuse so I could see you.” He says as his cheeks flush in embarrassment.

“I know we’ve had many misunderstandings in the past and mixed feelings but there’s one thing I know for sure, and its that I’m inlove with you y/n…and I’ve never stopped” he says as he walks towards me, close enough that I could almost feel our bodies touching.

He still loves me? Even after 3 months…?

“What about Selena?” I blurt out, as I wasn’t sure what to say at this point.

“I don’t have ANY sort of feelings towards Selena and I never will…it’s only you and has always been…I can’t live without you….I don’t think I can take one more night not being able to see your face when I wake up..I just can’t.” He says grabbing my hands, kissing each of my knuckles, he looks up and looks at me.

Every word he said, made me want to crawl back into his arms and just kiss him right there…but I had to be strong….or was I weak? Weak, because no matter what…I still love him.

“How many minutes do I have left?” He says, as I hear the sadness in his voice, which breaks my heart just listening to it.

“1 minute” I choke out, not knowing what to do but just stand there.

“Then I guess I have time to do this” he says and before I could react, his lips were on mine, as he grabs my waist and pulls me closer, deepening the kiss.

I couldn’t resist…I love him and I always will.

I wrap my arms around his neck as I kiss him back, feeling his smile through the kiss, we both pull away.

“I love you y/n…with all my heart” he says as he kisses my forehead, his hands still on my waist.

“I love you too Jay…” I say looking at him, smiling.

Sorry it took so long but I hope you guys like it!❤️


How To Respond // Hux x Reader

Anon asked: Hi, youre awesome and can i make a request: You have a crush on hux. He finds out. Becomes really confused on how to feel and he just becomes really strict but adorkable about the situation and around you (youre a worker and hes your boss) THANKS!

First Hux yeet.

General Hux captivated you. There was a quality about him that was mysterious and made you attracted to him. No words could perfectly define your feelings towards him, expect the word captivating.

You never made a move on him. For crying out loud, he was the General and you were a mere captain beneath him. The only contact you had with him was when he was giving you orders in which ever reply you states was, “Yes, General.”

You confided in one person and that was your other friend, Hailey, a colonel directly underneath Hux, basically his right hand woman. She knew for quite some time now that you had a thing for Hux and one day, without your approval she approached him.

“General Hux, I have some rather interesting information that I received while in the dining hall that Captain (Y/N) has a certain liking towards you. Not as a General. Perhaps as romantic attraction,” Hailey hints to Hux.

Hux seems confused. He has never received information such as this before.

“And how would you like me to respond to this information given, Colonel?” Hux questions your friend who was desperately trying to get the message through his abnormally thick skull.

“Maybe you should act upon these feelings. Ask her about them. Make her tell you why. Investigate. Now if you will excuse me, I must return to work,” she excuses herself, returning back to position.

Hux stands there perplexed. How does one ‘act on feelings?’

The terminology confused the General, however that did not stop him from calling your name when you returned from lunch break.

“Captain (Y/N). I would like to have a word with you,” Hux announces. Your heart drops. You look at Hailey knowing she had something to do with this. She winks at you. Bitch.

You walk over and out into the hall where General Hux stands, you stranding your posture.

“You requested my presence, General?” you ask.

“Yes, Captain. Someone, another member of the crew, has informed me that you have a certain attraction or fondness of me if you will. Is that true?” he asks, his eyes, looking into yours.

“General, I can explain th-”

“I didn’t ask for an explanation. I asked for the truth. Is it?” the General repeats himself.

You sigh in defeat. “Yes, General.”

His eyes widen with interest which you don’t notice, too busy staring at the floor in embarrassment.

Oh, Hailey is sure going to get an earful after he shift is over.

“Now, Captain. You know such behavior is not permitted on this ship. The Commander would definitely not approve in any matter,” Hux starts, you shaking your head knowingly. “However, I am not one who likes to obey the rules. Please meet me at the control room at seven in the evening sharp.”

You look up to meet his gaze as he gives you a wink.

“Back to work now, Captain." 

Imagine Request - Oral Threesome (MATURE)

Can you do an imagine where Hailey is jealous of Justin and y/n’s relationship then she confronts them about it and they end up having a threesome? lol 💕

“You’re so cute.” Justin chuckled quietly in my ear, rubbing his nose along my neck.

I giggled, running my hand through his hair, making his eyes droop closed for a second, before opening to look back into my own in adoration.

A sigh came from across the room, making us both glance at each other and then over to Hailey who was looking down at her phone.

“Everything okay, Hails?” Justin croaked, his head craning to look at her.

“Yeah, just dandy!” She smirked tightly over at us before her expression dropping instantly, looking down.

“What’s wrong?” I frowned, attempting to move out of Justin’s grip, only to have him pout at me and tighten his grip.

“Nothing.” She shrugged at me, avoiding eye contact. I kept my stare on her. “It’s nothing.” She spat through her teeth.

“C'mon, something’s wrong.” Justin sat up, but didn’t move his hands from my stomach.

“I’m just not feeling well, that’s all.” Hailey shrugged once again, but looked up at the two of us.

“That’s not it, there’s something else.” Justin and I nodded at each other before looking over at her, waiting.

“It’s you two; I’m jealous. There, I said it, you happy now?” She spat, making me flinch. It was silent for a moment.

“You’re jealous of us?” I chuckled, tilting my head to the side. “Why?”

There had been several occasions when I’d seen Hailey glancing in our direction, I never assumed it was because she was jealous. “I don’t know, I don’t know if it’s because of Justin or just because I want that. I don’t know.” She sighed, shaking her head as if to say ‘forget it’.

It was silent for another second, the tension squeezing us together. “You know,” Justin spoke up, looking between the two of us. “There’s a way we could fix this.” He bit down on his bottom.

“What?” I furrowed my eyebrows, looking up at him, his face gleamed with anticipation and wonder.

He leaned down to my ear so only I could hear. “Threesome.” His lips lingered on my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

Justin and I had both showed interest in the idea of a threesome, so this didn’t come as a surprise to me. But whether Hailey would be up for it was a different story. “Are you sure?” I muttered to him, meanwhile Hailey sat awkward and confused.

“I know how much we both want this, it’s the perfect opportunity. Now let’s take it.” His hand grazed my skin, leaving it numb.

“Uh,” I looked over at Hailey, unsure how to word it my upcoming question. “Okay, so we’ve established your feelings, and we think that you could somehow, overcome that feeling by having a night with us.” I spoke suggestively, feeling nervousness run through me.

“What are you getting at?” Her face scrunched up, but her body moved off the end of the seat in anxiousness.

“A threesome, you wanna?” Justin shrugged, making it sound like the most normal question to ask.

Her face fell, she looked uncomfortable for a moment, but breathed out and nodded slightly, her face turned a deep shade of pink with embarrassment.

“Great.” Justin grinned widely, pulling himself off the edge of the couch. “Why don’t you both get started without me?” He rasped, almost giddy with excitement at his fantasy coming true.

I stood up and shyly pulled Hailey to her feet, my hands grazed her chest slowly, her heart rate increased as she watched my face. “You’re beautiful.” My lips fell onto her chin, I pecked up to her lips. I heard Justin let out a groan as he watched us intently.

“Let’s go upstairs.” Justin breathed heavily, we nodded and followed his footsteps as he made his way to the top of the steps. Entering our bedroom, the tension was obvious in the air. “Go ahead.”

My lips attacked her own, her tongue sliding into my mouth, surprising me. Justin came up to his, standing in front of the two of us. He reached over and grabbed my ass in his hand, doing the same with Hailey. “Baby, take off your shirt.” I pulled away, dragging the hem of my shirt up and over my head. Justin gazed down at my chest. “H-Hailey, you too.” His eyes lingered on my chest before his head swung to Hailey.

He moved over and fell onto the chair that sat opposite the bed, pulling his shirt over his head and throwing it behind him. I moved over to him and began kissing down his neck, leaving a wet trail, he moaned softly in my ear. Hailey walked over and leaned over, breathing deeply. “Go with it, Hails. Don’t be nervous.” Justin ran a hand through her hair, pulling her forward by her neck and smashed his lips onto hers, his tongue trailed along her bottom lip.

I hooked my finger in his sweatpants, pulling them down his legs. I kissed down his pelvis, humming. He breathed heavy into Hailey’s mouth as his hand fell to my hair.

I whimpered as I felt myself becoming hot. Justin pulled away and looked down at me, standing up and walking me over to the bed, pushing me down. His hands ran down my body, pulling my shorts down my legs slowly, a smirk appearing on his face. His hands travelled up and over my boobs that were covered by the lace bra I’d luckily decided to wear.

“Lace, my favourite.” Justin grinned widely while unhooking my bra. He ran his hands over my left boob, watching intently as Hailey’s mouth covered my right. “Fuck.”

I whimpered softly, watching Justin kneel before me. His head between my thighs, he bit down on my clit through my underwear, making me gasp. His arms hooked under my legs, throwing them over my shoulder. His fingers slid my underwear down my legs, freeing me of the restriction.

The feeling of two people pleasuring me caused me to arch my back and gasp and moan constantly. “Oh, God.” My eyes shut tightly.

“Hailey, come take over. I wanna watch you two.” Justin rasped as he climbed to his feet and collapsed on the chair. Hailey got down on her knees in front of me and ran both her hands up each of my thighs. I heard Justin breathe out quietly.

Hailey attached her lips to my thigh, sucking it harshly. I bit down on my bottom lip as I refrained from moaning. She moved up and used her tongue to send electricity through my body.

I let out a whimper as I felt myself wanting more. A few seconds later, she granted me my secret wish. Her lips instantly attached to my clit, making my body jolt forward. Even Justin let out a moan as he watched, pulling his boxers down his legs, freeing the restriction.

I watched Justin take himself in his hand and stroke slowly, he looked up and made eye contact as he breathed. A devilish smirk appearing on his face. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as Hailey became rough against me.

“Fuck, this is so hot.” Justin grunted loudly. “Hailey, she’s close; her legs are shaking.” His eyes tightened shut as he picked up his pace.

I cried out when I felt my stomach tighten as I came, feeling Hailey’s tongue slow down against me. I breathed heavily. “[Y/N], suck my dick, you’re the only one that’s cum so far, can’t be too greedy.” He smirked, standing to his feet and sitting down on the bed.

Getting on my knees, I ran my nails up his thigh, knowing it drove him crazy. “Hailey, come sit next to me.” He grinned, patting the space to his right. I licked up his long length that stood to attention, he let out a low groan as he watched me. I kissed the tip, a smile playing on my lips as I gazed into his eyes. “Fuck.” He whispered.

Hailey ran a hand through my hair as I lowered my mouth onto Justin’s length. He turned to her and ran a hand up and down her thigh, biting his lip as his eyes trailed passed her face. “Are you wet for me?” He rasped, trailing his fingers in between her thighs, moaning as his finger slipped inside of her so easily. She fell onto her back and closed her eyes. “Shit, you’re soaking.” His mouth fell open slightly.

I hummed against him while Hailey let out several moans in response to his fingers slowly moving in and out of her. “Does that feel good?” He questioned her, making her nod her head frantically. I craved his touch as I watched them both. “Speak to me.” He ordered softly, making her cry out the one word he’d been waiting for, over and over.

“Oh, fuck, don’t you dare stop, princess.” His unoccupied hand fell to the back of my head. “I’m so close.” His words fell into the air that was filled with heavy breathing.

I pushed my head further, attempting to bring Justin closer. By the hitch in his breath and the way his hips jolted up in response, I came to the conclusion that I succeeded. He let out multiple short moans, his thrusts inside Hailey became sloppy as he focused on his own orgasm. “God, [Y/N].” He breathed heavily.

I smirked as I stood up, pulling his head to me and pressing my lips against his, gliding my tongue along his teeth. He groaned into my mouth. “Repay me.” I whispered against his mouth before climbing off of him and laying beside Hailey. Justin stood before us both, looking like someone who saw exactly what they wanted, but didn’t know where to start.

He crouched down before us, instantly pressing two fingers down on my clit, making me gasp. His head fell between Hailey’s thighs, pressing his tongue against her clit, she whimpered softly. He continued to pleasure us both, our moans the only thing that could be heard, other than the sound of Justin’s mouth on Hailey.

“Oh, shit.” Hailey moaned, grabbing a hold of my hand as she arched her back. “This feels so good, Justin.” Her breaths were short and rapid.

“Are you both close? I wanna hear you two girls cum together.” He smirked, catching my eye as I watched him. “You like looking at this, [Y/N]? Does it turn you to see me eating another girl?” He stared at me, his tongue dancing along her clit.

He picked up his fingers inside of me, I bit down on my bottom lip. “Don’t hold back your moans, babygirl. I love hearing you.” He bit down on her skin once more, lapping at her.

Gradually, both of our moans and whimpers got louder, indicating to Justin that we were both reaching the edge. “Cum for me, both of you. Cum hard, cum now. Let go for me, together.” He ordered, making me arch my back off the bed and cry out. Hailey chuckled and cried out loudly.

We collapsed and breathed heavily, Justin grinned down at us both proudly, running his each hand up our thigh.

Conversation with my nonboyfriend. Subtitle: What are we doing!?
  • Me: Sometimes it really seems like no one lasts.
  • Him: Yeah... it's kinda hard to believe in that. But I know people can do it. I dunno. It's pretty confusing.
  • Me: I don't know if I know that anymore. Like, I dunno if everyone can. I don't know.
  • Him: Yeah, it's such a complicated thing. I used to think it was a lot more simple. I think everyone can make it last... But I dunno. Gah.
  • Me: I don't know. Haha. I just don't. Growing up sucks.
  • Him: Seriously. I feel the same way.
  • Me: I think everything takes a lot more work than people think... And everyone is scared to do the work.
  • Him: Yeah, I guess so.