hailey hayes



shutting your phone you threw it at the wall. watching it shatter into pieces, you slowly sat on the bed. you blinked numerous times to keep the tears that were threatening to slip out. taking a deep breath you got up walking into your bathroom, turning on the water you looked at yourself in the mirror before splashing water on your face. shutting the water you grabbed a small towel wiping your face. “be strong, babygirl.” you kept repeating to yourself. sliding down the wall with your eyes shut, you began to remember all the fun times you and jay had shared together. a small smile appeared on your face, but soon faded away once you heard his voice. “Y/N!” he shouted. you opened your eyes standing up. Jay’s voice was coming from your room, you slowly walked out of the bathroom seeing his back turned towards you. “what?” you said, Jay quickly turned toward you. he was wearing his usual off white sweater, with black shorts and his yeezy boost on. he looked relieved for a minute, then his facial expression completely changed. as if he had remembered what he came here to do. “I post photo’s of Hailey so that means I’m ashamed of you?” he questioned. his brow was raised and he had an impatient look. you rolled your eyes and walked passed him. you took a seat on the bed and crossed your legs. Justin turned towards you with his arm crossed. “Your breath smells like cigarettes.” you bluntly said. Justin’s eyes shot up and he looked at you in disbelief. “Are you fucking kidding me right now?!?” Jay shouted. you showed no expression, you just looked at your nails. “Does it look like I’m kidding?, your breath smells like you went through 2 packs before coming here, babe.” you said. you looked at a now pink faced Jay. he grabbed your glass lamp and chucked it at the wall. the pieces landed by your phone. you stood up walking up to Justin. you were now inches away from each other. “What the actual fuck, Jay!?!” you shouted, you pushed him as you walked over to the now broken lamp. “My mother got me this as a gift!” you shouted picking up the pieces. “Wasn’t worth anything anyways.” Justin said. Your eyes shot up and you turned towards him.

The Story Of Y/N and Justin//

‘interview 10 years after Y/N and Justin got married.’

Y/N, the love of my life. I met her down the ice cream shack down at the peer in Santa Cruz.

Justin, high school sweetheart and love of my life. We met at a carnival in the summer of 77’

'Til this day she’ll say it was at a carnival.

He swears it a ice cream shack in Santa Monica.

Y/N and I got married in the spring of 1982 in her hometown back in North Carolina.

He agreed to having the wedding back in North Carolina, only if I agreed to having kids.

She looked gorgeous. She wore her mothers wedding dress and still manage to pull off that old thing.

He was handsome. His brown hair slicked back, and a suit only he could pull off.

I fell in love with her all over again.
I fell in love with him all over again.

'1987 Y/N gave birth to twins Madison and Noah.’

“Okay Y/N, we need you to push a couple more times okay?” Doctor Robins said. Justin was walking around the room with a camera in his hand. “You’re doing good, babe.” He spoke. Y/N glared at him while she held her breath to keep in her screams. “Keep pushing!” Doctor Robins yelled. Finally letting out a scream, Y/N gripped onto the sheets pushing her baby.

Madison was the first to come out and Nosh decided to uterus&chill for 10 minutes before finally coming out.

'1999 Justin and Y/N finished building their dream house.’

Y/N and Justin and the twins settle into their new home in Los Angeles. Justin had started his career in business and was quickly making a name for himself.

'2013 Y/N was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Justin moved into a retirement home to be with his love.’

“Y/N, sweetheart, do you want to see the kids?” Justin had asked. He placed a warm glass of milk on the table beside her. His hand shaking vigorously as he had attempted to keep all the milk in his hand.

“I don’t have kids. What are you talking about mister?” She had asked. Her focus was on the painting hung on the wall next to the fire place.

“Yes, you do. Madison and Noah. They’re twins born in 1987, they’re both 28. 29 in two weeks.” Justin smiled, he took a seat next to Y/N grabbing her hand.

“I think I would remember if I had kids, mister.” Y/N said. Justin’s smile vanished and he gave Y/N a sympathetic smile. “Hey, what’s your name again?” She asked. Justin sighed looking down at the ground.

“My name is Justin Drew Bieber. We met in the summer of 77’. We got married spring of 82’..” Justin went on to explaining their life story. Something he got used to doing since Y/N was first diagnosed.

'January 20th, 2015Tuesday 11:32am.’

Justin got up to assist Y/N in changing her diaper. Y/N would pee the bed every night at 12:00am, so Justin would change her diaper before it soaked through the bed.

“Y/N, my love. It’s time to get up.” Justin said. He lightly tapped Y/N. She was a light sleeper so waking her up was no issue.

Justin waited for her eyes to flutter open, but Y/N wasn’t having it. Justin scrunched his face in confusion. “Honey, we gotta change you. I promise you can go back to sleep after.” He said softly. His soft shaky hand caressing her chin.

Y/N looked peaceful in her sleep. Almost like the angles you see in the portraits. So Angelic, Justin thought. He smiled at her and lightly kissed her cheek. Something was odd…

“Y/N?” Justin asked. He had concern written all over his face. When he kissed Y/N, there was no sign of breathing. “Honey, this isn’t funny anymore. Please, can you get up?” He asked.

Justin placed his hand on her chest to look for a heartbeat. Nothing. His eyes grew and almost instantly he was yelling for nurses. Tears streaming down his face as he realized his wife, the love of his life, wasn’t breathing. His heart began to race and his vision started to go. The last thing he saw were men in white rushing into the room, to try and save his Y/N. Justin blacked out.

'January 22nd, Thursday 7am two days after Y/N’s death.’

Justin and the kids decided Y/N should be put to rest back at her home in North Carolina.

“Y/N, was a wonderful, strong minded, big hearted, intelligent women. She believed that everything happens for a reason. Rather it was good or bad. She wanted nothing more than to see the ones she loved smile and enjoy life the way she did. Y/N spent the last of her days with me. Her old, boring husband who she didn’t even recognize. She didn’t recognize any of her family, but she still treated us the way she did when her memory was still fresh. She wasn’t the old lady with Alzheimer’s. She was Y/N. The old lady who smelled like green apples. She was the old lady I met back in 1977 at a carnival. She was the love of my life.” Justin said. He had the entire room in tears. The whole time he spoke to Y/N’s casket, never making eye contact with everyone else.

“Y/N, I want you to know that we’re all going to be fine. I want you to take care of yourself and tell the big man if he doesn’t treat you right, we’re going to have problems.” He spoke. The room grew with laughter. Justin took a moment, wiping away a few tears.

“Baby, rest easy.” Justin finished. He stepped away from the mic and walked back down to his hysterical daughter and son, comforting them.

Whoever wanted to speak got their chance for the next 32 minutes. They lowered Y/N’s casket next to her parents. As stated In her dying wishes, she wanted to be next to her parents.

'January 4th, 2016 Monday morning Justin died of a heart attack. A week later he was put to rest next to the love of his life.’