hail to victors


You had successfully broken Barry Allen… 

It started out as a game; trying to dig up dirt on each other to see who would get more embarrassed over the past - to see who would tap out and hail the other as the victor. The game was a little boring until you both made your respective trips to alternate universes and started doing background checks on your doppelgängers.

“Are you going to say anything?” You asked with a smirk as you watched a dumbstruck expression twist through his features.

“Seriously?” Barry finally whispered, refusing to tear his eyes away from the video as his counterpart continued singing and dancing across a dark stage. He pointed with one hand before running the other through his hair… You could tell he was embarrassed, what with the way he had turned the most amazing shade of red. “This is the guy who’s repping me on this earth?”

“Yeah, that’s embarrassing…” You nudged him with your elbow. “So, does that mean I win?”

“Are you kidding me?” He managed to pull his eyes away from the screen and fix his stare on you before flashing a crooked grin. “This is nothing compared to what I found on your doppelgänger.”

This time it was your turn to blush.

(X) (~♫♪~) Part II

Request: Can you do an imagine where reader shows Barry his Glee singing counterpart in a video or audio maybe? I guess that’ll be fun.